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Monthly Challenge - May 2002

The challenge for May 2002 is to win the Age of Wonders II Beta Demo! To download the demo, check the links listed in the AOW2 Beta Demo Forum. Your objective is to conquer the scenario in the least number of turns.

You may play simultaneous or classic turns.

You may play either Julia of the Elves or Meandor of the Dark Elves.

You must play with the following settings:

  • Allied Victory OFF
  • Exploration ON
  • AI Difficulty CPU Knight

Please save your progress every 10 days under a new file name. Be sure to make a special, final save just before initiating your victory battle.

Please submit your game save for the winning turn to Angel Cay (alternate email address) before 23:59 US Eastern Time on Friday, May 31st, 2002.


Congratulations to the following players for completing the May 2002 Monthly Challenge:

  • Entries played as Julia:
    • (1) Snow Leopard [Day 5]
    • (2) Aim22 [Day 6]
    • (2) Kife [Day 6]
    • (2) Kris Lighthawk [Day 6]
    • (5) Flitter [Day 7]
    • (6) Bogi [Day 22]
    • (7) J K Sun [Day 50]
  • Entries played as Meandor:
    • (1) Aim22 [Day 7]
    • (2) Bladedancer01 [Day 9]
    • (3) Black Knight [Day 12]

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