Strategy Guide: The Undead

The piles of nasty bones

Note: This isn’t written to the experts, but to the newbies

Initial Comments:

The Undead are the only pure evil race in the entire game, they host ass-kicking units, not a single bad one, but if you are pure evil, you have to pay the price of almost no friends…


The Undead has the tactical (dis)advantage of being pure evil, this mean that it has decent  relationship with only three races. The Highmen have a decent realtionship with the humans, but the Undead doesnt have the luxury of having a neutral race that is available on almost every map on their side.


The Undead have lots of awesome units. All their units have built in protections and immunities, and of course regeneration, so you wont need a priest half as often as any other races. They do have a great priest, which is the equalient of the Highman saint, they have the best lvl3 flyer in the game, and the feared wraith; Physical immunity rocks!

Lvl1 Units

Undead Archer

This is exactly an average archer in the stats,  but when it comes to the abilities, this one is one of the best. Regeneration, some immunities and three protections, is hard to beat.

Undead Swordsman

As with the archer, the swordsman is average, the difference is its regeneration and immunities/protections.

Bone Ram

This is generally a battering ram, it has a bit lesser Hp, but with all the undead stats, i would rather have this one instead of a regular ram.

Hell Hound

This is a great special unit. 32 movepoints, good defense, fire strike, death and fire immunity, and of course regeneration, makes it a  danger to any stray lvl1 units.(Fire strike makes the enemy, if youre lucky lose 1 hp per turn, so even if you kill it, you may still die afterwards.)

Lvl2 Units

Undead Doom Priest

This is maybe the best priest classed unit after the saint. It has the equalient stats of the saint, but it has dominate, which has 1 more attack than charm. But the real drawback comes to that it doesnt have healing, although all undead units have regeneration, only healing can save a unit in the middle of a combat.

Undead Knight

This unit has the stats as an average lvl2 cavalry unit, although it has one lesser hp than average, its immunities/protections and regeneration makes up for that.

Undead Skull Thrower

This is just a catapult, but with its undead abilities, it comes out a bit better.

Lvl3 Units


This is, according to some AoW players, the best lvl3 unit in the game. Due to its physical immunity, it can kill endless amounts of units unless they either have an extra strike, that the wraith isnt immune to, or a unit with bolts(Except the frostling shaman, as the wraith has cold immunity), in which case the wraith is fried; The wraith has the stats of a lvl1 unit!.


This is the best lvl3 flyer in the game. 6 attack and damage makes it very hard-hitting, 10 hp and 4 defense makes it able to take a few strikes without dying, it has three immunities: Detah, Fire and Poison. However, this unit, is more of a flying tank than a flying scout, 30 Mp renders it much slower than most flyers.

Undead Bone Horror

This unit is a 19 hp tank! Although it only has 26 Mp, the stats of a lvl2 cavalry unit(although it has 2 more damage than avergage, it doesnt have charge) .It does all the undead unit stats, AND wall crushing, makes this a very useful unit.

Lvl4 Unit

The Undead Reaper

I will leave this unit for you to deside if it is good or bad; It TOTALLY depends how you use it.


The Undead rush

The Undead have regeneration, and thus making them capable of being out for an eternity without healing, this make them perfect for rushing, Mix Archers and hell hounds and they will pack a mean punch.

The Demon tactic

As soon as you get the hold of a 3 – hex town, produce lots of demons(Wraiths goes too, but if against any experienced player, that player sure knows some great tricks to kill it easily.), they are very good against anything that doesnt have a ranged attack, and has a chance to kill most lvl1 units in one strike! Rushing an enemy with these is harder to stop than just a few wraiths.(Get spirit puppet, and the wraith is dead, spirit puppets can be get with the recall spirit spell, and you dont always just get one spirit puppet…)


The Undead are a hard hitting race, however, some of their can be simply killed with a few tricks, and all are acceptible to turn undead(Turn undead spell = Turn undead IV, which can kill, or at least stun the enemy for three turns, with disturbing ease.)

This article was written by Silver_Dragon, with the help of the gamers at the AoWHeaven forum.