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Halfling Wars

Author File Description
Gandalf theWhite
File Details
Ruleset: TS Standard Rules
Map Size: Large
Playable Races: One
Surface Levels: 2
Difficulty: Hard
When Mr. Isengrim Brandybuck announced he would be shortly celebrating his sixty-sixth birthday with a party of special magnificence, there was much talk and excitement in whole Halfling County. However, the excitement decreased significantly when it turned out that only members of the oldest, most respectable families shall be invited - and the disappointment was doubled by the fact that there weren't much good parties in such heavy times. For the times were heavy indeed - after three hundreds of years of peace and prosperity which followed the Human Conquest and the destruction of evil Goblin Empire, the region of Tintagel Sea was endangered by wars, again. The distant Kingdom was in ruins, devastated by bloody civil war which followed the unfit rule of Kevin the Effeminated and finally dealt deadly blow by Orcish invaders. Some Human troops remained in region, but they were no longer capable of protecting it, and their leader, Viceroy Aethelstan started to rule tyrannically and would bleed hobbits dry through taxes. Rumours were told that Goblins, once defeated, restored their realm in deepest caverns; there was almost no communication with Undershire Halflings, and the underground routes, once nearly crowded, has mainly been abandoned. The savage Lizard men multipled in the marshy northern isles, and the war was about to start between Dwarves of the Isle of Gromb and Humans. Nothing strange that guests of Mr. Grandybuck would love to forget about the ,,big politic" and were quite annoyed by the behaviour of their host and his son William, who kept talking about it.
- Oh, come on, Isengrimmie, we're here to have fun! Stop talking this rubbish! - they would say and then go to some other part of Grandybuck's house, to find some less boring people (and, preferably, better food and drink).
The party continued, until it was midnight, at which the tradition would obligate Mr. Grandybuck to make a speech. Everyone gathered in the largest room, and waited for what they expected to be some more or less boring yet necessary part of birthday ceremony of a respectable hobbit. Mr. Gerontius Suckville-Beggins, propably the oldest of all guests, was also the one who paid the least attention to Isengrim's speech. He just sat, watched the fire on fireplace and thought about his long ended youth... Suddenly, he realised that Isengrim wasn't speaking anymore. Instead, the guests were talking - or rather shouting; an incomparable outrage to the tradition!
- ..this is madness! - shouted Otho Marley, wealthy merchant from Michel Buckton - How can we rebel against the King?! That would be an...
- King, King, stop muttering about the King! - cried Richard Grandybuck, Isengrim's elder cousin - Kings were indeed our rightful rulers, but they are no more! It's but the past!
- Well said, father! - Joseph Meaniesly, Richard's son-in-law, would always support him - We must prepare to defend ourselves, or else Lizards and Goblins shall slaughter us! We need to...
-Defend? But how, young man?!- argued Otho - We the Hobbits are peaceful people, we are not capable of fighting! Are you going to send our boys with their slings against trolls, Human knights and other warlike folks? - He pointed Mr. Grandybuck with his hand - Then you are the one who wants to slaughter the Halflingkind!
Most of the halflings shaked their heads and murmured. Otho easily conviced most of them, although Grandybucks and some young hobbits from other families seemed to support Isengrim.
- I see I can't convince you as I planned before - said Isengrim slowly, in lower voice. - But I must get your support... for the County must be saved... and if I can't fulfil my target in usual way... I must do it - he paused and took a deep breath - by force. William!
Suddenly, the doors opened. William Grandybuck, Isengrim's oldest son, entered with five young hobbits. To the astonishment of the guest, they were armed with spears, and William wielded short Hobbit sword.
- My son William, from today Than of Halfling Conty. - said Isengrim - I am sorry to say so, but if you refuse to support our cause, you will be arrested. So, what is your choice?

Three days later, William was commanding an army set of Halfling farmers from all across the Buckton Isle. The fact that all the most respectable families supported the uprising was enough to convice them to join the County's army. From the top of the tower fort situated in the middle of isle, he gazed at his army's camp.
- Willy, at last I've found you! - said a young, short hobbit who has just climbed up the stairs - What are you doing there?
-Barliman! -shouted William - Good to see you - where did you were yesterday? And what business brought you there - has the messenger returned?
- Messenger? Oh, that you've sent to Undershire? No, not any news from Otho Hohenbuck since last week, and the same with the New Delving. That damned troll from Lomerick Isle seems to be growing more and more aggressive. The messenger from Michel Buckton reported that locals are eager to fight, but they have no idea what is goin' on, so they cover and wait for us and the Viceroy to act . Oh, and there's some girl downstairs, she wants to see you.
As William left the tower fort, he saw a young Halfling girl, talking with the swordsman who was on guard at the entrance. Under William's angry look he quickly turned and walked away.
- Hello, cousin - said Priscilla Grandybuck - Guess what I have for you?
- An letter from Rosie, I suppose- replied William - What were you talking about with that guy?
- Oh, nothing... just flirting a bit - She handed him the letter - If you don't mind it, I leave now - I need to be quick to return home before night. Good bye!
- Fare well, then - William put letter into the pocket (,,I'll read it later") and walked to the guard.
- Hey, soldier! - he said in a gentle tone - Nice weather, isn't it?
- Oh... It is, Than.
-Yes, and it should be the same during the night the night - said William angrily - If you enjoy romancing while being on the guard, you should enjoy spending night at guarding the camp as well? And have your equipment prepared - tomorrow we are leaving for Michel Buckton, to defeat Viceroy's army - He turned and left the soldier, to check the fighting readiness of the rest of the army - for the war was about to begin...


