Age of Wonders Resources

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Information about the Game

Official Age of Wonders Website
You can download the patch and get all the “nuts & bolts” game info: screen shots, units, game play, and more!

The Manual Addendum
Download the official Age of Wonders Manual Addendum in PDF or MS Word format.

The Manual
The Age of Wonders Manual in plain text format.

Age of Wonders Heaven
This is the site you’re visiting right now!

Age of Wonders (by Paulos)
A fan site by Paulos with lots of game info.

Valley of Wonders (Strategy Planet)
A very large fan site with tons of game info. Spells, heroes and unit statistics. Hasn’t been updated in a while.

AoW Custom Map Maker’s Resource Site
Everything you could ever possibly want to know about making and editing custom maps for AoW. Fantastic site!

Nojd’s Age of Wonders Links
All known AoW related links (except for reviews of the game). Everything from forums to fan sites.

AoW Cheat Codes
All of the cheat codes and how to use them.

Daveman’s Unofficial Age of Wonders FAQ
Lots of very useful information for new players. All newbies should read this!

AoW Unit Stats (Internet Explorer only)
Wraithchilde has a section for AoW on his site Wraithzone. It contains his own maps and a sortable page with stats for all the units in the game.

Gold Guide: Age of Wonders
Gone Gold has links to lots of reviews of the game.

Planet of Wonders – AoW 2 Fansite
Now closed down, but was devoted to the sequel of AoW, “AoW 2: The Wizard’s Throne”

The UnknownMan’s AOW stuff
Almost empty at this time, but contains a Quicktime move with a tactical battle in AoW2.

Discussion Forums

AoW Heaven Forum
An Ultimate Bulletin Board forum with a large AoW community. Very nice forum where the developers visit quite frequently.

Silverleaf’s “Lifeline” Forum
The ezBoard forum which preceded AoWHeaven as the place for the AoW community, and where many members still hang out.

Valley of Wonders Forum
The latest in the series of abandoned forum. It’s not used anymore, but it still contains lots of information. The developers used to visit quite frequently.

Authors of the Game

Triumph Studios
The developers of the game.

Gathering of Developers
The publisher of the game.

Take-Two Interactive Software, Inc.
The publisher of the game.

Epic Games
Coproducer of the game.

The Stratos Group
Manual and strategy guide producer for the game.

Demo and Patches

Age of Wonders demo v1.31
Download the official Age of Wonders demo, v1.31 (45.6 MB).

Age of Wonders demo patch v1.36
This will upgrade the original v1.31 demo to the latest version of the demo, v1.36 (2.2 MB).

Official Age of Wonders patch v1.36
Download the latest official Age of Wonders patch for the original release of the game (4.5 MB).

Official patch for the Medievel Masters version of Age of Wonders
Download the official Age of Wonders patch for the Medieval Masters release of the game (437 KB).

Play On-Line, Multiplayer

The site is in development by Der Waggs, Argammon, Bethgael Amberhair, Elquein Jaradcel and SkullKing.

Tedwarrior’s AoW forum
A forum mainly for Starlance discussions. Starlance was a site for online league playing, but it has closed down. This forum is not used anymore, but it’s still online.

ICQ Active Lists
Download the best instant chat program on the net and join these “active lists” to see when other AoW gamers are online and looking for a multiplayer game. Search for the following ICQ Active List #’s:

  • # 66062759 – LeagueAoW
  • # 97717971 – Cay’s AoW Active List
  • # 50557274 – Kanter’s AoW List


Clan Kiith Gaalsien is a german clan that play all the AoW versions.

The Cause
A “Neutral Evil” aligned AoW role-playing Guild. Though it is the oldest and largest guild in Age of Wonders, THE CAUSE is a bit of an oddity. They are a cult of sorts that follows a vision of “Enlightenment,” brought to people by an entity called “The Voice.” They have their own message board.

Guild of Nightal – (the Old Site is still available too)
A “Lawful Good” aligned AoW role-playing Guild. The GUILD OF NIGHTAL was created to oppose THE CAUSE in all its endeavors. They have their own message board.

The Heron Guard
A “Chaotic Neutral” aligned AoW role-playing Guild. The HERON GUARD — originally a Lawful Neutral organization brought into existence to balance out THE CAUSE and GUILD OF NIGHTAL — recently became Chaotic. They have their own message board.

