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AOW PBEM World Cup 2001 Doubles Event

The AOW PBEM World Cup 2001 is the first sanctioned tournament being hosted by Age of Wonders Heaven. The tournament is open to all who wish to enter, and because it is sanctioned players who win matches will earn points towards their PBEM tournament ranking. Players will play for personal gain as well as for national pride. The tournament champions will win prizes such as HeavenGames T-shirts, customized forum nicknames, software titles, while the most successful countries being represented will earn bragging rights.

This is the Doubles Event of the AOW PBEM World Cup 2001 in which pairs of players compete as teams in 2-vs-2 games to determine the Doubles Event champion team.

For more information check the APWC 2001 Rules.

Doubles Event Group Stage
Each group plays a single round robin cycle.
All matches will use the map Thinreed Lake (AOW PBEM World Cup 2001).
Matches are listed as Goblins/Dark Elves vs Dwarves/Elves.
1 Group Winner advances from each group.
4 Runners Up/Wild Cards also advance.
x- denotes second round qualifier.
y- denotes group winner.

Doubles Event Group Stage Statistics

Win/Loss Record by Race:
11-9 (0.550) Dwarves/Elves
9-11 (0.450) Goblins/Dark Elves

Win/Loss Record by Country:
3-0 (1.000) Austria
3-0 (1.000) Norway
5-4 (0.556) Sweden
5-5 (0.500) USA
1-2 (0.333) Canada
1-2 (0.333) Italy
2-6 (0.250) England
0-1 (0.000) Netherlands

Doubles Event Group 1
Game Starter: Frogman
Doubles Event Group 1 Turn Logs

3-0 y-The Jerk ( Calvin Balonk ( SWEDEN
2-1 x-Caitiff ( Guvmint Helper ( USA
1-2 Tasslehoff ( Warlord Keldon ( ITALY
0-3 Roger the Rampant ( Unicorn ( ENGLAND

DMA01 - Calvin Balonk/The Jerk vs Unicorn/Roger the Rampant WINNER: Calvin Balonk/The Jerk
DMA02 - Warlord Keldon/Tasslehoff vs Guvmint Helper/Caitiff WINNER: Caitiff/Guvmint Helper
DMA03 - Caitiff/Guvmint Helper vs Roger the Rampant/Unicorn WINNER: Caitiff/Guvmint Helper
DMA04 - Tasslehoff/Warlord Keldon vs The Jerk/Calvin Balonk WINNER: Calvin Balonk/The Jerk
DMA05 - Roger the Rampant/Unicorn vs Tasslehoff/Warlord Keldon WINNER: Tasslehoff/Warlord Keldon
DMA06 - The Jerk/Calvin Balonk vs Caitiff/Guvmint Helper WINNER: Calvin Balonk/The Jerk

Doubles Event Group 2
Game Starter: Nojd
Doubles Event Group 2 Turn Logs

3-0 y-Draco ( Frogman ( USA
2-1 x-Sir Crashalot ( The Incomparable ( ENGLAND
1-2 Sleet ( Cay ( CANADA
0-3 Magog ( Eriksson ( SWEDEN

DMA07 - Cay/Sleet vs Frogman/Draco WINNER: Draco/Frogman
DMA08 - Eriksson/Magog vs The Incomparable/Sir Crashalot WINNER: Sir Crashalot/The Incomparable
DMA09 - Sir Crashalot/The Incomparable vs Draco/Frogman WINNER: Draco/Frogman
DMA10 - Magog/Eriksson vs Sleet/Cay WINNER: Sleet/Cay
DMA11 - Draco/Frogman vs Magog/Eriksson WINNER: Draco/Frogman
DMA12 - Sleet/Cay vs Sir Crashalot/The Incomparable WINNER: Sir Crashalot/The Incomparable

Doubles Event Group 3
Game Starter: Draco
Doubles Event Group 3 Turn Logs

3-0 y-ArchmageSUN ( Argammon ( AUSTRIA
2-1 x-Lord420 ( Der Waggs ( USA
1-2 Alex Mars ( Sfriese ( USA
0-3 Glimi ( Gortac ( NETHERLANDS
x-x Queen Elquein ( Edi ( FINLAND

