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Age of Wonders X

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IniochReborn Current version: 1.37.225 (updated December 7th 2022)

***Game language (via AoWSetup) must be changed from Auto to English to avoid bugs.***


Age of Wonders X is an engine modpack, built upon AoW+ engine files which were used as a template for my own hex editing. It introduces tasteful new content, while retaining the unique atmosphere and timeless charm of the original Age of Wonders. It is first and foremost the collaborative effort of three veteran players to develop a more diverse meta-game for competitive LAN multiplayer, but also includes a custom campaign and challenge mode.

"A Human Perspective", a canon-inspired custom campaign, is played via the Keepers campaign. There are eight different endings, each ranging from 17 to 20 scenarios in length.

"Challenge Mode" is played via the Cult of Storms campaign. It is a series of difficult challenges intended for only the most experienced players. There are 7 challenge scenarios in total. Can you hope to complete them all and challenge The Group of Three?


Please see full changelog here.

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File Author

[Edited on 06/08/21 @ 10:42 PM]

File Author
Update v1.37.116 is out. Changes are as follows:

- HP cost 10 bug fix
- MP cost 3 bug fix
- Charm / Dominate cost revised
- Heroes bugfix (some heroes had negative skill points when leveling up)

Things I'm looking into for next update:
- Lifestealing defensive hits
- Lifestealing Round Attack hits
- Leadership in general
Dulcinea Been messing around with this modpack for a few days now, absolutely love it and I'm psyched there's still people working on this game! Mods like this make so much better use of unit leveling though the added inherits and do a MUCH better job distinguishing units from each other. 5/5!

I do have a couple questions though:

1. For some reason the level 50 cap for the heroes doesn't seem to be functional, and for that reason I'm wondering if there's other hex-edited changes I'm not seeing with my download. Any idea how I can fix that?

2. Have you considered raising unit levels along with the raise to hero levels you implemented?

Appreciate any responses you can give!
Ziggurat Mason I think the hero max level cap was never fully implemented. IniochReborn found a part of the code that dealt with it, and raised the number there from 30 to 50. However, it appears that changing the code in that place wasn't enough.

Adding another unit level is impossible I think. We can only tweak existing mechanics or re-implement half-existing mechanics, but no framework exists for a third unit level.

[Edited on 01/29/21 @ 07:27 PM]

File Author
Hey Dulcinea, thanks for the feedback and glad to hear you like it! Sorry for the late reply; as Ziggurat Mason suggested, the level change simply didn't work. We may one day figure it out but for now, it is non-functional and an upcoming changelog will reflect it.

I've actually been working on custom campaigns lately. Both Keeper and Cult campaigns will be from the Human perspective, with multiple endings and race selections for each side. The new Human / Keeper campaign will be included in the next update, while the new "Cult" campaign will likely be awhile longer. (It won't really be a Cult campaign since Dark Elves would never ally with Humans, just more of a destructive/evil storyline that at best may have some choices that lead to being manipulated by Dark Elves.)

There will also be a couple mostly minor balance tweaks in the next update, though a more noticeable change will be spell summons (or at least Great Eagles).
File Author
Version 1.37.202 uploaded.

Bugfix for custom campaign.

EDIT: version 1.37.203 uploaded
- another bugfix

[Edited on 04/25/21 @ 02:13 PM]

File Author
Version 1.37.204 uploaded
- bugfix / typo corrections

Let me know if any further oversights are found, I believe I've now eliminated all major bugs.
Vashra Just finished playing through all current endings in the new campaign, and I must say, I am very impressed. it makes me wish custom campaigns ever really took off in later games. the difficulty, especially in maps from the base game, in particular the first few maps leading up to and just after the keepers, get a lot easier than I feel they should, with only one enemy with few starting forces. but I understand the desire to not edit them too much. all in all, my biggest difficulty was simply affording my army in the mid game, which is most likely my fault for my strategy of "Make a squad of myself and 7 heroes, then steamroll." overall review 5/5. loved this modpack, and I'll be anxiously waiting for the next path or two in the campaign. One question though, in the Isles map, right before you meet with Julia, are you supposed to be able to recruit her and Elric? I saw their city was neutral, walked over and they offered to join me for 0 gold. it was a bit odd when I then killed them in the undead campaign, and abandoned them in the highmen campaign.
File Author
Thanks Vashra for playing my campaign and I appreciate the feedback! I've revised some scenario difficulties, most heavily from mid-game onwards as it did become too easy. I've also revised passive gold income to help with affording upkeep upon starting new scenarios.

Yeah, Princess Julia and Elric joining you at Aldor was definitely not intentional haha, not sure how I missed that. There's now a Reflecting Pool that gives you a glimpse at them dwelling below the city. Independent friendly units will join the player for free in this mod, but I hadn't realized that it negated the "Guard" AI behaviour for Heroes.

It'll probably be awhile longer for the other endings, I just haven't had time lately to really bunker down and do it. And I also haven't found enough maps to fit my vision for them, so I'll have to make at least a couple custom maps. But in time I will get it done! lol

Edit: I've now completed the scenarios for two more endings, though I still need to do all the campaign writing etc before uploading. Still planning on adding at least two more on top of that, for a total of at least four more endings.

[Edited on 07/25/21 @ 09:58 PM]

Mon40k Great mod! Having a lot of fun with it so far!
The enhancements you've put on the custom usable items don't work though. The passive effects work only on equippable items, so for example if you have a bow useable item with Archery and Marksmanship 4, the Marksmanship buff will not work because it's a usable, non-equippable weapon.
I just noticed this during my playtrough and thought I'd let you know.
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