Tir-na Go’th
The Tir-na Go’th is an Undead Azrac unit of the LeagueAOW. They have their own message board.

User Made Scenarios/Maps

Age of Wonders Heaven
This site has an automated archive for upload, download, rating and review of user made maps. It is the only site that accepts new map contributions!

Nojd’s Map Archive
Once there was Kirsten’s great automated archive. It was shut down, but Hadberz made the maps available in zip files with maps ordered by month. Ginette made another fantastic archive, with maps ordered by author, and with screen shots of all the map levels. Now, both Hadberz and Ginette has shut down, but Nojd has merged the two into one huge archive which is now hosted here at AoW Heaven.

Dix’s Custom AoW Maps
Dix makes some of the best XL maps around. Using the “inverted terrain” trick with the editor, his maps are stunning. Not only fun to play, but works of art as well.

Alex Mars Maps and Resources
Alex has made some maps of his own, and also an item collection one can use when creating maps.
He’s collecting all of Lord of the Ring maps he can find too, so I’m sure he’d appreciate an email if you find one he hasn’t got!

Modifications for the Game

Warlock’s Rule Set (Mod Pack)
The primary full sized mod pack to AoW, and what a mod pack it is! The number of changes Warlock has made to the basic game is an incredible list and spans several pages: new units, new spells, new items, new buildings and portraits! Lots of changes to unit statistics and a few patches that make more sense. Make sure you read the installation rules carefully!

Age of Wonders Mods Listing (by LordofMaps)

Hålo’s Realm (Hålo Ruleset)

TCMaps (Curtain Wall & Dungeon Mod Pack)
ffbj has made a mod that changes your city and dungeon maps. Alphax has provided a Map Switcher that makes it easy to switch back and forth between the mod and the original.

Zippy’s Unit Editor Files
Zippy’s editor will let you alter the statistics of game units. This program is very technical and far over my head (which my wife says is filled with fluff), so I’d recommend it for hard-core programmers only. 🙂

Lodoss Wars portraits mod discussion
Lodoss Wars portraits mod discussion, and maybe a portrait mod tool!
Max and Thrash has made a Lodoss Portraits Mod that replaces the hero portraits in the game with portraits from Lodoss Wars. Maybe they will release the tool they made that makes it possible to create your own similar mods for leaders, heroes and units?
Nojd tried a beta version of the tool, and put toghether a shields alternative to the race portraits.
The Portrait Inserter Tool is now available!
When using it, Thrashbarg’s AoW Portraits Collection might be useful.


Official AoW Desktop Theme
A great AoW theme for your Windows desktop (2.7 MB).

Nojd’s AoW Animations
A collection of unit animations by Nojd.

Thrashbarg’s AoW Portraits
A complete collection of all the portraits in AoW. This page will be very useful if/when Max and Thrash releases their portrait tool (see section “Modifications for the Game”).

Age of Wonders Group
A community for playing Age of Wonders, Age of Wonders 2, or Age of Wonders:Shadow Magic, through email or tcp/ip games.


Stratos Group Interview – March 25, 2000
Short Q&A with AoW’s Lead Designer and Director, Lennart Sas.

Adrenaline Vault Interview – June 20, 1999
AoW Designer and Director, Lennart Sas talks about AoW (7 screen shots).

GameSpy Interview – November 1999
Interview with Designer and Director, Lennart Sas (3 screen shots).


GoneGold’s Best of 1999 Award
GoneGold’s Game of the Year – 1999!
“Age of Wonders is simply the best game I have played all year. The attention to detail was obsessive and the balance in game play was brilliant. You could tell hours upon hours of work and craftsmanship went into making this game the best that it could be. Everything from the editor to the campaign felt “finished” within this game. Then the icing on the cake was the Masterpiece that was Multiplayer . Each player able to move their units at the same time and make all necessary adjustments to ones strategies within towns and relationships was done to perfection. It has set the bar for turn based Multiplaying Strategy Gaming and there’s no turning back.”

GameSpy Review – December 27, 1999
In-depth review with many screen shots. Rating: 87/100.

GameSpot Review – December 6, 1999
In-depth review. Rating: 8.6/10.

PC.IGN Review – December 6, 1999
In-depth review, tons of screenshots. Rating: 8.8/10.