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Multi Player Maps » Rely upon thy strength

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Rely upon thy strength

Author File Description
The Jerk
File Details
Ruleset: TS Standard Rules
Map Size: Large
Playable Races: Some
Surface Levels: 3
Difficulty: Hard
STORY: In the Realm of Miliaran peace has reigned for a long time and the elves has been able to live side by side with the foul Orcs of the southern steppelands. Now trouble is rising once again as other evil races reach the surface of the world. Hidden for centuries they have been able to grow strong. Strong enough to challange the rulers of the world above. The soulconsuming Dark elves has been sighted on several occasions and goblin spies has made their precense known through their dirty work. The fragile peace has been torn asunder and everyone wants to reign supreme. The elves has for ages relied upon their magic abilities whilst the Orcs rely upon their brute strenth and the abundance of gold in the surrounding mountain ranges. It is time to choose thy tactic and rely upon the strengths of your people...

The playable races are: Goblins, Dark Elves, Orcs and Elves.

My comment: This is a fairly old map I made quite a while ago. I did some tweaking to it recently and I think it plays a lot better now. It will not pass the Verification in the map editor but that is intentional and "fixing" what is "wrong" will make it unbalanced and not as fun to play. The feel of the map will also be somewhat ruined if you customize leaders or play with them off...

This is a map I feel plays good both as a SP and an MP map. It´s a great PBEM map and really lets each player specialize in what the certain race does´ll see what I mean...:)

AuthorReviews   ( All | Comments Only | Reviews Only )
Map Design5.0
This is an excellent map, well worth the download. It makes a great single player and clearly would make a very good multi-player map (I didn't play it multi, but a good look in the editor makes this evident).

The game was fun, what else can I say? I enjoyed playing it right up until the end. It's versatility as a single-/multi- game is very well done.

The races seem very well balanced. There are computer-controlled "pests" that bug each of the playable races. Because the Lizards (who bug the Elves) have swimming and can continually produce units (unlike the neutral "Order of the Light" Highmen forces that teleport in to pester the Goblins and Dark Elves) it seems that the Elves have the worst of it. Also, there are 3 playable Evil races, and only 1 playable Good. Each playable Evil begins with a 4-hex city, Elves only begin with 3-hex. If you play multi-, this may be a problem. In single-, it makes for a fun and challenging map.

The premise is interesting--each race is supposed to Rely Upon the Strength that has been assigned to it. Their are creative touches everywhere that make this map very fun to play. Lots of doodads and beautiful scenery.

Beautiful map design. The surface level is connected islands with plenty of nice "choke points."

Although the story is not outstanding for a single player map, it is one of the best I've ever seen for a multi-player. Not great for SP because it peters out toward the end. I forgot why I was fighting the lizards (they're pirates plundering potential allies) and was given no rewarding text bubble after taking their capital, and other little things like that you come to expect from SP maps. But it really is excellent for a multi-player map. Each playable race has its own text bubbles, its own allies to potentially win, and its own nuisances to deal with. There are beautiful story elements everywhere. (For example, "capturing a life node and recruiting some druids" is not just that, but it is a messenger who tells me of the druid council to the north and the druids who join me in my cause and help me take the life node). You really feel as if you are engaged in a desperate struggle and must win these allies and stop these foes, etc. Story immersion is wonderful.

Arctic Wolf
Map Design5.0

This is I believe only the second ever map I have given a perfect score. The most impressive aspect of this map is the complete lack of symmetry both in layout and starting position for each race. A casual look at the map would give the impression that certain races are completely unplayable, but this is the great deception of the map. Each race has its own unique advantages and any race can be played successfully.

Jerk has worked a great scenario that can be played over and over again from every different starting point. I believe the aim of the map was not so much for tournament play but more for casual multiplay with four or more persons. I have played the scenario many times and enjoyed it completely.

Well done. I consider this scenario to be among the best ever. (For those interested Dix Map "A Journey into Dark" is the only other scenario I have given a perfect score.)
Map Design4.0
Very enjoyable map.
And being only Large and with Leaders On it didn't take weeks to finish.

A well designed that is a joy to explore. Not as pretty as some maps, byt quite strategic. Also quite dynamic thanks to lots of indies popping up. To make it even more dynamic and challenging, make all the factions play on Emperor level. I played as the Elves and the other factions open to human players were too timid at Squire level.

The Elves start with a very strong lvl 28 leader but only a lvl 3 city. The Orcs with an even stronger one (better skills) and a lvl 4 city. The Dark Elves and Goblins start with lvl 14 leaders and a lvl 4 city.

There's lots of custom items to be found, and some heroes to recruit or liberate.
I found the pacing of the map just about perfect. There's lots to do right from the start, but not so much that it's overwhelming.

[Edited on 02/20/22 @ 06:25 PM]

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Map Design4.7
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