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Monthly Challenge - November/December 2001

The two-player co-op PBEM challenge for November/December 2001 will be to complete Jason's All Things Unequal (Monthly Challenge November 2001) in the least number days. Hit the link or grab it from the Multi-Player Downloads section.

You must play two-player, co-operative, PBEM turns.

You must play with the following settings:

  • TS136 Rules
  • Leaders OFF
  • Leader Customization OFF
  • Allied Victory ON
  • Exploration ON

Please submit your game save for the winning turn to Angel Cay before 23:59 EST on Monday, December 31st, 2001.


Congratulations to the following players for completing the November 2001 monthly challenge:

  1. Kris Lighthawk and Frogman (46 Days, Dwarves/Goblins)
  2. Guvmint Helper and Raveji (49 Days, Dark Elves/Orcs)

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