Strategy Guide: The Dark Elves

The dark people with resistance

Note: This isn’t written to the experts, but to the newbies

Initial Comments:

The Darkelves, as the name say, is the opposite of the elves, when talking about units, the darkelves arent better,but when it comes to racial bonus, forestry for the elves, more resistance and night vision for the darkelves. The Darkelves are slightly better.


The Darkelves, don’t have the diplomacy bonus neutrality gives, but they have nice relationships with the evil races, which can give them a nice advantage in the beginning(So you dont need to migrate towns etc to be friends with any of the evil races).


The Darkelves are known for their.. ehm crappy units… Their Swordsman is even crappier than the elven one, but when it comes to Lvl3 units, the Darkelves simply own the elves, The Executioner is one of the best cavalry units in the game.

Lvl1 Units

Darkelf Archer

The Darkelf archer is, like the elven one, one of the best Lvl1 archers in the game, markmanship I, night vision and awesome resistance make up one hell of a unit, its tad much better to produce hordes of theses than of darkelf swordsmen.

Darkelf Swordsman

The Darkelf swordsman IS the worst Lvl1 unit in the game, 4 attack is average, 2 defense is average, but the tiny amount of 2 is too little. The even the elven one owns the darkelf swordsman.

Elven Nymph

This is the Darkelves response to the Elves Nymph, it is better than the elven one , because it is much more cost effective,and as the Nymph, in large numbers it can seduce anything. Its very cheap, and when an a darkelf storm priest has stunned a victim, the lady of pain can seduce that unit with great ease. Trying to seduce units with a single lady with no significant backup, will not turn out so well; it has almost no defense/attack power at all.

Lvl2 Units

Darkelf Storm Priest

This is, like the elven one,  one of the best priest classed units in the game, it has been a lot of debate whether the Storm priest is better than the cleric, as the storm priests lightning bolt has attack of 6, which is only 1 lower than entangle, but only stuns for one turn. It wouldnt have been a tie if entangle wasnt a touch attack, in what case the elven cleric would have been much better.

Darkelf Rider

This is the worst cavalry unit in the game, though it has the avergae attack/defense stats as a normal cavalry unit, it has lower damage than most lvl1 units!. Charge makes it a little bit better, but doesnt really cut it.

Lvl3 Units

This is where the Darkelves shine, all their lvl3 units are good.

Darkelf Executioner

One of the best Lvl3 units in the game: High damage and attack, the Hp is okay, Life stealing makes it self healing, and therefore makes it able to plow through hordes of units, without losing too much hp. Trail of darkness has a great tactical value, as you blind your enemy just by running around with these. And of course, it gets holy champion on gold medal.


This is the typical lvl3 hide n’ strike unit, its stats are okay, it can pass walls so exploring through capturing towers is possible. It has some immunities, cause fear and concealment. Which makes this unit worth having at the later stages of the game.

Spider Queen

This is an overpowered version of the black spider. It has web, poison strike, poison immunities and all those things, plus magic bolts, seduce and much more MP. The result is a good supporting unit capable of killing wraiths, but not as slow as a normal priest, so it can keep up with your executioners.

Lvl4 Unit

The Incarnate

This is one of the worst lvl4 units in the game, at least when its newly produced, when it gets a new body, it gets the attack rating of the host, so when you have a cavalry unit at hand, it can posses most of the units in the game.


The Darkelf rush

The Darkelves lvl1 units are quite weak, as with the elves, the only unit worth having is the archer and lady of pain. Build hordes of archers and mix them with ladies of pain. and you will have a good attack force.

The Incarnate havoc tactic

This isn’t really a strategy or a tactic, it’s more of a tip.

This is a deadly tactic, the incarnate, who may seem crappy, becomes extremely deadly when used right;

Rush into your enemy territory with an incarnate, then disband it, this will cause it to run around, and harass enemy forces, the incarnate is very hard to stop once it has found a powerful host. So it can run around unchecked and unchallanged, wreaking havoc in your enemy base…

Another thing that is effective with incarnates, is that if you raze a powernode, and a syron pops up, the incarnate can simply posses it, and getting the body of one of the poweerfullest units in the game, as the syron has no attack capability against the incarnate, it is possesed with ease.


The Darkelves seem weak at first, but once you know how to play them properly, they are one of the deadliest races of all.

This article was written by Silver_Dragon, with the help of the gamers at the AoWHeaven forum.