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AC1 A Glimmer in the Dark

Author File Description
Arctic Wolf
File Details
Ruleset: TS Standard Rules
Map Size: Medium
Playable Races: One
Surface Levels: 3
Difficulty: Hard

A Glimmer in the Dark
(an Arctic Wolf Map and Story)

Once there was a time when light did not shine. A time when all that was on the land was cold, and all that was below the land was dark. It was a time of fell monsters and vile demons to which the land belonged.

Of Orcs and Goblins there were multitudes, and they swelled in numbers filling the caverns and depths until their numbers began to spill up onto the land above.

Even darker creatures than Orcs and Goblins dwelled in the caverns and depths... Undying soldiers who marched with nary any flesh on their bones; and twisted Dark Elves who watched their brethren across the Lake of Souls with contempt in their hearts.

The dark evil creatures of the caverns and deeps constructed vile spawning pools from which their kind could spring to the surface world and enslave all.

Of Halflings and Elves there were few. These few clung to the land in the south away from the spawning pools where sparse greenery found cause to grow.

Of Dwarves there was but a rumour.....Some said that those Dwarves that lived were trapped in dungeons deep below. Others claimed that all dwarves were driven insane at the hands of the Orcs and now dwelled in a vast drinking hall where only a drunken stupor could ease their hearts.

Of the Highmen there were a few brave souls who marched into the depths to bring order to the dark caverns. They were foolish, but some say that perhaps they found a serene haven deep below.

Of the races of Men, only the Frostlings embraced this world living in peace with Goblins and Orcs. The Humans and Azracs however, lived in slavery with only a few still free to serve their own people. The Champions of these men were imprisoned in jails and dungeons unable to fight for their own people.

Those were ancient times and those times have past. But in their passing lies a forgotten legend. The story of one Halfling who dared to dream of a world bathed in warmth and light. The Dream grew in his heart. But alas... he was only a Halfling. The only warmth he knew was the warmth of his heart, and the only light he knew was the Glimmer of his sword.

But the Halfling was brave and this is his story. The story of the Halfling who brought a Glimmer into the Dark!

Author's Note:

This is designed as a challenge map and is uploaded with the map password protected. It is extremely difficult but not impossible if one thinks logically about the types of units and skills given at the beginning and also the units found in the dungeons and lairs and what their skillsets are. The Story gives clues as to what to expect and what challenges await. For example it should be obvious that the sources of the spawing pools must be found and destroyed.

Design Notes:

Leaders = Off
Do not Customize leader spheres or skills
Max Hero Level = 16
Hero Limit = 3
Alliances = Off
Explore = On
Spheres = 5

Challenge Points:

In the map are buried four items which may be found to increase your point total:

1) The Blue Ring.........................1 pt
2) The Red Ring..........................1 pt
3) The Green Ring ......................1 pt
4) The White Gold Ring............... 2 pts

Also you gain points for how quickly you beat the map:

1) Less than 250 turns ................... 1 pt
2) Less than 150 turns.................... 2 pts
3) Less than 100 turns.................... 3 pts
4) Less than 75 turns.................... 4 pts
5) Less than 60 turns.................... 5 pts
6) Less than 50 turns.................... 6 pts
7) Less than 40 turns.................... 7 pts (No Freaking Way this can be done!!)

Also you can earn 3 points if you choose to play the leaders off version instead of the leaders on version.

Good Luck Everyone and post your results in the forum in the map competitions forum. (P.S. I would appreciate some of the better players posting turn logs do the others can see how you manage and defeat the map)

AuthorReviews   ( All | Comments Only | Reviews Only )
Map Design5.0
It took awhile to figure out what the hints on the map where saying to do. One of them didn't appear to be worht following, but I'll let others struggle to figure that out themselves.

The pressure to go fast added to the challenge.

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Map Design5.0
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