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Ziggurat Engine Mod

Author File Description
Ziggurat Mason This mod combines ruleset changes with the new hex editing capabilities we have thanks to And G - which far exceed in scope what Warlock was able to achieve decades ago. In this sense, only AoW+, AoWx, and Evolved are peers to this mod.

CHANGELOG: (contains a database of most TS1.36 data points for side by side comparison)

To install, simply copy-paste the contents of this folder into your Age of Wonders directory, overwriting the original versions of the various files. You might want to copy-paste your entire age of wonders directory elsewhere first as a backup.

The main changes are:

-Halving of most income sources: this is to make tier3 and tier4 units effectively more expensive without running into the 255 gold hardcoded cost limit. Many costs were reduced in compensation for this, such as hero/unit upkeep, upgrade costs, some unit costs, etc.
-Unit gold upkeep formula from 4/6/8/10 to 2/4/6/8: effectively the same for tier1 units, but higher for higher tier units.

-Spellcasting grants more mana and casting points per level, while DEF is far more expensive to level. Heroes can become more powerful than ever before, but it takes longer to get there and reaching 10 DEF is very hard - becoming fast, high HP, Spellcasting V, ranged attack etc, is easier.

-Archery, Hurl Stones, and Poison Darts had their ATK reduced by 1: ranged unit spam no longer dominates PBEMs but remains an option.

-Underpowered attacks like Invoke Death and Doom Gaze were buffed.
-All spells have been made cheaper and easier to research, but some have also had their ATK/DAM values changed.

-Almost all units had some kind of stat and ability change. A small number have been renamed. I tried to make sure that every unit played a unique role, was thematically appropriate, and was balanced - with gameplay uniqueness coming first. Some unit reworks will surprise you!

-Race relations have a lot more wary and Neutral, and a lot less Polite and Hostile relationships. For example, Dark Elves and Humans hate each other as the lore demands.

-Units only take 1 turn to install

-Each race has racial abilities, generally gained at gold medal and built into their heroes. Orcs have Round Attack, for example.

-Smaller cities cost a lot less to upgrade - it's now 50 gold for 2-hexers, 100 for 3-hexers, 150 gold for 4-hexers, taking 1/2/3 turns to complete.

-Vision has been reduced by 1 point for units, and 2 points for farms/nodes/mines. Concealed units won't be detected if they stand next to buildings other than guilds and shipyards and they can hide in any forest, even sparse trees and giant toadstools.

-Silver Medal and Gold Medal each grant +1ATK/+1RES/+2HP, instead of +1ATK/+1DEF/+1HP followed by +1DAM/+1RES/+1HP. So medals are more useful on low tier and less useful on high tier.
-Morale now has a bigger effect on RES, including +1 RES at perfect morale, but a smaller negative impact on DEF.
-Leadership now grants +1 ATK and +1 DEF, and some units like the FirstBorn and the Yaka Avatar have Leadership. All leaders have leadership by default.
-unit stats can now go above 10, if you have enough buffs on them.

-Ongoing writing of expanded and reworked unit lore descriptions.

Thanks go to the following people:
And G for sharing his extensive hex editing knowledge. And for making AoW+ mod and starting a big discussion of modding ideas on GoG a while back..
Codyksyp and IniochReborn for being my fellow disciples of And G, as for making their own mods Evolved and AoWx; we've all stolen ideas from each other.
Lagi for some improved/fixed unit and city graphics
Thirsk and other older modders whose unit graphics I may or may not have appropriated without checking where exactly they came from (sorry).

contact me at
discord server
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Dulcinea Unit upkeep on the tiers alone make the game much more functional with broader decisions. The spell/hero leveling changes do the same.

Loving it so far!

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