PBEM Tournaments

Age of Wonders Heaven hosts an ongoing series of play-by-email (PBEM) tournaments. These tournaments are intended to provide a form of friendly competition for all players from novice beginners to seasoned veterans. Some tournaments will be open to all players, while others will be reserved for novice or veteran players only. To enter a tournament, check the lists of Sanctioned and Non-Sanctioned PBEM Tournaments below for tournaments which are currently accepting entries. Click the tournament link and follow the entry instructions on the appropriate tournament page.

All PBEM tournaments are organized by the Tourney Administrator, Angel Cay, with help from many volunteers including Game Starters, Judges, Map-Testers and the Tourney Map-Maker, Cherub Jerk. If you would like to volunteer as either a Game Starter, Judge or Map-Tester, or if you have a comment or idea for a future tournament, then please contact Angel Cay.

PBEM Tournament Rankings

Players who compete in AOWH Sanctioned PBEM Tournaments earn ranking points for every tournament match they win. These points are used to rank players for seeding in future tournaments, and to determine whether players qualify for Invitational (veteran) or Open (novice) tournaments. Players do not earn any ranking points for competing in Non-Sanctioned Tournaments. For information on the rank point system and for current AOWH Sanctioned PBEM Tournament Rankings, please visit the PBEM Tournament Rankings page.

Sanctioned PBEM Tournaments

  1. AOW PBEM World Cup 2001 Singles Event
    (September 2001-???)
    Current Progress: Round 3 of 5 (Quarter-Finals)
  2. AOW PBEM World Cup 2001 Doubles Event
    (September 2001-???)
    Current Progress: Round 2 of 4 (Quarter-Finals)
  3. Heartwood Forest Invitational
    (January 2002-???)

    Heartwood Forest Open
    (February 2002-???)

Non-Sanctioned PBEM Tournaments

  1. Slugfest King of the Hill Mini-Tournament
    (July 2001-???)
    Current Progress: Round 2 of 2 (Finals)

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