Making Items

Wish to make new and wonderful artifacts? Here it is:

Select the Items tab and you’ll get this.

First button on the top is the Open Library button – this allows you to access item libraries other than the system library (that is if you have created them…and we’ll talk about this later).

The next button to the right is the Edit item button and this lets you edit an existing item which YOU have created.

The button with the sword and the plus sign (Create Item) allows creation of a new item that will exist on ONLY on the current map.

The Sword with the cross means Delete Item. As long as the item exists in the library, it will not be permenantly deleted.

Those ABC and 123 buttons are for sorting items according to name or type.

Click on Create Item and you will get this screen.

Name your item.

Identify which item type it is by selecting from the pull-down menu. Item types include head, torso, defense, attack, use, rings. What ever you do – DO NOT MAKE “SCROLLS”.

Scrolls do not work!

The graphic may be there, but the truth is scrolls were never a part of the game. This is not a bug. Scrolls have been replaced by Wizard Towers.

Availability: How often it randomly appears in exploratory places such as castles, caves and pyramids if NOT purposely placed on the map somewhere.

Gold: Filling in values for this is not necessary. The value exists in the first place for the uneditable system library and is for the limitation of carrying over of items in campaign-linked scenarios.

By setting different values the computer will assign each a placement value. Doing this one can randomly distribute items into lairs and ruins. When creating a ruin/lair I simply say “Strong” defenders with “High” value items. The computer will select the appropriate items and place them. A low value lair cannot get high value items, but a high value lair could get low value items, however it only does this when there are no high value items left to assign. I think I used gold values of 100 = low 300 = med, and 500 = high.
submitted by James E. McCubbin on 5/10/2000

Beware that ‘Use’ type items cannot add bonuses to hero stats even if you’ve indicated them.

You may change the appearance of the item by clicking on the Change button under the graphic. The window shown below will appear, then just choose the graphic you wish to represent it and click OK.

Statistics: determines the bonus points that the items gives the users. Be aware that setting too high a value may sometimes make your hero too powerful if he/she obtains the item. (Still there are always exceptions to the rule 🙂 )

Abilities: determines the kind of abilities/skills that the item gives its wearer. Be aware that some skills are only available to certain item types. A Head Item may confer some skills which a Torso Item does not.

By balancing statistics and abilities, you can create very cool items without unbalancing the game play too much. The various abilities and skills and bonus that an item can give the wearer is what makes finding an item exciting.

You can make changes to those items you’ve created by clicking on Edit Item.

Where to place items:

Items can be placed in castles, crypts, lairs and pyramids. Or they can be placed on open ground and will appear as a “brown bag” graphic.

A bag of goodies waiting to get picked up…

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