Strategy Guide: The Orcs

The nasty creatures with the big teeth

Note: This isn’t written to the experts, but to the newbies

Initial Comments:

The Orcs are a straightforward race, the units are mostly so good that you wont always need any strategy to win with them, they are too darn good.


The Orcs dont have the diplomacy bonus neutrality gives, but they have nice relationships with the evil races, which can give the Orcs a nice advantage in the beginning(So you dont need to migrate towns etc to be friends with any of the Evil races).


The Orcs have some of the best units in the game, there are only a few units that are bad.

Lvl1 Units

Orc Archer

This is exactly an average archer, nothing more to say about it.

Orc Swordsman

The best Swordsman in the game, for additional information check out my Lvl1 Infantry killer guide


This unit gives the Orcs the ability to explore caves fast, in its stats, its like a Dark Elf Swordsman, but when it comes to the abilities, it rocks! Cave crawling, poison immunity, poison strike, and night vision, makes this a good support unit. However, i rarely install and produce this unit, i mostly use those who i got from buying a town, or from the beginning.

Lvl2 Units

Orc Shaman

This unit is a regular priest classed unit, although it has night vision, its not much better than any other avergae priest, if you can, get Dark Elf Storm priests instead.

Orc Heavy Cavalry

This unit is one of the better lvl2 cavalry units, with its 4 damage, it is way much better than the human for example, the only drawback is that it only has 32 Mp.

Shredder Bolt

Imagine a ballista infused with death strike on its bolt? If the unit is cursed on the first hit, its very likely that it gets in a second hit, as the enemys defense(and resistance, but that has nothing to do with how good it hits) is lowered by 2. I’d rather have these than regular ballistas.

Lvl3 Units

Orc Warlord

This is perhaps the most overrated lvl3 unit in the game. Although it has heavy stats and round attack, its by far not as dangerous as a lvl3 cavalry unit or a titan; The warlord only has 26 Mp, so you have more time to get reinforcements there, a cavalry unit has 36 Mp, so it is virtually impossible to get reinforcements there before it has killed your stack. However, do NOT underrate the warlord, it might be your worst tactical mistake ever.

Doom Bat

This is a regular lvl3 flyer in the stats. Although it is much slower(28 Mp D: ) than the normal flyer, it has underground concealment , poison strike and immunity, cause fear and night vision. So this is a very dangerous unit when undergorund.

Orc Assassin

This is the Orcs answer to the halfling rogue, for a reference, check out Orc Assassin vs. Halfling Rogue – A Closer Look, where you can see that the Assassin is kicked by the Rogue.

Lvl4 Unit 

The Red Dragon

This unit is maybe the best lvl4 unit in the game. Good stats, kickass abilities, and of course Fire Breath, which makes it able to kill any non-ranged units from above, without having them interfere with you. However, if it meets another lvl4 unit with fire immunity, like the Yaka Avatar, or The Dwarven First born, the red dragon is deep fried.


The Orc rush

The orcs main rushing unit is the orc swordsman; The archer is too average, the kobold is too slow when not underground, so the only unit that is worth rushing with is the Orc Swordsman. With its 4 Damage, it can kill any other swordsman with ease.

The Warlord tactic

As soon as you get the hold of a 3 – hex town, produce lots of warlords, they are very hard hitting, and a single warlord is capable of killing 8 lvl1 units with ease. However, the warlords can be stopped with a wooden wall, so you simply have to have a wall breacher with you, or you wont be able to capture even a undefended 1 hex town.


The Orcs are perhaps the most hard hitting race in the game, you dont need so much strategy to win with them, as their units are way too powerful.

This article was written by Silver_Dragon, with the help of the gamers at the AoWHeaven forum.