Strategy Guide: The Halflings

The lil’ folk with the powerful Pony Riders

Note: This isn’t written to the experts, but to the newbies

Initial Comments:

Some people say that the Halfling’s aren’t a good beginner race,  that you should try to play one of the major races before you start with the minor. Thats true, but i find Halfling’s a great beginner race, because you’ll learn how to win with smaller measures, and thats really neccesary when playing against human players.


The halfling’s doesnt have the diplomacy bonus neutrality gives, but they have nice relationships with the good races, which can give the Halfling’s a nice advantage in the beginning(So you dont need to migrate towns etc to be friends with any of the good races).


The Hafling’s have generally weak units, The Satyr, Centaur and Leprecaun isn’t so good for their levels(The Satyr is the worst lvl 2 unit in the game), so you should mainly put your money on the Lvl1 units, Eagle Rider, Or the Powerful, backstabbing Rogue.

Lvl 1 Units:

This is where the Halflings Shine, they are the most powerful Lvl1 race in the game.

The Halfling Slinger:

The nicest Lvl1 ranged unit in the game, at least on silver and gold medal. With no medal, it slings 4 stones with 3 attack 1 dmg each,on silver medal its 4 attack and 1 dmg, but the real thing comes at the gold medal, 4 attack 2 dmg, that kills most lvl 1 units really quick. mix them with Halfling Swordsmen or ponies and they’ll kick ass.

The Halfling Swordsman:

One of the nicer Swordsmen in the game, parry is so darn nice, when the regular Swordsmen fail, the Halfling Swordsman stands; parry takes away 2 attack from enemy on the first strike, cutting the enemys average first strike dmg to pieces!! These units are really good in mixes with some Halfling Slingers.

The Halfling Pony:

No doubt the best Lvl1 unit in the game, check out the full Pony guide at: “The Lvl1 infantrykillers”; The Berserker, Halfling Pony, Orc Swordsman.

Lvl2 Units:

The Halfling Cleric:

A nice cleric, 5 resistance and magic protection is all the extras you need on a priest classed unit. Magic protection rocks, when fighting an other unit that has magic bolts, half of its damage is erased, and thats what i call nice!

The Satyr:

Sadly, this is the worst Lvl2 Unit in the game, its good for charming units, as its bard’s skills makes the charmed units morale better, so it wont desert you. But its not worth the price, not in gold or the time needed to produce.

Lvl3 Units:

The Halfling Rogue:

The nicest behind-enemy-lines unit there is, it has nice dmg, attack, res and defense. Not to mention that it has hurl stones and Markmanship I, it can climb walls and therefore take towers to explore quickly. It can do swift strikes against stray Lvl1 or Lvl2 units, and then just run into the forest and hide, where the enemy cant see you, because the rogue has concealment.

The Halfling Eagle Rider:

Pretty much the ordinary flying unit, but with its high resistance it can beat the crap out of any poison-based flyer.

The Halfling Centaur:

What do you get if you combine nice Hp, nice res and Archery+Markmanship II. Well you’ll get one hell of an archer, its one of the nicest archers in the game,but doesnt have that little extra melee power the other Lvl3 units have, the Centaurs can get killed easily by any other powerful Lvl3 unit, like the warlord or the cavalier(But the centaur can run away, and then fire its arrows, so the centaur would still have a chance to win).These units are great when supporting heroes, as they dont slow them down, their archery can kill dragons, and other ranged flyers.

Lvl 4 Unit:

The Leprecaun:

Not really a nice Lvl4 unit, but invisibility is nice as hell, strike and then move away and your enemy wont have a clue where you are. 10 defense and resistance makes you practically immune to all lvl 1 and 2 units.Though, The Leprecaun doesnt have much firepower, the most powerful attack it has is magic bolts, so it will take time to kill any powerful units. Regeneration is hell nice under “strike n’ hide” operations, as you wont need any support units to heal you. But in general, the leprecaun isnt worth the price, nor the time you need to get it.


The Pony rush:

As the title says, you rush your enemy with ponies. Ponies are fast, charging, killer-machines. 32 Mp makes you the fastest Lvl1 unit there is, and therefore, they’re perfect for rushing; Your enemy wont expect you coming so early. They can kill any Lvl1 unit you send after them, (Save the Elephants) 5 attack 5 dmg on the first strike makes it a lethal unit, most Lvl1 units only have 5 Hp, so there is a chance to kill them on first strike.

Just install ponies in all towns you own on turn 1, then on the next turns, produce tons of ponies, you can’t have too many of them. Then just rush the ass of your enemy.

The Rogue tactic:

Once you get your hold on a 3-Hex town, upgrade it to Lvl3 and then produce rogues, as soon as they’re produced, send them into the woods quickly; As your enemy won’t see them, so you’ll still have an element of suprise. Move them through the woods,hiding them for your enemy, as soon as you’re close enough to your enemy leader, attack him, there’s almost no leader that alone can slay 8 rogues; they’re too powerful.

Rogues are also useful in defeating any Lvl4 units threatening your lands.


The Halfling’s are a real powerful Lvl1 race, they host some of the powerfullest Lvl1 units in the game, and not to forget, the powerful Rogue. But they lack the brute strength the Orcs(for example) have on lvl 3 and 4.

They’re a good race, the newbie should consider using them, though they don’t host the most powerful Lvl 2 and 3 units in the game, they’re still nice. And most important of all: They’re fun to use!

This article was written by Silver_Dragon, with the help of the gamers at the AoWHeaven forum.