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The Fall of Meteor

Author File Description
File Details
Ruleset: TS Standard Rules
Map Size: X-Large
Playable Races: All
Surface Levels: 3
Difficulty: Impossible
Surface Minimap:
Cavern Minimap:
Dungeons Minimap:
Hope you will enjoy it =)
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Mac_Biodiesel So far, playing as Dwarves and find this map interesting. However, turn times for Elves and Halflings are extremely short (~1 second), which makes me suspicious that they are not well balanced. All AI is CPU Emperor and Aggressor.

I've noticed a couple issues:

1. Leaders have generic names like "Lizard" and "High men", which is kind of boring.

2. No spheres or XP points are allocated by default. I customized my leader, so it wasn't an issue, but makes me wonder if that might cause problems.

3. Cities are not named at 33:109 level 0 and 34:87 level 1. Also 46:92 levl 0.

4. Cities in the undergound Elven forest (near center of map) are not named, either.

5. A ruins near the Azrac start is already explored.

[Edited on 04/02/14 @ 12:36 PM]

Map Design4.0
Race: Dwarves
Leaders On
Customize Leaders On
Exploration On
Allied Victory On
AI - CPU Emperors and Aggressor

Completed the game in 60 turns. The turns took a long time, due to the ton of ground to cover and the hordes of units you end up producing.

I killed the Undead leader fairly early. And Azrac and Goblin soon after. The other leaders took me a long time to locate. Things move slowly underground, and vision is limited. Next time I'll play as Goblins so I can gleefully abuse my enemies underground with beetles. Seriously, they'll rock on this map.

Resources were plentiful, but with all the cities to produce with, my bank account was usually zeroed out every turn, which is good. I was overstocked on mana, however, even with the AI casting Power Leak. I was able to get Earth Mastery out mid-game, which made my hordes brutal.

Playability: 4
This was a fun map, but very slow. Sometimes it would take me 20-30 minutes to complete my turn. There is a lot to see and do on this map, which increases its playability.

Balance: 3
Doesn't seem too bad. Judging from how quickly the different AI races completed their turns, and how far they expanded before they died, I'd say that the Elves and Halflings are at a big disadvantage. For the first 15 turns or so, the Elf and Halfling turns took ~1 second each, compared to the ~30 seconds of most of the other AI. The Frostlings, Dark Elves, and Highmen were very powerful, relative to the other AI races. The Elves were the last race I conquered to end the game, but they had not expanded at all, and just had a ton of units around themselves. I'm pretty sure I had set them to be Aggressor, too.

While there are some ruins to explore, they don't yield all-powerful items, which means you have to work to level up your hero.

Creativity: 4
Lots of nice nuggets hidden in here. I dinged the creativity because several cities are not named, and at least one ruins was already explored. I like it when there are rewards for tunneling, as long as normal lvl 1 units can see that the reward is there while scouting (otherwise the player never knows its there without getting a unit with Night Vision). For the most part, this was done well.

Speaking of Night Vision, I'm a proponent of giving any race that starts underground a starting hero/leader with Night Vision or Cave Crawling, if that race isn't meant to be underground. For example, the Orcs and Undead should have a Night Vision hero, but Dwarves should not (they have cave crawling).

Map Design: 4
I'm not a fan of massive underground networks and teleporters. This is because I suck at them. My spatial awareness is terrible, and this map just about made me dizzy with how many times you could change levels and snake around the caverns and depths. I'd try to block off flanks and chokepoints with guard units, but I'd always miss an approach and end up with enemy scouts infiltrating my borders. Even with the mini-map, I had a hell of time remembering where my units were geographically, in relation to the rest of the map.

I can tell this took a lot of work. Well done!

Story/Instructions: 4
I don't have much to say here. Maybe message bubbles in the special areas?

Additional Comments:
The center are of the surface (with all the wasteland and undead), was perhaps too well guarded. I loathe seeing my stack of 8 units get obliterated by single surprise wraith. It's amusing to see the same thing happen to the AI, though, so I guess it evens out. Still, I might confine the wraiths only to the middle of that area, and not allow them to go outside the ring of mountains.

No alliances were formed in this game, strangely. The Halflings declared war on me on sight, but eventually sued for peace. I offered alliance to all the good races, but they foolishly declined.

[Edited on 05/21/14 @ 05:09 PM]

Map Design2.0
This maps biggest problem is that it's extremely unbalanced. Try comparing for example the dark elves who have to travel forever to find anything to conquer and the lizards who are surrounded by juicy targets. The map is quite pretty but in terms of playability the distances between the interesting stuff are too long for my taste. Also the leaders are unnamed. A more substantial problem is that there are empty dungeons which is extremely annoying.
Mac_Biodiesel Yes, I'm replaying right now as the Elves - it's a HUGE difference than my experience with the Dwarves. By turn 15, I'm in control of most of the Northern and Central parts of the map. It was quick and easy to expand. Races that start underground need a lot more help on this map.

Also, the author should run the "Map Validator" function in the editor. There are a few teleporters that go nowhere, and several unnamed cities. The validator reports the exact coordinates, so it's easy to fix.

From a single-player perspective, the map is workable as long as the human player starts underground.
Map Design4.0
Playability: 5
Too many water monsters to even build a boat, reduce by 2/3.

Balance: 4
Works well for single player starting underground.

Creativity: 4
Liked meteor crater. Good original feature. Farms taken by desert was cool feature.

Map Design: 4
Not bad. Lots of wasted space underground. Way too much magic, needs to be cut in half. You can eliminate AI players by simply flying to lightning alter and repeatedly zapping the city with tons of excess magic points. Needs more hard prisons with 3 or 4th level leaders in them. Didnt get the point of the poison mazes; too many teleporters and no appearent exits but treasure was nice!

Story/Instructions: 3
Just have fun with backstory. Even silly better than nothing.

Additional Comments: Good effort, definitely worth playing. cut magic, water monsters, add prisons and some miniquests and you could have another Return of the Dreadlords!

[Edited on 01/07/17 @ 03:45 PM]

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