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Sarrodin the Storm Priest (Campaign)

Author File Description
Arctic Wolf
File Details
Ruleset: TS Standard Rules
Map Size: X-Large
Playable Races: One
Surface Levels: 2
Difficulty: Normal
Sarrodinodin the Storm Priest

an Arctic Wolf Campaign!

In a time after the Great Battle, when Meandor was stripped of his title, and Julie ruled the Valley of Wonders, Elves both dark and light once again united in fellowship and lived as one community under one law. A wonderful forest was created in a rocky valley, and a Large Capitol, Myrrodin, was constructed.

The Elves grew in numbers and prospered, and a ruling council was formed to distribute the prosperity amongst all Elves such that as two races they could live as one. It was decreed that Each race should in turn rule the council selecting a new young Prince every one hundred years such that never again would one Elf bear the responsibility of leadership for such a length of time that the leadership would find itself removed from the common Elves.

Twenty five years prior to the ascension the young Prince would be sent to the Isle of Druids in isolation to learn an ancient craft and ready himself for leadership. Indeed it was twenty five years ago that young Sarrodin was sent to the Isle. Now he leads his Royal Procession home to the Rocky Forests of Myrrodin to claim his right as Ruler of all the Elvan nations!

Author's Note:

This is a small campaign built for your enjoyment! The maps are not large (except for the final one) and the story is not full of twists and turns. It is hoped that the maps are pleasantly difficult but not tedious or impossible. Sarrodin's stats have been preset, so please do not change them. He has been given three water spheres to begin, and it is meant for him to keep at least one of them so please only customize the spheres and not Sarrodin's abilities.

Due to the constaints of the Campaign editor, transitionary maps between the main maps have been placed such that new spheres can be opened. I have constructed the campaign such that 11 spheres can be opened instead of 7. These spheres will not appear in your spell book, but the spells they generate will.

Installation Instructions!

1.) Download the file from Heaven games!
2.) Unzip the downloaded file into a new folder called TEMP
3.) Rename Your Campaign folder (found in the Age of Wonders/Scenario Folder) Orig_Camapign
4.) Create a new campaign directory and copy all the files in the Temp/Sarrodin of Myrrodin/Campaign folder into the new campaign folder.
5) Voila! The campaign will now work as either a 'Keepers of the Light' or a 'Cult of Storms' campaign.
6) You may undo the changes simply by renaming the new Campaign folder, Sarrodin Campaign, and renaming Orig_Campaign to Campaign.

Thank You

A Special thank you to Enginerd and Xenobia for generously playtesting the campaign maps and making positive suggestions for improvement!

AuthorComments & Reviews   ( All | Comments Only | Reviews Only )
domhnall4h An enemy Titan; along with everything else; against a handful of Storm Priests is not a "balanced" scenario. You haven't got the troops to fight a single battle and hope to win; and you won't save enough money before your killed, making the first map impossible.
Arctic Wolf
File Author
I don't often like to respond directly to a campaign rating, but the comments made by Domhnall4 are I believe totally misleading! I appreciate the time taken to review the campaign, but I am enormously puzzled.

You start the campaign with a main hero, two storm priests, a dark elf rider, and a nymph. The first city you encounter is set to refuge and gives you a level four hero, another storm priest, and an archer. Another one hex city lies just to the north as well as a mine beside the initial three hex city. Another level two hero set to refuge sits on a pile of gold, near a farm lies near the one hex city. An unguarded altar of lightening is there for the taking, keeping the AI at bay. The ruins are weakly guarded and afford a good artifact. More than enough income is available for the troops, especially as a builders guild and a two hex elf city are encountered before the titan!

The Ai setting is knight meaning the AI will not produce additional units quickly and does not behave agressively.

I am very confused! If this scenario were made easier it wouldn"t be worthwhile. What am I missing here!
Map Design4.0
Done first scenario, and thought the rating here way too low.
Fast game (fast for me.. ;-)), I liked that.
My Balance rating is only 3 because I think my dark elves had kind of a walk over in the begining of the game. I did not make peace with the undead, and so I got my finances going good from start. Had I made peace with them it might have been a different story?
Arctic Wolf
File Author
Thanks Lorcan!!

I hope you will find the second map (actually third as the second map is pure ceremonial) suitably challenging. The campaign gets tougher as you go.
Daemon Zrat
Map Design4.0
I agree with Lorcan that the first rating submitted for this campaign was way too low! I think the author of the rating mistakenly graded the campaign based upon the previously submitted map, 'The Rocky Forests of Myrrodin'. The campaign version of that map is far superior as are the rest of the maps in the campaign.

The campaign starts out easy with the first map and the ritual maps are all just one turn nuisances (I realize that they are neccessary to open new spheres). But the main maps are very solid, well balanced, with tough but not impossible victories. My favourite map is 'Sarrodin and the Black Knights' and I hope it is released as a Single player map. The last map is also very good, but maybe a little long in that all twelve races are featured.

I deducted a minor score for creativity and map design as the Author admits to reusing original maps from the original game to create some of the maps for the campaign, although to be honest I didn't recognize a single map from the original game.

The campaign kind of left me hoping for more, which is I guess a good thing! Well Done Arctic Wolf!!
torax Good one. I will not rate it until i have played Mists of Time (arrived there last night, wont be able to play until next weekend) But from what i have seen this far its going to be a high rate for everything. Liked the subquests and the small fast maps. God fun. Best aow-joke this year: 2 defense frostling hero with Path of Decay, and you HAVE to keep the guy... :-D
As always: Thanks for your effort Arctic!
Map Design5.0
After replaying (and replaying, and replaying); I realized I was off on my earlier post. I still have a titan coming by and eating me; but at least I can kill his buddies. Ignoring the difficulty; the map is beautiful. Every hex it seems is detailed. The items and heroes are unique; not straight-out-of-the-motor pistons and rods. That alone makes it worth a look actually. Story is entertaining; and makes you wonder whats next. The only thing is I still find the Titan too much for everything I've got; and even with Myrrodin; and the troops there; I lack the firepower to hold my ground against the highmen alone. This requires tactics far beyond what I know; apparently.
Map Design5.0
I really enjoyed this campaign. I look foward to a new adventure soon.
Gandalf theWhite
Map Design4.0
Another great campaign by Arctic Wolf! ,,Sarrodin..." is very good, it has fine maps with interesting terrain, and the story is a masterpiece (especially the end - it's great!). However, it has two disadvantages: first, it is too hard to be desripted as ,,created [...] for enjoyment",but not as hard as many people say; second, the victory conditions are too simple - just ,,kill'em all", after second missions it becames boring.
Well, ,,Sarrodin..." may be better, but it is very good, so I'm waiting for next Arctic Wolf campaign (,,Goblin War Drums")
Gandalf the White

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