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The Apprentice

Author File Description
Arctic Wolf
File Details
Ruleset: TS Standard Rules
Map Size: Medium
Playable Races: All
Surface Levels: 2
Difficulty: Hard
The Apprentice

Here's the deal. I have set up four dummy development companies. Each has been headquartered upon a small piece or real estate on the outskirts of Lakeland Estates. I set up a meeting with a representative of Lakeland County and the meeting went as follows:

'Synopsis of the Meeting with respect to Development Permit for Lakeland Estates.'

Present at the meeting were four land development representatives seeking licence to register said property for the purpose of ownership and development. Meeting is called to order recognizing Stalin Pugh of Landcor Properties.

STALIN PUGH: (Landcor Properties)

As you are well aware chairman, Landcor Properties has prior claim to Lakeland Estates based upon our recent developments on the perimeter at Dusty Earth Estates. We have established a perimeter road into the Estates of Lakeland and duefully request permission to complete our development of the areas of Lakeland.

GENGIS SNEATH: (Westwere Industires)

Cut the crap Stalin. The Prior claim of Westwere Industires to the county of Lakeland is well established by both moral precedent and by law. Westwere Estates indeed was established in conjunction with both legal and political approvals prior to Landcor's claim upon the region known as Lakeland. With all due respect to Landcor Properties, the chair must recognize Westwere Industires' claim as being both prior and legal.

ELVIRA HOAGLAND: (Versa Corporation Holding Company)

While we do recognize the legal precedents to which my esteemed colleague alleges, it is well known that Westwere began their development activities prior to such legal claims being recognized by this chair, you honour. Versa Corporation Holding Company on the other hand made assurances to both the municipal and county authorities that our developments would proceed in accordance with all proper liens and permits being not only guaranteed, but also in place prior to commencement of construction. Our claim to Lakeland estates is therefore in compliance with all applicable regulations and bylaws and must be recognized by the chair.

INSIN SCERE: (Landmark Holdings)

What has been failed to mention by my worthy competitors is that each has neglected completion of the most important component of the Land Development Application Process. The Ecological and Environmental Impact Assessment Study! Only landmark Holdings can assure the chairman the said development of Lakeside Estates poses no threat to the well being of the Lakeland County habitat. Indeed the studies show that the indigenous species of Marshland Frogs will not only be protected by our development but will thrive in the new habitat of the Lakeland City Complex proposed by Landmark.

End of Meeting: (It should be noted that Chairman Gellar Froese of Lakeland Estates understood very little of what was said but not wanting to show his ignorance of such matters shook his head pleasantly,(even though it hurt dreadfully) and wrote the following letter of recommendations to his superiors.

Letter of Recommendation:

As each company with intent to develop Lakeland estates appears to have an equal claim, it is the position of this department that the development of the property be settled the old time-tested method of the Land Grab. This will ensure proper competitive pressures will be exhibited and the County of Lakeland will be properly managed in the most efficient manner!

By accident a copy of the letter reached the residents of Lakeland Estates and the neighbouring communities of Livingston Heights, Appleton Hills, Mangrove Estates, and Crimson Skies. Of course they set up a Citizen Action Committee to resist the development of the Interior regions of Lakeland Estates.

Now it is up to four worthy challengers to wrestle for control of the Lakeland Estates. The Citizen Action Committee must be pacified and the entire development made ready for my annexation.

Signed Daniel Thump

Author's Note:

This map is designed for use as a 'Free For All' map for 4 competitors. The map has been play tested in the PBEM Forum and I would like to thank all participants.

The following settings are applicable for each version of the map.

Leaders Off

Customize Leaders Off

Explore On

Allied Victory On or Off (Depending upon which version)

As a fun diversion play the map with no house rules or not depending upon your preference.
AuthorReviews   ( All | Comments Only | Reviews Only )
Daemon Zrat
Map Design5.0
Pure Fun!!

Extemely original map/story/concept. Text bubbles were very hilarious if you like satire. (I do) I played this on my lan during my lunch hours with several coworkers and the map was quickly the talk of the office. (I work in a city planning office so the satire in the story had a special resonance for us.)

Starting with a dragon to buy and tons of four hex towns nearby was awesome. The Lizards were very tough throughout for us but I enjoyed the challenge. (A couple of co-workers were killed by the CAC rather than by me...heh heh!!)

It is absolutely great that AOW is kept fresh with maps like this.

Map Design5.0
I played the Leaders Off verstion of this map as a 2 player PBEM game, Undead vs Dark Elves. We played two simultaneous games, with reversed races, so I got an excellent opportunity to judge the balance between those two races. It's perfect! :)

There are several alternative ways to get to the opponent, and all the time the Lizards are a deadly threat from the center.

I'm a bit embarassed to admit that I'm not too interested in the story aspect of any map, so I'm a poor judge in this area. But this story is totally different from any other I've seen, and obviously well thought through.

As usual, Arctic Wolf has produced an excellent map! Thanks!

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Map Design5.0
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