This is an slightly RPG-styled scenario for single player. It is pretty hard, but manageable, provided you have some experience in playing AoW. Have fun while playing, and be sure to reviev the map, or at least drop me an e-mail (, I’d really love to know your opinion on my maps.
Settings must be:
Leaders on the map: ON (I may release an version for playing without leaders, if there is enough interest in it)
Customise Leader: OFF
Exploration: ON
Playable race: Halflings

Enjoy playing!
(and remember about revieving map when you finish it!)
AuthorComments & Reviews   ( All | Comments Only | Reviews Only )
Gandalf theWhite
File Author
The map contained an annoying bug causing AoW to crush after exploring a dungoen in TC, but fortunately enough, Engineerd let me know about it (Thanks!), so I updated the map. In current version it was fixed. Enjoy playing!
Gandalf theWhite
File Author
Still willing to get YOUR feedback, folks... Have mercy on a poor mapmaker and please review the scenario that is propably going to be one of the last maps I've designed - I would really, really love to hear about it from you!
Lord Naismith Early Comment:

I just want to say great job in advance already on the story, its a great role-playing introduction, I am brought in smoothly and I almost imagine myself in this world!

I have started the first turn, and I realize that Dwarves are my ally! I was wondering, I am a very big fan of any maps made or goes well for Co-op games, I really am. So my question is, can this map be done in cooperative?

Lord Naismith
Gandalf theWhite
File Author
Great to hear you appreciated the story, milord! I've put a fair amount of work into it, glad that you like it. Speaking of co-operative playing: great idea, but I admit I didn't thought of it while designing the map, Dwarves were meant to be AI player, and I guess that playing them would be too easy (Not to mention they don't have their own storyline). However, it is a great idea indeed - I think I'll just sit before my PC for some good hours, and design a co-op version of the scenario. Thanks a lot for the idea!
Lord Naismith
Map Design5.0
Playability: 4
The playability is good, the map very fun to play. There are enough encounters in the map to make you want to keep playing and seeing what comes next. Even after turn 35, there is still quite a lot to do. As for re-playability, I am not sure there is one at the moment. Once I played it once, there is the option to go back and search out everything, and beat every place and creature, but as for multiplayer replayability, I give this a four for now . Very well done though, fun fun fun! :D

Balance: 5
The balance in-game is very fair. The stacks of AI units and neutrals that are placed to enhance the story are all within reasonable level that your hero character can fight and engage easily. Throughout the whole map I barely encountered units or stacks that I couldn't handle in relation to my growing hero. By the time my defense was 10 and other abilities were beginning to grow, it was pretty much smooth sailing from there. So 5 for balance, there was the teleports that the AI's were given early, but if you keep a decent army back home, and went out and captured certain areas at a certain time, you could probably reduce the threat considerably.

Creativity: 5
In my opinion, I think the creativity here was simply great. The storyline here is nothing related to anything I have ever read before. The terrain matched the areas that signs and bubbles according to the story were. Unique places on the map and many different little side quests placed on the map deserves my 5. I enjoy maps where storyline and RP elements are put together and actually corresponds with events on the map itself. Good job!

Map Design: 5
Map design, I give this a 5 as well. The most important thing I have to say is that the map went hand in hand with the story. Little bits of different areas altered just a slight bit, combined with a signpost and maybe a building or too were placed so that many places were given character and a sense of place. One thing that makes the map unique is the natural atmosphere and location of the map and story. All about Isles and mainly the sea. Smart tunnels that have their own stories are placed near the beginning, and enable the player to explore this world without resorting to starting a navy to get to other places. Very well done.

Story/Instructions: 5
This is where I feel the story shined. This part affected many of the other ratings I put down. With clear a clear background story, you are brought into this world of Gandalf's as you explore and take on little challenges, one at a time. There was one part I find funny, where the whole point was just about fighting a character for his farm. It was underground, and a lone farm meant extra money in the early stages of the game. As you approach, he yells out to you, and then you end up fighting him. Very humorous. I ended up charming him into my army, and he eventually became the farmer who protected the island you originally start on. :D
Story here is one of the best I seen, because not only does it just make you feel like you are right there, but the story actually corresponds with events. One thing they say here really does make you want to do things. Well done mate, well done!

Additional Comments:
Overall great map, I've put you into my personal list of map-makers who I know can make great maps with story lines as well. There is only one small thing that I found popped up during the phase of the game. Once I started to have other heroes upgraded and split apart, I found that the story was hard to limit to your main leader, otherwise it would take too long to finish the story and get to every part of the map. So what ended up happening was that when I had other stacks go on ahead and explore, they ended up triggering the bubbles meant for William. That's ok, I didn't really mind, and I still got the sense of the story, like when I cleverly beat the paladin on the bridge, but then is able to come back later on. I think that was very cleverly said and done. It makes it feel like he was resurrected! But in a fair way. Very good story trick there. Good map Gandalf the White! I may not be good at map-rating and such, but I can tell others will enjoy this map as much as me I hope!

Lord Naismith

[Edited on 01/28/07 @ 01:40 PM]

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Map Design5.0
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