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After the Great Falls

Author File Description
File Details
Ruleset: TS Standard Rules
Map Size: X-Large
Playable Races: All
Surface Levels: 3
Difficulty: Hard
Surface Minimap:
Cavern Minimap:
Dungeons Minimap:

Since my favourite map is After the Fall, i decided to tweak it a bit, add some stuff and this is the result.

A huge XL map, with a large amount of objects. All races and starting locations have been rebalanced, so that now there is somwhat of a balance. On the retail map, each time you'd play the map, the same 3 races ruled.

Well now that's changed because most towns are set on 'Random' race, to give each game an unique playing experience.

196 towns on the map, just 9 of them lvl 4, set on 'Random race', with anexed altars, builder guilds and some other nice stuff.

The 3rd level of map special, meaning that you should consider building a very strong army before you go exploring there.

Most regions of the surface levels are water-connected, meaning that you can explore the whole map by ship, ambushing your foes by water, land and air simoultaneously.

The first underground level features 76 towns, plenty of objects and buildings, so controling the underground is an important thing.

It can be played with leaders on very nicely, but for the ultimate gaming experience i recommend leaders off and exploration on.

The description of the map is the same at retail's description, as i felt it well sumarizes what happens on this map.

I remember wasting a lot of time playing this map, as it is very addictive. Each game means a new experience; all races are playable and each time the balance is re-distributed. To be honest, i only finished 1 time. And it was an extremely long game. About 2-3 days :)

The AI, set on CPU Emperor and Explorer is a challenge to all players, new or experts.

Please have fun playing this map as much as i had making it :)
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File Author
sooo..... anyone still alive here? :)
Tomelite Well done, how it take u???????????
File Author
a lot of time :) but i think it's worth it.
Map Design5.0
Great adaption of this old map - that seem to be used for several as inspiration. I think you did a great job at transforming it, and actually wonder if it isn't better your way that the original one.

A little word on having many cities - it is great for game play - it really is! - until your allies turn on you in the end, then it makes for an easy travel to a city you hold nearby their ruler for a swift kill.
File Author
yes well it's all part of the game :p

im happy u played it till ur allies turned their weapons on u. that must have taken u quite a while :p
Nysyarc Playability: 2
Over excessive cities as well as rigged items found in dungeons... change gold cost to 1000 when making a unique, overpowered item.

Balance: 3
Okay, but not any better than the original version.

Creativity: 1
Just added to the original...

Map Design: 1
Same as the original only more...

Story/Instructions: 1
Again.. same story, just more cities, everywhere

Additional Comments:
It wasn't the most fun ever, too easy against A.I. and way too crowded, I don't know how you guys find so many cities fun, there's no need for that much income.

[Edited on 07/03/07 @ 11:25 PM]

File Author
I really dont know what you understand by playability and i am puzzled sice u gave this map a general score of 1.6 and you didnt back it up at all. An explination why u didnt like it? Anything that would make this map better?

The idea was for this map to be a bit different, thus the many cities that are NOT excessive. Many, yes. Excesice, no way. You do get a lot of income later in game but so do your enemies. I really dont know on what difficulty you play this game and the settings that you set on each map but AI is fun to play on it.

As for the balance, your review is incorrect, unjustified. The map is very balanced and it does not end up in the same races being killed at start like in the original version. Again, some more comments from you would have been welcomed.

As for creativity and map design.... i did state from the begining this was just a remake. So, mr dumbass, get ready for a remade version of the original one, dont expect it to be completely different. I think ive altered it enough to make it enjoyable and keep the original structure at the same time. Also, there is a really huge underground area that isnt present on the original version.

I didnt change the story and the instructions because the map is not originally mine and therefore i didnt feel like i had the right to do so.

I have no idea why u gave it such a rating, yes i am stunned. I am sorry you didnt enjoy it, but since you give so little information about what you disliked my opinion is that you just gave it a low rating out of bad intentions or something.I would accept your rating if you would have backed it up. You really didnt find anything good on it? The terrain detail? The strategy needed to conquer the map? Nothing?
Nysyarc Okay, this is nothing personal against you, but to be honest I have briefly played at least 20 of the most downloaded maps and I only enjoyed a few, and for different reasons. Sorry about the whole originality thing but honestly, I shouldn't have to give you a 5 in creativity just because you said it would be a remake... that doesn't make it any more creative.

And what do you mean different? The whole billion cities thing is in countless maps on this site, and we've all made maps with swords that give 8 to all attributes and level 30 heroes with all the immunities guarding four square cities, that's not new.

I'll give you the balance thing, it is better, though only because every race gets like 20 cities to secure themselves in the first few turns. And there really isn't much strategy involved with beating it, at least not any more than there is with other maps..

Anyways I hope that was a better review, I didn't want to go into too many details at first because I get carried away typing. This isn't even close to the worst of the maps I've seen, but it's far from the best at that. Just try making your own map from scratch and at LEAST leave out the rigged items and heroes.. and unless it's been changed in the patch, remember to put the gold value of items way up if you want them to be unqiue, because for people with the original version it goes by gold value as to how hard it is to find... at least that's what I've found through expirementing.

Edit: There, I retracted the rating so your overall went back up on the charts, but please god someone make a normal map just once..

[Edited on 07/03/07 @ 11:26 PM]

File Author
Ok i will be bried on this because im tired of argueing. I consider the fact that most of the 9 4square towns being guarded by altars and having a more strategical location does add to the fun. I am pretty sure this isnt ur average newbie map with excessive towns, considering that the modifications done were editing the terain, changing the whole structure of the map. And adding 2 levels to it.

About the gimped items. The 3rd level was made for those that like doing the so-called 'tourism' before winning the map. By the time you get to hold those items you've probably almost won. The map can be won and most of the time it is won without even exploring the 3rd level. That's why there is no direct entrance to that level of the underground.

And yes, I do have many maps made from scratch.

As for your rating, please add it back. A vote is a vote no matter how i feel about it. But i honestly do think that it's worth more than the 1.6 rating you gave it.

[Edited on 07/04/07 @ 04:46 AM]

Nysyarc No I'm not putting the rating back because I don't care any more, all the maps with ratings that close to 5 are essentially the same thing as this one and so it wouldn't be fair to zero out your map. The only reason you and probably a lot of other people wouldn't agree with my rating is because you're used to everyone on this forum thinking alike, enjoying the exact same style of maps, and so as long as everyone makes that style of maps, everyone gives good ratings and reviews.

Suddenly a new guy shows up and doesn't like that style and so the whole world ends... I'm just saying, different people have different opinions, you like your map and evidently many other people do too. I don't like your map. And I'm sure there are a few people who didn't like it either but they didn't want to speak up because they felt dwarfed by the fact that every map is made like that, and everyone else likes them!

Anyways, this is my last post in this thread, I'm done...
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