How to Set Unit/Army Stack Properties

Select a unit stack, then right click on it. From the pop-up menu, select EDIT. This should bring up two floaters, one for the settings and the other for addition of other unit types in this stack.

Player: Indicates which party the unit stack belongs to.

Behavior: How the AI will behave.

Direction: The direction which you wish the unit to face.

Add: Add a unit from unit floater. (Select a unit from the Unit Floater and click Add)

Delete: Delete a unit from this stack. (Select the unit from the Army Properties Floater, then click Delete)

Edit: Edit button is only active when a hero is selected. (This will be elaborated in the Hero Creation – coming soon)

AI Behavior Settings

There are currently 8 types of AI settings that can be tweaked for the unit/army stacks.

Army stack stays in range, and can also move around to attack armies and cities. This setting gives AI a somewhat random type behavior.

Army stack stays in range. They may attack cities, but rarely attacks other armies.

Army stack sits on hex until killed. Use this setting to guard a choke point or a valuable location or artifact.

The army stack stays in range and will engage and attack all cities and armies against all odds (in the most suicidal manner. ). A stack in guard will attack any stack that comes into range. The AI is also able to see across teleporter. If a one way teleporter is placed near a guarding army and a stack moves to the target location (or near it), the guarding army will move through the teleporter and attack.

The army stack may move out of range and attack cities and armies. They may also capture mines and other structures. This setting is ideal if one wants the enemy AI to explore.

The army stack sits on the hex until an agreeably aligned race comes along and can afford to hire it. The stack does not move and has to be killed to be removed (ie if it’s blocking a path) if it cannot be hired. Caution: It does not work so well with machines sometimes.

The stack goes out of Range. It will attack armies and raze structures belonging to the opposition. Be wary that a powerful raiding party (e.g. one made of >3 syrons) can go around razing everything to the ground and cause the other AI leaders to stay put in their cities and refuse to expand.

Goes out of Range. Attacks armies and cities no matter what the odds.

*Range is the movement ability of the stack in one turn plus visual range.

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