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Age of Wars

Author File Description
Gandalf theWhite
File Details
Ruleset: TS Standard Rules
Map Size: Large
Playable Races: One
Surface Levels: 2
Difficulty: Hard
,,After the great war between the Elves and their dark brethen, Amassid Archipelago and Northarnia (an continent located to the north-west of Archipelago), were conquered by Dark Elves, led by necromancer Nargelth, who proclaimed himself king. Dark Elves enslaved other races and punished cruelly every sign of disloyalty. After a century of being terrorised, Halflings from Malfadoria arisen and called Humans, Azracs and Frostlings to free them from their opressors. The Azracs refused, but Humans and Frostlings invaded Archipelago. Nargelth was slain in battle and many lands were liberated from Dark Elves, but cruel, bloody wars continued for over an century. Elven cities and castles were falling one after one; finally only their capital, Shadowkeep, remained in Elven hands. It fall after four years of siege, and all Dark Elves were slain or banished. Northarnia was settled by Humans (who later fought several wars against Azracs), and Halflings donated Aretell, large island on south, to Frostlings"
- Here you are, Eclo! I knew I'll find you in library - Eclo put down the book which he was reading, stood up and turned to see his uncle, prince Baugi.
- What are you reading? - he asked.
- Julius Fraesar's ,,Of Hobbit War" - answered Eclo.
- Memoirs of first king from our dynasty, and his glorious conquest of Malfadoria? I always...
- Glorious conquest? Our ancestors treacherously attacked their allies Halflings with no declaration of war, like bandits in night! During the war and after it they mercilessly put to the sword many of...
- Oh my God, finish that! - said Baugi in an angrily tone. - I should have remembered that your head is filled with philosopher's prattle! Halflings are rabble! They are not worthy to be citizens of our kingdom, but only to be our slaves! But you, in your foolishness, belive thay should have equal rights that Frostlings have! I can't imagine Empire under your rule...
- ... because you'd rather rule it yourself? Dear uncle - said Eclo - but I am heir to the throne, no matter you like it or not! I hope you understand that.
- Of course, I never... - said Baugi - I know you are...
Suddenly, doors to library opened, and Lizard Formir, captain of the royal guard, entered. He seemed to be shocked by something.
- Lord Eclo... your father died! - he said.
Baugi gazed at his nephew's face, and bowed slowly.

Month after Trosden I died, his son was crowned. From all capital city citizens who cheered at coronation ceremony, none foresaw the coming events that made reign of Eclo II remembered for centuries... Just few days after the coronation, messengers from northern provinces brought ill news:lord Meriadok, Halfling separatist, arrived in Northarnia and proclamed war against all things Frostling. Hobbits have risen, and they already captured many towns, villages and farms. Although Eclo never approved the way in which Frostlings ruled them, he had to fight. Defeating the rebels was the one way to save the Empire which he inherited!
This scenario is a bit difficult (yet way easier than Sacred Lands), but not impossible, so everyone should be able to win it. While playing, be sure to explore every corner of map - you may find some magical items. I put a lot of effort in making this map, and I believe it is one of the best I ever made, so please rate this map or at least send me an e-mail after playing!
Turns: Classic
Leaders on the map: On
Customize leader: Off
Exploration: On
Allied Victory: On
Playable race: Frostlings.
Hero max level: 20
AuthorComments & Reviews   ( All | Comments Only | Reviews Only )
Gandalf theWhite
File Author
Hey folks, if anyone of you have played this map, please reviev it! It's important to me to know how do you find my maps, and this one is now my favourite child, so I'm waiting for your revievs. Thanks in advance!
Gandalf theWhite
File Author
Still waiting for YOUR revievs, mates...
Map Design5.0
Another great map by Gandalf the White!

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Map Design5.0
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