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Ziggurat Engine Mod

Author File Description
Ziggurat Mason CHANGELOG: (contains a database of most TS1.36 data points for side by side comparison)

To install, simply copy-paste the contents of this folder into your Age of Wonders directory, overwriting the original versions of the various files. You might want to copy-paste your entire age of wonders directory elsewhere first as a backup. If on Steam or GoG, you can always use "verify installation" to revert to vanilla.

The mod has three goals, listed in order of importance.
1 - Gameplay diversity: more variety in abilities, spells, unit stats, etc.
2 - Theme: there are graphical reworks (in the style of the original game), but also new lore writing for unit card description.
3 - Balance: this mod is used for PBEM multiplayer so any units or other things that are OP or underpowered get adjusted - but not by nerfing their strong points or buffing their weak points...

A few example changes are:
-DEF levelup is now very expensive for heroes, while Spellcasting gives more casting points than before and many spells are cheaper or more powerful.
-Three reworked ranged abilities:
Flame Throwing became Witchfire Blast (lightning/poison/death damage, used by the Spdier Queen and a couple of other units)
Shoot Black Javelin became Throw Javelin (a 4/4 attack used by some mundane soldier units like the newly-added Frostling Frakkaman)
And Shoot Bolt, used by ballistas (with marksmanship) but also by the new Dwarf Crossbowman unit.

-Leadership now grants +1 ATK and +1 DEF, and some units like the FirstBorn and the Yaka Avatar have Leadership. All leaders have leadership by default.
-Race relations have a lot more Wary and Neutral relationships, and a lot less Polite and Hostile. For example, Dark Elves and Humans hate each other as the lore demands.
-Smaller cities are cheaper and faster to upgrade.
-Summons are cheap to cast but cost high upkeep - you don't want to keep them around permanently.
-Medal stat bonuses give more ATK and HP, but no DEF, helping experienced low-tier units fight high-tier
-Almost all units had some kind of stat and ability change. Some have been totally reworked and other are brand new, with gameplay uniqueness coming first.
Some unit reworks will surprise you!
-Units only take 1 turn to install
-Each race has racial abilities, generally gained at gold medal and built into their heroes. Orcs have Round Attack, for example.
-Vision has been reduced by 1 point for units, and 2 points for farms/nodes/mines. Concealed units won't be detected if they stand next to buildings other than guilds and shipyards and they can hide in any forest, even sparse trees and giant toadstools. But all priests/cleric/shamans have True Seeing.
-unit stats can now go above 10, if you have enough buffs on them.

Thanks go to the following people:
And G for creating the modern hex editing mod scene, starting with his own AoW+ mod. And for teaching us how to hex edit.
Codyksyp and IniochReborn for being my fellow disciples of And G, and for making their own mods Evolved and AoWx; we've all stolen ideas from each other.
Lagi for the new unit graphics, as well as some other graphical upgrades.
Thirsk and other older modders whose unit graphics I may or may not have appropriated without checking where exactly they came from (sorry).

contact me at
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Dulcinea Unit upkeep on the tiers alone make the game much more functional with broader decisions. The spell/hero leveling changes do the same.

Loving it so far!
A beautiful mod i use for all my live and PBEM games. Updated regularly and constantly being improved upon. One of my favorite changes in Ziggurat is installing units only takes one turn. But there is many other changes thanks for the mod!
I wanted to say that this mod is very good. I would like the author to add new units and graphics to game, as in the Age of Wonders Enhanced. Thank you very much. PS. I don't like the sound when clicking on the city.

[Edited on 09/05/21 @ 07:22 AM]

TalonThorn It’s great to see this game and version is still alive. Has always been my favorite version — right alongside Master of Magic.

I’ll be trying out this mood. Thanks, and I hope the contest goes well.

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