Submission Guidelines for Scenario Design Section

Submissions for articles and any short contributions are welcomed. If you find any misinformation on the site or if you know ways of getting around a current problem, you are also welcomed to send it in.

Article Submissions:

1) Keep your article length under 1000 words. Graphics (if any) must be relevant to article contents. Graphic should be kept under size of height no more than 600 pixels and length of not more than 400 pixels. Articles are prefered in Wordpad or Notepad (Simple Text) format.

2) Spelling and grammar must be checked by the contributor before submission. Overly broken articles will not be considered.

3) Layout of article must be clear. Make your points by careful paragraphing or by using numbered bullets. If you must use graphics to illustrate your point, note where the graphics should be relatively placed in parenthesis (i.e. ‘brackets’)

4) Editor (i.e. me) reserves the right to reject articles that are found to be unsuitable or unusable for the site.

Short Tips and contributions:

1) E-mail me if you have anything to share such as short tips or suggestions which are helpful to the map maker within or outside of the game.

2) E-mails in refute to some of the info or in addition to the info already on the site may also be submitted. 🙂

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