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A Battle For Evermore (MP)

Author File Description
Arctic Wolf
File Details
Ruleset: TS Standard Rules
Map Size: X-Large
Playable Races: Some
Surface Levels: 2
Difficulty: Hard
A Battle For Evermore (Multiplayer Version)

Years have passed since the battle at the Valley of Wonders! Julie and Gabriel were slain and an era of darkness began as Inioch waged an Unholy war upon the remnants of the Eleven races. Even the Orcs and Goblins who fought with the Undead were not spared! Indeed Inioch slew even his own son Meandor, and sent Dark Elves as well as True Elves to their graves.

Slowly the Lands lost their lifeforce, and what was green turned black! As the land blackened, even the Undead began to whither and crumble to dust. It was at this time that what remained of the living races sent a plea across the seas to the Elves of Evermore to find a refuge in a new land. Antioch, the leader of the Elves, felt pity in his heart and agreed to provide refuge for the Halflings, Dwarves, and Highmen, but refused to allow the neutral or dark races passage. The Highmen being friends of the Humans balked at the proposal, and vowed to remain behind and die rather than allow the Humans to be left behind. Antioch's heart was not moved by the Highmen stand, for he worried that these rogue races would corrupt his beloved Evermore.

But Alas the neutral races hid their sails in the mists and in secret each sailed to a far corner of the new land. There in secret each plotted to make the land their own.

Authors Note:

A Multiplayer Map.

Please do not customize your leader.
Play with Explore On, Alliances On Or off
Play as Humans, Lizards, Azracs or Frostlings and try to conquer the map.

This map shall return as the final Endmap in my mega campaign 'Shadowmane Spirit Walker" Therefore if you have any problems with it send me comments! Arctic Wolf (
AuthorReviews   ( All | Comments Only | Reviews Only )
Map Design5.0
An interesting map.
Map Design4.0
My settings:
-CPUs set to Emperor/Normal (I used the Map Editor to change the locked races)
-Allied Victory on (but I played not accepting any peace or alliance offers)
-Played as Lizardmen
-Leader was customized, but only to add regeneration and select spheres.

I thought the initial balance of this map was pretty good. The human players would all start on equal footing, though the huge amount of water on this map gives the lizardmen an advantage, especially if Flood is cast.

I like the amount of water on the map, as that gives importance to fielding a navy, which is often an afterthought.

Good use of teleporters. Well placed, not too many, and well connected.

Nicely-themed use of Wizard towers and the spells offered by them.

Treasure sites were too well-defended for the items they yielded. I don’t have a problem with the power level of the items, but lvl 3 and 4 units defending them is a bit much.

I started right off having problems with the dwarves. They defended their 3-hex and 2-hex city peninsula well, and made it difficult for to capture. Artillery was very important here, with all of the giants he had. I also had to deal with marauding gold dragons shortly thereafter, but groups of ballistas were able to scare them away.

The dwarf leader fell very early, but not by my hand. I suspect the elves or halflings toppled him, as they were at war. I would change this so that the dwarves are automatically allied with the other good races. Didn’t make sense for them to be fighting each other, and it took away from the challenge.

The AI neutral races were completely incompetent and did not expand at all, except for a couple of marauding drop ships. Perhaps I should have set their play style to Aggressive or Expander.

The Halfings were tough, and didn’t give in to my invasion. That territory was hotly contested. The Elves, on the other hand, could have trampled me, but they were too passive.

The Undead briefly invaded Evermore, but there was some sort of bug there I think. I observed 3 stacks of heavy undead units (bone horrors, wraiths, cavalry, etc), take a 2-hex town, and then sit in the woods without moving for dozens of turns. Easily 24+ units. There were even undefended resources nearby that they didn’t attack. In fact, this column stopped their movement right next to an elven shipyard, but never took it. When I eventually went underground to finish the Undead, they had left some resource nodes uncaptured even at their start. Something definitely wrong with the AI there.

Flood rocks this map. I cast it in the middle of the game, which isolated the elf and halfling leaders in the middle. I made sure to have a spotter in that area to witness the effects of the spell. The AI doesn’t know how to react to it. They left stacks of units on the coast to die, including some heroes. Hundreds, and I mean *hundreds*, of units perished. It was awesome. The aftermath was several isolated cities and islands that were easy for my liquid form heroes to lay siege to with lightning and ice storms. I don’t know if this vulnerability was intended, because the center island has rivers running through it.

Overall, I really liked this map and the challenge. I see it as a very replayable co-op map, but some tweaks to the AI should be made first, especially to the Undead.
Map Design5.0
Playability: 5
Balance: 5
Creativity: 5
Map Design: 5
Story/Instructions: 5

Ah man, this is the definitive, classic, Arctic Wolf scenario!

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Map Design4.7
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Size:155.63 KB