Warlock’s Rule-Set FAQ

Here are the most frequently asked questions about Warlock’s Rule-Set.

Q1. Can I switch back to the default rules if I install Warlock’s Rule-Set?
A. Yes! You switch easily back and forth between the rule-sets by running a small program/script.

Q2. The installer says I’m running it from the wrong directory? Quote:


Rules2.bat version 1.10

You are running this batch file from the wrong directory.
You may have installed this Patch incorrectly.


A alt. 1. The installer for the game (not the rule-set) suggests installing in the folder C:\\Program Files\\…
The installer for Warlock’s rule-set suggests installing in the folder C:\\games\\…
You can install into whatever folder you like, but you must use the same folder for the game and the rule-set.

A alt. 2. If you’re using Windows 95, 98, 98SE, or ME, the instructions to use Rules.bat is correct. But if you’re using Windows NT, 2000 or XP, that won’t work. But the solution is very simple! Just use Rules2.bat instead, and everything will work as the readme/installation instruction says.

Q3. What version of AoW must I have to install a mod-pack?
A. AoW was released in the original version and later in the Medieval Masters box. These two versions have two different patches. Install the one for your version of AoW before trying to install Warlock’s Rule-Set.

You’ll find the patch for the original release in our downloads section: Official AoW1 Patch v1.36.

You’ll find the patch for the Medieval Masters release in our downloads section: Official “Medieval Masters” Compilation Patch.

Update: If you’ve got the Medieval Masters release, first use its patch, then apply the original release patch to get the “correct” version number for your game. Then you’re ready to install Warlock’s Rule-Set.

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