Heroes Libraries

Just like Item Libraries, one can also create Hero Libraries for storing customed made heros that are to be used on more than once map. If you can understand Item Libraries, Hero Libraries do not need much explaination:

This here is a new library.

Once again, the first button on the left (face and folder) is to Create New Library and the one next to that is Delete Library (careful!)

The next three are Edit Hero in this Library, Add A New Hero (Create Hero as already described in a previous section, Making Heros, except this time you cannot assign weapons) and Delete Hero. (You should know by now that ABC and 123 are sorting buttons.)

The Copy and Add works just like the ones in How to Use Item Libraries.

New hero library files created by you will be saved as *.ahl files in the User folder in your AoW game folder.

Please be aware that you need to click on Save Map to save the changes you made in the library.

There’s not much need to repeat myself as most features are already explained in the Items Library Section.

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