Locations that Contain Artifacts

While playing the game, I’m sure you’ve been to these places. To access the editing floaters for these “locations” you have placed on the map, select them and then right click on them, then select edit.

You can put items in these:

A Pyramid
A Castle Ruin
A Crypt
A Monster Lair

This is how the editing screen looks like:

The Defenders Tab allows you to add the units you wish to defend it. Random setting is based on strength. ie. the computer will select units that are of average strenght to defend this castle. (Level 2 units and some level 1 units)

If you select User define, a Units Floater will appear, then you can choose the units you wish to defend this location. (Click on a unit in the floater than click the Add button, Delete if you change your mind)

The Items Tab here allows you to put selected items (by choosing User Defined, you can place up to four) or tell the computer to put a random item in the location during the game. The Value of the item refers to its availability settings during the creation of that item.

Note: You cannot edit the layout of these locations. Attempting to open the layout files of these locations will cause your computer to crash.

Note: While making the Forgotten Evil, I had made some very powerful items which I specifically placed in a few of such locations. Thinking that the items were extremely valuable, I placed very powerful level 4 units to guard them. I was given feedback of that map that the location was too heavily guarded. Therefore, keep in mind that players are only allowed one stack at a time into a location. How necessary is it to guard a location so heavily? If it’s so dangerous, the player may just well decide to give your location a pass.

Tip: Try to mix units for defending a location. For an example, it might be quite uninteresting to fight 8 swordsmen in a single battle.

Tip: There are only four of these you say. It’s boring to see so many of the same looking castles even on a XL sized map. How about putting a sign outside and calling it something? Example: A Castle Ruin – Sign reads: Castle of Baron Grey. If there needs to be, put a text bubble at the entrance (the hex that the player stands on to enter the castle), and that could read like: “Standing here, you realise that this was the Castle the peasants had burnt to the ground because they believed that the Baron’s wife was a witch.”

WARNING! : You can place as many of these locations as you like, but if the number of these locations exceed the number of items on the Items Tab, some of these locations will be marked as “explored” during the game if they are set on “auto-generate” items.

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