Game Hot Keys

Compiled by Nojd
#Arrow keys Scroll the map
PGUP Map level up
PGDN Map level down
N  or  '.' Select next unit/army
P  or ',' Select prev. unit/army
H Select next Hero
L Select leader
D Select party as 'Done' for the current turn.
G Guard On/Off
C Center on selected unit/army
F3 or CTRL + O Open/Load game
F4 or CTRL + S Save game
M Move selected unit(s)
O Toggles observation of enemy movement
SHIFT Hold SHIFT to select multiple parties or units for a single move command.
ALT + ENTER Switches between full screen and Window display modes
ESC Quits from most screens
F1 Recalls last tip in the Tutorial
F5 Toggles hex grid on/off in tactical combat and strategic map

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