Level Removal Crash Bug

Case: Total Map Destruction Event After Level Removal (send in by Tom through e-mail – aol.com)

In November 2000, I recieved an e-mail from ‘Tom’. His map couldn’t accessed and he wanted me to take a look at it. So I did. The map and editor crashed upon opening of the map file and there was nothing that we can do about it. Tom retraced his steps and found the reason behind this map crash event. He wrote to me again, telling me about what he suspected could be the problem and then describing what he had done to prove that what he had speculated was true.

I’ve run through his experiment and found it to be true. This event has been mentioned before in forums but no reason nor solution behind it was ever found. I’m putting it here as a warning to the rest of you. This is what we did:

Make the map three levels
Now put the city in L2.
Move up to L1.
Then from menu “Remove map level”.

Now once you’ve removed Level 1, level 2 underground now becomes level 1, so in fact, everything’s ‘moved up’ one level.
Close the map (Save)
Now try to open the map again and the whole editor goes crazy.

First thing you’ll see:
Error message: Access violation 5560c2c9 at module HSEPACK.DPL. Read of address FFFFFFFF Ignore failure?

Click [yes] or [no]. Then very quickly it shows:

[ Destroying Level 2 ]

This is followed by the infamous “Oh dear, it’s the end….” (Note: This message may be cute but it’s shocked and dismayed many map makers. It’s meant to tell you that something’s in conflict.)

From here on a (or a few) runtime error messages will start popping out . The Editor crashes to desktop and sometimes another message will appear. The usual software crash message of windows “this program has performed an illegal operation.”

The map’s gone and cannot be recovered.

In conclusion: When removing map levels, don’t remove the middle one when there’s anything in the level below it.

(19/05/2002) However, Elquein left me a message to tell me that it isn’t totally unsalvagable, in fact, she says:

Here’s a little thing for you though…In that Level Crash Bug Investigated where you tell about the “Oh dear it’s the end… ” crash, and how the map becomes corrupted, there is little thing that can be done, I learned it long ago…. When you get the first error message, and it asks “Ignore failure?”, at that point, if you don’t choose either yes or no, you can actually save the map, even witha new name before choosing either of them, and the map can be opened later, it has always worked for me when I have gotten that message. – Queen Elquein

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