Strategy Guide: The Azracs

The fiery people with the big elephants

Note: This isn’t written to the experts, but to the newbies

Initial Comments:

I haven’t played the Azracs very much, it’s a new experience to me. They seem very powerful, and i’ve found most of their units very useful.


The Azracs have the great diplomacy advantage of being neutral, they can buddy up with either the good ones, or the evil ones, depending on what favors you strategically.


The Azrac units are generally powerful, they high attack, and depend a lot on creatures, so they’re immune to seduce and charm. Their resistance is average, so is their hp, and their defense is generally under average, but their attack is much above average at lvl 1.

Lv1 Units

The Azrac Archer

This is the average Lvl1 archer, but with fire protection and 1 less def.

The Azrac Swordsman

This is a great soldier, 5 attack rocks! It makes a lot more dmg than the average swordsman, but it takes more dmg too, 1 def is very low.

The Elephant

This is a great unit, wall crushing, much Mp and hp, good dmg and def. But it has 1 less attack than the average soldier, but who cares;  this is a kick-ass unit.

The Scorpion

The scorpion is probably the best Lvl1 poison based soldier in the game, it has nice dmg nice def, its hp isnt bad, but as with the elephant, it has 1 less attack than the average soldier. I’d rather put my money on more elephants.

Lvl2 Units

The Azrac priest

Pretty much the average priest classed unit, but it has fire immunity, wich can be a bit useful. But it has the normal Azrac -1 def which makes it less useful.

The Azrac Rider

This is one of the fastest cavalry units in the game, it has the normal cavalry stast, but with more Mp and fire protection. It’s very useful for scouting, as it can explore fast, and if it’s in trouble, run away fast.

Lvl3 Units

The Djinn

A nice Lvl3 unit, though its not a flyer, you can almost call it one. It explores quite fast, has magic bolts and strike, so it kills wraiths easily.

 The Sandworm

The Lizardmen have the Lurker, the Azrac have the Sandworm. It hides in deserts, striking at anyone who comes near. It’s fast in caves, and can do tunnels underground. But its attack is too weak, so is it’s defense. I dont use this unit at all.

The Beholder

The beholder is a nice unit, doom gaze is very useful on a slow unit that doesnt have much attack and dmg. This is a good city-defender, but ballistas are better, as you can build ballistas faster, and they do more dmg.

Lvl4 Unit

The Yaka avatar

The Yaka avatar is a great unit, dominate on such good stats rock! It can kill most units easily, or just dominate them, wich is very, very useful when facing hordes of enemies.


The Azrac Rush

The Azrac rush’s main units are the Azrac rider, and the Elephant. Produce them in hordes, and then just rush. The Azracs are more effective against fortified cities than most other races, as their elephants are much faster than the other Lvl1 wallbeaters in the game.

The Azrac mass invasion

Produce lots of elephants in the 1 and 2 hex cities, some beholders in you 3 hex cities. And if you have the money, produce lots of Yaka avatars!. Then invade your enemy, with the elephants in front, scouting ahead so you can aim a direct assault on your enemy leader.


The Azracs are a very powerful race, they have the tactical advantage of being neutral, and thus they can buddy up with anything which favors you strategically.

The Azracs are a nice race, i like them. They’re really fun to play.

This article was written by Silver_Dragon, with the help of the gamers at the AoWHeaven forum.