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Repent Charlatan! said the CipClop Man

Author File Description
Arctic Wolf
File Details
Ruleset: TS Standard Rules
Map Size: Large
Playable Races: All
Surface Levels: 3
Difficulty: Hard
Repent Charlatan! said the CipClop man
(an Arctic Wolf Story and map)

Quickly the calvary rider galloped down the roadway past the edge of the fair city Glengarry. The fact that his horse was lathering at the mouth did not slow his as he was driven with but one purpose. He must stop the Charlatan before it was too late.

Arriving at the large tent outside the city the rider dismounted and quickly ran inside. The throng of people was impressive as everyone it seemed had come to hear what the charlatan had to say. Surveying the scene the rider saw that the crowd was mesmerized by the speaker at the front.

"Stop," shouted the rider, "Stop and repent your actions!" The people in the throng barely looked at him as he struggled through. "Repent Charlatan!"

The Charlatan looked up. "Here comes the clipclop man," the charlatan said to the crowd. "He wants me to repent. What shall I repent? The Truth that I am about to share?"

"Repent Charlatan!" said the rider! "The truth you tell need not come to pass."

The Charlatan laughed and suddenly music was playing. Trumpets, clarinets, and drums. He looked at the mob of people pressing to hear his every word. "We shall let the people of Glengarry decide," he said above the music. "But what I tell you I shall tell you in song."

The rider tried to press ahead but the crowd would not let him. They were eager for the song of the Charlatan.

(At this point I should note that the charlatan had a voice deep and strong much like the voice of another singer in another dimension. In fact the song was much like this other singer's song except that some of the words were changed. Instead of singing about a Ring of Fire like that other singer sang, the charlatan sang about a Lake of Fire. But other wise the songs were remarkably similar considering of course that they each came from other dimensions.)

The song went like this:

To be Brave; I Challenge You.
To be Strong; and Courageous Too.
You Must Fight; Free Souls from Jails
Search through Ruins; You Must not Fail

But to Find our Heart's Desire
Down you go; to the Lake of Fire

Goblins Wail and Gnash their Teeth
Orcs March forward; full of Deceit!
The Drow heart; filled with Hate
While Undead turn; the land to Waste.

They all March with one Desire
Onward Down; To the Lake of Fire

They all March to the Lake of Fire
Down Down Down;
Though the Flames lift Higher
While it Burns Burns Burns
The Lake Of Fire
The Lake Of Fire

The Elves rush out to raise alarm
They Try Keep; the Land from Harm,
The Dwarves rally, to the Cry
Their World in Peril; they must reply,

They must march; through tunnels dire
Down they go to the Lake of Fire!

Hobbits cower inside their Burroughs
Leave their ploughs; their field unfurrowed
While Highmen gaze into the mire
They too march to the Lake of Fire

They all march to the Lake of Fire
Down Down Down;
Though the Flames raise Higher
While it Burns Burns Burns
The Lake Of Fire
The Lake Of Fire

Lizards spit and Azracs Roarl
With the Frostlings; they charge to War,
I ask you now; no I Implore
Should humans not; reap the spoils of War!

I ask you now; no I Implore
Should humans not; reap the spoils of War!

We shall march to the Lake of Fire
Down Down Down;
Though the Flames reach Higher
While it Burns Burns Burns
The Lake Of Fire
The Lake Of Fire

The calvary rider looked defeated, and the crowd surged forward totally enthralled by the charlatan who had such a fine singing voice. The rider knew that war was upon them. The peace that all races enjoyed would be smashed to dust. Repent Charlatan he thought, Repent! But the Charlatan was looking at him and without thinking the rider moved forward.

The Charlatan gazed at the rider swinging his pendant in his hand. "Repent Clipclop man!" Said the Charlatan. "Repent and join the my cause."

And he did!

Author's note:

The story is just a silly diversion and excuse to combine Harlan Ellison and Johnny Cash in a very strange and twisted way. Ignore it and play this excellent scenario.

The map has been constructed primarily as a "Leaders Off" Mulitiplayer map. However if you are playing with four or more players the game may be played "Leaders On" to speed the game.

All races are available for play. CPU Races can be set to any skill level you desire but CPU Lord will work best for most players. Exploration should be turned on.
Do not Customize your spheres but you may customize your leader as long as Domination, Charm, and Seduce are not added to your skill set and no more that 10 skill points in total are used for attack, defence, life, resistance, and damage. You should not spend more than five points on any of these attributes except damage and only 10 points in total. Each time your leader or heroes level up this rule should apply as well. A final note that you must take into consideration when playing this scenario is that the map has been preset to limit your heroes and leaders to 12 levels. Use them wisely!!

Explore the dungeons and the ruins and most importantly the Magic Circles.
Have Fun!
AuthorComments & Reviews   ( All | Comments Only | Reviews Only )
Daemon Zrat
Map Design5.0
Playability: 5

Extremely playable with smart AI. How Arctic gets the Ai to behave as intellegently as he does when each race is given identical starting stats is a mystery.

Balance: 5
See Above. Although I noticed two small map flaws but see in the forum threads that Arctic plans to fix them soon.

Creativity: 5
Inverted Terrain on all three levels. A good mixture of heroes and items, and I really liked the hero limitations built into the map which made the level three units much more desireable.

Map Design: 5
What can I say, Arctic is at his best. This map is a work of Art. Intricate map with meticulous detail.

Story/Instructions: 4
Story didn't really fit into the map well but as Arctic said it was just a diversion.

Additional Comments:

[Edited on 08/09/05 @ 04:06 PM]

Dan Petersson
Map Design5.0
Playability: 5
The map is very well designed and it offers so many possible different scenarios. The fact that the AI is extremely aggresive and in fact very hard to deal with makes this map a very good challenge.

Balance: 4
Since there is so much water on the map, the lizards have a huge advantage. Apart from that, the map seems very well balanced.

Creativity: 5
The map has a very nice and unique approach. Lots of patches of land, all connected in one huge world on three levels. With the cap on hero levels you will have to play carefully, not counting only on super heroes. Level 4 and level 3 units play a very important role on this map.

Map Design: 5
Wonderful scenery, with very well decorated underground levels too.

Story/Instructions: 4
Amusing and entertaining story that doesn't really match the map, but it was fun reading.

Additional Comments:
As usual, Arctic Wolf has made a wonderful map. There was one little annoying thing though. The AI races play their turns quite slowly so in classic single player and also in PBEM you have to sit and wait for quite some time when the AI races cycle through their turns. All in all, this is a masterpiece. Well done Arctic!
halfling_hobbys wow nice map!! i love it best ive seen since i joined
squnky I downloaded your map,and i don't know how to set some grass, snow, ... under the ground.
How do you do that?

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Map Design5.0
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