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Tactics Modpack

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Install the mod to your AoW directory. To switch between rulesets use Lord of Maps' Rulechanger. If you don't have Warlock's Rules this will require creating a folder called Ts136 in the folder Release and copying all the files from Release to the new folder.


I wonder how many people will download this thing now AoW2 is out.
If you intend to keep playing AoW1 and even have the previous version of my mod, this is a must (more or less). If you intend to keep on playing AoW1 and don't have any previous versions of my mod I still recommend you download it. But if you don't intend to play AoW1, then ... it's surprising you're reading this in the first place. :)

The mod uses counterunits. Archers (in large groups) are good for killing infantry, infantry is good for killing cavalry, cavalry is good for killing archers, and machines are weak vs fire. There's more, but this should do for the beginning.
The mod also uses a hero class system. A hero or leader can now belong to any of the 3 classes available to every race (hero, wizard, special). In addition there are also a few non-race hero classes (dragons, sphere wizards, the balrog).
If you play the camapaign and chose a custom made character and change the race your leader will be a wizard.
Also combat magic is now cheaper. Generaly 50% cheaper, but there are exceptions.


I'd prefer you contact me at the AoW Heaven Forum ( However, you can also reach me by sending an e-mail to


Version 1.3

This is supposed to be the last version of the Tactics Modpack. I'll fix any reported bugs, but otherwise I'm planing to start on a brand new mod.

Big improvement. Fixed some bugs, added new units (Dwarves have new lvl 4 unit), new places to build them, new hero classes (sphere wizards), new magic system (now each sphere (except cosmos&secret) specialises in one type of spells, which are cheaper (50% in most cases); check the "Sort of strategy guide" (in the "TM text files" folder) for details), made underground terrain available on surface and the other way around (but be careful when you lay it at the border of the map, it may overwrite the border and ruin your map)...
I also made a map that uses all the new units. You can use it to get to know the mod better.

Version 1.2

Fixed some other bugs like the Frostling Shamans 28 movement. Ground based level 3 cavalry now gets Dragon Slaying at gold. Karaghs also get physical immunity.Now also all units should be using the right GFX.

Version 1.1

Unit enchantments no longer "drain" skill points from heroes. (This explains those misterious negative skill points when your hero made a level.)
Edited Reaper Hero gfx.
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Gandalf_1 Hi Lord Dragatus :) // or anyone else out there knowledgable about the tactics modpack

I have downloaded and installed the tactics modpack from, but cannot make it work - the game simply freezes, so I'd like to ask you some questions to see if you can help me:
Does the modpack need special scenarios (not standard ones) to work?
It seems most likely to me that it does, but there are no scenarios included with the modpack. So if it does need special scenarios - do you know if there are any available for download?
It's not possible to use scenarios written for other modpacks to the tactics modpack, is it? Or to use standards scenarios with the tactics modpack?
Actually I'm working on combining 6 different modpacks (warlock, lighthawk, halo, heavenly, tactics, darklord) into one installation file, so they can all be downloaded and installed at once, with scenarios and a rule changer. I needed to make a new rule changer, since the standard one doesn't work in Windows 2000 (the command choice isn't included in windows-script). So for the package to be complete, I hope you can help me to get the tactics modpack working too.

Hoping to hear from you soon.

Yours, Mikkel Kaastrup (Gandalf in Gamespy/ICQ# 5545130)
Email: (best)
or email:
File Author
O_o Oh my ... I could have sworn I already posted a comment about the mod being buggyand non-functional. Oh well, here we go ...

First of all I would like to apologize to the 1000+ people who downloaded the mod. I'm sorry, I really am. I swear I'll upload a patch this weekend, maybe even today, unless I forget or something else comes inbetween.

Anyway, the following has been posted by myself in the Modpacks forum [url],166,,all[/url] more than a year ago:

posted 12-26-02 09:00 AM EDT (US) 54 / 55
I'm working on the bugs and found out the following:

- AoW2 wizard portraits .ILB is missing. This problem can be solved by downloading SmurfHeroes AoW2 wizard portraits from the AoWH misc download section and putingin in the Images/Faces folder

- there are problems with placing cave walls on the surface

- there is a problem concerning the portrait of the Elven hero Jiswyn Treesong. There may also be problems with Jattah the Leper.

- all unit gfx are fine, but there are some problems with the non-race wizard gfx, I suspect the air wizard gfx

That are all the bugs I found (so far). I'm planing to update the mod in January.

posted 01-20-03 05:15 AM EDT (US) 55 / 55
------------------------------------------------------------I thing I've got most of the bugs fixed and will proboably update the mod before the end of the month.

-Jiswyn Treesong portrait: The problem can be fixed by creating a folder called backup (or maybe Backup) in the "Age of Wonders/Images/Faces" directory and putting the file H_Faces.ILB in it. You could also simply wait that I update the mod and download it again.

-Fire Wizard gfx: the files FireSm.ILB and FireSm2.ILB were not in the "Age of Wonders/Images/Units" directory. These files are located in the directory "Age of Wonders/Images/Effects".

I'll have to check the cave walls, but I think this should fix all the problems.

File Author
I kept my promise and just submited a patch for the mod. It should appear here in the miscelanious download section within 24 hours.

Hopefully this will be the last one.

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