Strategy Guide: The Lizardmen

The swimming lizards without resistance

Note: This isn’t written to the experts, but to the newbies

Initial Comments:

I only rarely play the lizardmen, or any neutral race, but i really like the lizardmen’s inherited swimming, which gives you an awesome tactical advantage, but i have always hated their low resistance. However, they do have some powerful units, and also, some bad ones…


The Lizard has the huge tactical advantage of being neutral, you can buddy up with both the good and the evil races, at the same time as you’re friend with the Frostlings, Humans, or Azracs.


The lizardmen, has average stats, but not abilities, almost all their units can swim, so they can pick up those water nodes, much faster than any other race. And this is also, the only race in the game, that gets an advantage from the flood spell(And it aint a small advantage…).

Lvl1 Units

Lizardman Archer

The Lizardman archer is generally an average archer, but with its swimming, it gives you a nice tactical advantage.

Lizardman Swordsman

This is also an average soldier, the only difference is swimming.

Giant Slug

This unit is just a pile of junk, its venomous spit poisons the enemy, and does respectable damage, but the range is far too short, and its defense is too low. Not to mention that this one cannot swim…

Lvl2 Units

Lizardman Shaman

This is the average Priest, but with a bit lower resistance healing. Although, it has the usual priest abilities; healing, turn undead, magic bolts & strike, and that dispel magic. It can kill wraiths and any other physical immunity units. And it does have that nice swimming, so it can follow your units into the water.

Lizardman Frog Rider

A bit less powerful, and a bit slower than the average cavalry, but this unit, as almost all other lizardmen, has swimming.

Turtle Catapult

This is a catapult, that can take a little bit more hits than an average catapult. But its greatest advantage is that it can get healed! No other catapult can get healed, so this unit isn’t lost like a catapult when it gets severely damaged. It also has the nice ability of swimming, which helps a lot on those water maps.

Turtle Ballista

Generally the same as Turtle Catapult, but with a ballista on its back. It is also a little bit cheaper than the average ballista 68 gold vs 72.

Lvl3 Units


This is the lizardmen’s burly unit, high attack, average dmg, but their defense is a bit lower than average. It has good resistance, and bit low hp, but it does have fire immunity, fire strike, and parry. Which makes it lethal to most low resistance units.


This unit has its uses, especially when flood is out. It has poison strike & protection, and of course that water concealment, which makes it able to lurk near the enemy in a spot of water, and then attack when something comes nearby.

Grreen Wyvern

This units is an nice flying unit. Awesome stats mixed with poison strike & immunity, makes it a winner.

Lvl4 Unit


The lizardmen’s lvl4 unit is the average lvl4 unit, good speed, much hp, generally your normal stats, and of course that nicey doom gaze, but if you can, spend you money on air galleys, or at least ice dragons, as they are much, much better.


The Lizardmen rush

The Lizardmen units are a bit too weak for a rush, but their swimming capabilities has it uses even here, no rivers or lakes are safe borders for your enemy with these units.

The Flood Tactic

Just get flood out as soon as you can, as your enemy probably wont have much to say if most of the map is water. When he’s stuck in his city, the only thing he can do is sit there and await his death.


The Lizardmen are about our average race, but with that mobility bonus swimming gives, they can kick any race in the game.

This article was written by Silver_Dragon with the help of the gamers at the AowHeaven forum.