DMA13 - ArchmageSUN/Argammon vs Sfriese/Alex Mars WINNER: ArchmageSUN/Argammon
DMA14 - Sfriese/Alex Mars vs Der Waggs/Lord420 FORFEIT: Alex Mars/Sfriese
DMA15 - Gortac/Glimi vs Edi/Queen Elquein CANCELLED
DMA16 - Argammon/ArchmageSUN vs Gortac/Glimi WINNER: ArchmageSUN/Argammon
DMA17 - Queen Elquein/Edi vs Lord420/Der Waggs CANCELLED
DMA18 - Glimi/Gortac vs Alex Mars/Sfriese FORFEIT: Glimi/Gortac
DMA19 - Edi/Queen Elquein vs ArchmageSUN/Argammon CANCELLED
DMA20 - Lord420/Der Waggs vs Glimi/Gortac FORFEIT: Glimi/Gortac
DMA21 - Alex Mars/Sfriese vs Queen Elquein/Edi CANCELLED
DMA22 - Der Waggs/Lord420 vs Argammon/ArchmageSUN WINNER: ArchmageSUN/Argammon

Note: FINLAND have withdrawn from Doubles Event Group 3 competition resulting in the cancellation of matches DMA15, DMA17, DMA19 and DMA21.

Doubles Event Group 4
Game Starter: Cay
Doubles Event Group 4 Turn Logs

3-0 y-Rorschach ( Frode ( NORWAY
2-1 x-Nojd ( Thrashbarg ( SWEDEN
0-3 Kaiser Bill ( Fathippos ( ENGLAND
0-3 Cshort ( Burd ( USA
x-x Hubris ( Waterfly ( GERMANY

DMA23 - Rorschach/Frode vs Thrashbarg/Nojd WINNER: Frode/Rorschach
DMA24 - Thrashbarg/Nojd vs Fathippos/Kaiser Bill WINNER: Nojd/Thrashbarg
DMA25 - Waterfly/Hubris vs Burd/Cshort CANCELLED
DMA26 - Frode/Rorschach vs Waterfly/Hubris CANCELLED
DMA27 - Cshort/Burd vs Kaiser Bill/Fathippos FORFEIT: Burd/Cshort, Fathippos/Kaiser Bill
DMA28 - Hubris/Waterfly vs Nojd/Thrashbarg CANCELLED
DMA29 - Burd/Cshort vs Rorschach/Frode WINNER: Frode/Rorschach
DMA30 - Kaiser Bill/Fathippos vs Hubris/Waterfly CANCELLED
DMA31 - Nojd/Thrashbarg vs Cshort/Burd WINNER: Nojd/Thrashbarg
DMA32 - Fathippos/KaiserBill vs Frode/Rorschach WINNER: Frode/Rorschach

Note: GERMANY have withdrawn from Doubles Event Group 4 competition resulting in the cancellation of matches DMA25, DMA26, DMA28 and DMA30.

Doubles Event Quarter-Finals
All matches will use the map The Feud (AOW PBEM World Cup 2001).
Matches are listed as Humans/Lizardmen vs Azracs/Frostlings.
Winners advance to the Semi-Finals.
Losers are eliminated from the tournament.

Doubles Event Quarter-Finals Turn Logs.

Qualified as Group Winners (4 TOTAL):
GROUP 1 WINNER The Jerk ( Calvin Balonk ( SWEDEN
GROUP 2 WINNER Draco ( Frogman ( USA
GROUP 3 WINNER ArchmageSUN ( Argammon ( AUSTRIA
GROUP 4 WINNER Rorschach ( Frode ( NORWAY

Qualified as Runners Up or Wild Cards (4 TOTAL):
RUNNER UP 1 Caitiff ( Guvmint Helper ( USA
RUNNER UP 2 Sir Crashalot ( The Incomparable ( ENGLAND
RUNNER UP 3 Lord420 ( Der Waggs ( USA
RUNNER UP 4 Nojd ( Thrashbarg ( SWEDEN

DMB01 - Nojd/Thrashbarg vs The Jerk/Calvin Balonk WINNER: Nojd/Thrashbarg
DMB02 - Der Waggs/Lord420 vs Draco/Frogman WINNER: Draco/Frogman
DMB03 - Waterfly/Argammon vs Sir Crashalot/The Incomparable WINNER: Waterfly/Argammon
DMB04 - Frode/Rorschach vs Caitiff/Guvmint Helper WINNER: Frode/Rorschach

Doubles Event Semi-Finals
All matches will use the map First Conflict (AOW PBEM World Cup 2001).
Matches are listed as Elves/Halflings vs Orcs/Goblins.
Winners advance to the Finals.
Losers are eliminated from the tournament.

Doubles Event Semi-Finals Turn Logs.

DMC01 - Nojd/Thrashbarg vs Draco/Frogman WINNER: Draco/Frogman
DMC02 - ArchmageSUN/Waterfly vs Frode/Rorschach WINNER: ArchmageSUN/Waterfly

Doubles Event Finals
The final match will use the map Reedfin Canal (APWC 2001).
Races are listed as Goblins/Dark Elves vs Elves/Dwarves.

Doubles Event Finals Turn Logs.

DMD01 - Draco/Frogman vs ArchmageSUN/Waterfly

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