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Misc. Downloads » Dragonlance Mod - Final Release

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Dragonlance Mod - Final Release

Author File Description
SirJoseph Final Release.
Please take a moment to look over all of the NEW additions.
Dragonlance : By SirJoseph
This will be my final release of this Mod.
(unless there is enough feed back for additions)

-=Bug Fixes=-
As far as I can tell there are no more bugs :}
here is a list of a few that were fixed.
-Desinging underground maps does not crash the Editor.
-Building Production, all buildings now produce
the correct and working units as they should.

For an example of what this looks like goto....
(image also included in zip file)

1.36 of AOW
No other modifications installed or added.

If you have a previous version of this Mod don't worry,
this will overwrite any and all files.

Not to be used with any other mods.
It has only been tested as a stand alone Mod.

Before unzipping you might want to back up your files if
you ever want to revert back to the original version.
Here are the 3 folders to backup (all are off the root folder).

Just unzip to the main root folder; the zip contains the
sub-folders for easy replacement.
Ex.. unzip to " c:\Program Files\Triumph Studios\Age of Wonders\ "

The race (Halfling) has been changed to "Kenders".
The race (Dark Elf) has been changed to "Drow".
The race (Elf) has been changed to "Silvanesti".

There are a lot of new graphics to be seen in this Mod,
Heroes, Building, Units, Even new tiles can be used now.
Ever wanted to have those castle walls on your map or Lava
above ground? Well now you can, and there is a lot more you
can use to make your maps with as well.

This Mod comes with 2 custom maps for you to try out.
Below is the list of what you will come across.
For a list of Abilities, read "Abilities.txt"

Humans - Sir Gunthar
Undead - Takisis
Drow - Lolth
Silvanesti - Queen Alhana
Dwarves - Derkin Lawgiver
Kender - Balif
Highmen - Kingpriest of Istar
-=Dragon Heroes=-
Gladriend - White Dragon
Githralith - White Dragon
Silvera - Silver Dragon
Nendil - Silver Dragon
Sly - Green Dragon
Anundil - Green Dragon
Pyrite - Gold Dragon
Tinelith - Gold Dragon
Legiombor - Red Dragon
Eowiol - Red Dragon
Sadrieviel - Black Dragon
Elralinde - Black Dragon
Dalamar the Dark - Drow
Ariakas, Dragon Highlord - Undead
Caramon Majere - Human
Drizzt - Drow
Flint FireForge - Dwarves
Goldmoon Princess of Que-Shu - Human
Hadrune - Undead
Kitiara Uth Matar - Human
Laurana the Golden Genral - Silvanesti
Leevoth - Undead
Lord Soth - Undead
Raistlin Majere - Human
Riverwind the Plainsman - Human
Tanis Halfelven - Silvanesti
Tasselhoff Burfoot - Kender
Tika Waylan Majere - Human
Huma Dragonblade - Human
Fizban - NPC Human Wizzard
-=New Building/Unit Graphics=-
( * = New Units )
Spirit Gate
-*Spectral Minions
-Fire Spirit
Wolfs Den
Freezer Factory
Inn of The Last Home
-*Neutral Priest
-*Shadow Servents
-*Red Robe Wizzard
-Human Charlatan
Wizzards Inn
-*Renegade Wizzard
-*Black Robe Wizzard
-*White Robe Wizzard
-*Red Robe Wizzard
High Clerist Tower
-*Evil Priest
-*Neutral Priest
-*Holy Priest
Knight Outpost
-Air Galley
-*Knight of the Crown
-*Knight of the Sword
-*Knight of the Rose
Dragons Lair I
-*Red Dragon
-*Ancient Dragon
-*Gold Dragon
Dragons Lair II
-*Black Dragon
-*Green Dragon
-*Silver Dragon
Dark Cave (Draconians)
-*Mummy II
Great Tomb
-*Mummy II
-Yaka Avatar
Elemental Gate
-Fire Elemental
-Earth Elemental
-Air Elemental
-Water Elemental
Highlord Encampment
-*Dragon Highlord
-Dwarven Balloon
Druids Temple
-Nordic Glow
-Kender Eagle Rider
-Shredder Bolt
-Flame Thrower
UnNamed Tomb
-*Mummy II
-=New or Added Structures=-
Altar of Lightning - with lightning effects
Reflecting Pool
Wizzards House - Buy Spells
-=Eye Candies=-
Hero statue
Flag poll
Open coffen
Floor tiles
Castle walls & Doors
Houses & Shops
Tomb walls
-=Surface Tiles=-
Cavern Dirt
Cavern Rock
-=Underground Tiles=-
-tiles, mountains, trees, etc...
-=New Graphics=-
27 faces to create heroes
12 developer faces
16 Shields,1 sword,1 bag to create Items
Mounted Dragon (for Dragon Highlords)
Mages - Heroe's
Dragons - Heroe's
-=Maps, Single or MultiPlayer=-

Map Name : The Village
Size : Large
Levels : 2
Spheres : 7
Races : 6
Difficulty : Hard (CPU King)

Map Name : Dragonlance
Size : Large
Levels : 3
Spheres : 7
Races : All
Difficulty : Hard (CPU King)
Time Line : 346-383 A.C.

Feel free to contact me if you happen to see any balance
issues, or have any general comments. Also if you have
any ideas that you think might help this mod, post them

AuthorComments   ( All | Comments Only | Reviews Only )
Faruk Well there are bugs...
Lifestealing ability doesn't work for example. Neither does healing. It works when not in a fight, but in the fight : no!!
And a think it would be even better if you added some totoally new units. If it is able though. You know, some units with new portraits and "body". Now that would be cool...

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