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Monthly Challenge - March 2002

The challenge for March 2002 will be to complete the One Ring Quest in Newboy555's Middle Earth (March 2002 Monthly Challenge) map. You play the role of Frodo, Bearer of The One Ring. In order to win the scenario, you must carry The One Ring across Middle Earth, and drop it into the lava cracks below Mount Doom. There is no need to defeat all of your opponents. Simply carry The One Ring into the caverns below Mount Doom, and capture the Fire Node there while wearing the ring. Be sure to save your game immediately before capturing the Fire Node, as the game will end in victory as soon as you do. The quickest player to complete this quest wins the challenge!

You may play simultaneous or classic turns.

You must play with the following settings:

  • TS136 Rules
  • Leaders ON
  • Leader Customization OFF
  • Allied Victory ON
  • Exploration ON

Be sure to save your progress under a new file name every 10 turns.

Please submit your game save for the winning turn to Angel Cay (alternate email address) before 23:59 US Eastern Time on Sunday, March 31st, 2002.


Congratulations to the following players for completing the March 2002 Monthly Challenge:

  • (1) Eriksson [6 Days]
  • (1) Queen Elquein [6 Days]
  • (1) Snow Leopard [6 Days]
  • (1) Waterfly [6 Days]
  • (5) Blacksmith Tony [7 Days]
  • (5) Dan Petersson [7 Days]
  • (5) Elvons / Frenchkisser [7 Days]
  • (5) MourInn [7 Days]
  • (9) Tekk Zero [8 Days]
  • (10) DracoDrk [13 Days]
  • (11) Magog [14 Days]
  • (12) TalonThorn [15 Days]
  • (13) LJT [17 Days]

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