Editor Bug: Double Heroes On Map

Posted on the AOW1 Scenario Design forum on 08-12-2002, presented by Roger the Rampant and solution by Tekk Zero.

The Problem:

Every time I delete something on the map I’m preparing, an error message pops up, telling me double leaders are defined for player 4 (Frostlings). When I first open the editor, load the map and check validation, it fails, saying that the Frostling leader is not on the map, even though it is.

If I delete the Frostling leader and then put it back onto the map again, the map validates successfully, but I still get the error message every time I delete anything.

I have tried deleting the whole hero/leader stack and starting again. I’ve tried editing the leader. The map plays OK, I don’t really want to restart making the map, but it’s quite frustrating to have this error message keep popping up.
– Roger the Rampant

The Solution:

Here is a solution I came up with –

The “double leader” problem persists no matter what you do (i.e. deleting the frostling leader, editing the frostling leader, cutting/pasting the frostling leader, and etc.). However, the solution to fixing this double leader error is to delete the frostling leader totally. You do this by changing the number of races to only 3. This deletes the frostling leader totally, thus fixing your problem. However, all the leaders for the other races are deleted as well (4th Player and onwards). Only the first 3 race leaders survive. Once you do this, just recreate all the races and race leaders.

It is some work, but it is small if you compare it to having to restart your map or having to just live with the error.
– Tekk Zero