How to Use Cheat Codes

I find the cheat codes to be very helpful in designing maps and editing the game. You should know that these cheats will work in Multiplayer as they cause “out of sync” errors, so these cheats are not going to offend others during multiplayer games.

To use these cheat codes, have to start the game with the command-line parameter “beatrix.” You can do this by adding the word “beatrix” to the command line of the shortcut you use to start the game. Put quotes around the path and filename before the parameters. It will look like this (include the quotation marks):

“C:\\Program Files\\Triumph Studios\\Age of Wonders\\AoW.exe” beatrix

Now, start Age of Wonders. While playing, press Ctrl + Shift + C all at the same time to activate the cheat codes. You should hear a confirmation “ding” sound if you did it right. Then, simply type any of the following words (you do not need to pull up a message box or anything, simply type the words and the effect will happen):

goldReceive 1000 gold pieces
manaReceive 1000 mana crystals
fogToggle “fog of war” on/off
exploreToggle exploration on/off
spellsAll spells are automatically researched
winWin the level
loseLose the level
freemoveUnits do not lose any movement points when moving. Almost like infinite moves, but if one of your units has no movement points left when you activate the cheat, you must wait 1 turn for its movement points to reset.
townsYou instantly own all independent towns on the map
researchAll spells are automatically researched

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