Scenario Design

AOW Custom Map Makers’ Resource


Formerly the AOW Custom Map Makers’ Resource Site at MSN communities. Feel free to drop us an e-mail if you have anything to contribute to this section. Articles, short suggestions and additional information to the existing sections are most welcomed. Submission guidelines can be found here.

Section 1: Introduction and Important Reminders

Section 2: Editor Matters and How-to’s

Section 3: Commentaries

Section 4: Suggestions and Tips for Map Making

The suggestions in this section are by no means straight foward instructions that one is limited to but, hopefully, it will help spring new ideas for those who have just started dabbling in the editor. As it is said, let there be no limits to the human imagination.

A lot of information gathered within this section would not have been possible if not for the veteran and expert mapmakers who were so willing to share their knowledge, ideas and discoveries with me as well as the rest of the AOW community. A lot of credit goes out to them for making new maps for us to play until AOW2.