Old Screen Shots

World of Wonders

Back in 1996, "World of Wonders" was the "working title" for the game that would eventually be released as "Age of Wonders." Here you can see screenshots of early builds of the game and different artwork for many game features that look more familiar to the final release.  Click on an image to see a larger picture!
Early title screen. Notice the very mean snarl on the Dark Elf's face that would eventually be changed to a brooding frown. Is this even the same game?! LOL! Those Goblin-type units sure do look mean, though!
Very early artwork. Check out that mounted hero! Notice that gold is used here. Triumph would switch to gems, then back to gold for the final release. The large graphic of the life node in the upper right-hand corner would eventually be reduced to a "mini-window" graphic. It's starting to come together! Very familiar graphics but the interface would be completely overhauled.
Early interface for working inside a city. Beta version of the "Realm Management" screen.
Beta Diplomacy Screen. Notice that Gems were originally used instead of Gold. First look at the Map Editor! Look at those teeny, tiny towers!
Check out the Dock and the Poison Spring! Still using gems instead of gold. The water artwork still needs some work. This is pretty much the game as we know it today. However, notice the different "emotion" face for race relations and the Frostling Magician unit defending the city; the unit would eventually be cut from the final release.
An empty Inn. Full Bar, Ready for Business!
The Flower Shire Mission.

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