Lost Structures

These structures and artwork were cut from the final release of the game.

Although the "Lost Structures" below were cut from the final release of the game, most have been brought back in Warlock's Rule-Set, the only known mod pack for Age of Wonders. Get it from the Misc. Downloads Section.

Dragon's Nest
In Warlock's Rule-Set you can fight monsters for magic items, similar to a crypt, in this structure.
This artwork is clearly more Egyptian than the South American pyramid used in the final release. In Warlock's Rule-Set it works like the Crypt, i.e. you fight to find magical items.
Earth Node
Ironically, it looks more like a fire node!
Small Dungeon
Possibly an early version for the larger graphic used in the game's final release. In Warlock's Rule-Set it has the same functionality.
Poison Spring
The poison spring cannot be placed on the map with editor, but a healing spring is transformed into a poison spring when the surround land is turned into "wasteland" by either a death node or the passing of an Undead Reaper.
Mage Towers (Magician Study)
These four structures didn't make it to the final release of the game, but Warlock brought back the the blue one (to the right) in his rule-set. There it works like a dungeon, i.e. you fight to liberate prisoners.
Ruins of Inioc's Court
You can see these graphics in the final scenario of the single-player campaign and the version 1.0 of the map editor that shipped with the game, but they were removed from the patched version of the editor.

Mini-Window Graphics
When you select any structure, a graphic appears in the right-hand window illustrating that structure. Below are two graphics cut from the final release.

Sea Structure
This lost artwork indicates that some sort of underwater structure was contemplated at one time.
Cave Exit
This appears to be early concept art for a cave's mini-window. You can see a Goblin-type creature and something similar to the Azrac Sandworm.

The "Red Dragon" Inn

Way back in 1996, the working title for AOW was "World of Wonders." The early concepts of the game included many more RPG elements than were included in the final release. From the artwork below, it is presumed one could have purchased items from the Inn or possibly "rested" there in order to heal units, or hear "rumors," similar to Baldur's Gate. From the full screen shot below, you can see the "Talk to Rogues" command for "200 Gems." Lennart Sas, lead designer of AOW, had this to say about the Inn:

"The inn was actually used in a German advertisement, they took a screenshot from an old build. Luckily we didn't get
complaints. The inn (as well as some other 'adventure' scenes), originated from the 'World of Wonders' days, but didn't fit with the direction the game had taken after simultaneous turns [were implemented]."

Mini Window Graphic

Overland Map Icon

Interactive Screen
(click image to see a larger version)

Tactical Map Icon



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