Dark Lord Mod

Here is information about the mod, directly from the author LordofMaps.

The Dark Lord Mod-pack is THE biggest Age of Wonders Mod-pack you can get, with over 310 units, 13 sub races and 21 new builds, this Mod-pack is packed with new stuff to do.
Dark Lord Mod Features:

  • Over 310 units.
  • 13 sub races.
  • 21 new builds.
  • 4 hero class Warrior, Wizard, Rouge and Mage.
  • All Races now have 4* level 3 units.
  • Spells are much cheaper.
  • Make any train look like it has been flooded, with the Flood train. – Place lava on the Surface.
  • Or place grass, desert, snow, steppe and wasteland underground.
  • There are now 3 new events to place in the editor, Play Sample, Change Song and Show Message.
  • Opens both Warlock and Original maps with no errors.
  • No Warlock Mod needed to install.

*They lose the Ballista but it can now be built in Builder Guilds and the Siege Guild.

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