Age of Wonders 2 Units

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Halflings Leprechaun
Released - 11/11/01
The Leprechaun is the "special unit" for the Halflings.
It has a new displacement ability making it hard to hit.
Special units are available when you fully upgrade a town.
They are not linked to a city size level as they were in AoW1.
Frostlings Mammoth
Released - 11/11/01
The Mammoth is a level 3 military unit for the Frostlings. It can crush walls. Click here for historical information on the Wooly Mammoth.
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Dark Elves Spider Queen
Released - 10/03/01
Released - 10/03/01
The Pioneer can be built in cities and takes over the functionality of the Builder unit from AoW1. It blazes a trail into new lands and can build entirely new cities where there were none before!
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Female Fire Wizard
Released - 06/28/01

Goblin Wyvern Rider
Released - 06/28/01