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Ruleset: TS Standard Rules
Map Size: X-Large
Playable Races: Some
Surface Levels: 2
Difficulty: Normal
'In the North of the world, there is chaos. A great necromancer seeks to unite North Omera under his banner. The Elven Republic seeks to expand its borders far beyond the ancestral islands. In Gondowan, a Frostling King has taken the crown in Pearl and desires expansion. Far to the east, the Staarmen in Frostica hungrily eye the independent lands beyond their borders, while the Storm leaders in Sallijah wish to do the same! In the South, the Lizards stop fighting each other and turn to new foes, the Omerans wish to create a theocracy and the great nations of Lacour and Kalousa may well war over the Channel again. Welcome to Necut'!

I'm uploading this as it was meant to be played, not to languish on my hard drive. The map was created sometime between 2010-2011 on my old laptop. The hero folder was lost, alas, so I have defaults. Also the story is included above, not in the file. I have another, more recent edition from 2012 on my new laptop that I hope to upload someday soon, maybe over the summer.

This map somewhat anachronistic in hindsight; I have since changed the history of the world a fair bit. Perhaps the next map will come with a standard 'starter' version with one city and a few units etc and another version with large empires and plenty of fluff! Anyway, enjoy.
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Mac_Biodiesel Just finished playing it. I was Frostlings, leaders on, no allied victory, explore on.

Nice map, but definitely needs a few tweaks. Several of the ruins/caves/dungeons were marked as "Explored" before I even touched them. I checked in the editor, and at least one had the User Defined radio button selected, but nothing actually defined.

I thought the Lizards were placed relatively too far away from everyone else for their start. Compare to how the Azracs and Humans start right next to each other (even though across the water). I would cut/paste that Lizard start city up closer to the water, and drop some other towns in its place. The lizard as the last king I needed to kill, and it took some time to locate him.

Frostling economy is a little rough at the start, due to the wasteland around towns and farms. Fortunately, I chose a life sphere and was able to rejuvenate some of that land.

A lot of independent critters were in the mountains and set to "Guard", when I think you probably intended for them to "Guard Area". I was scared by the all the dragons at first, until I realized they wouldn't budge to attack me.

AI decisions for alliance offers often puzzle me. I'd like to know the algorithms there. As the Frostlings, I had both Undead and Highmen offering peace to me, while the Azracs declared war on me on sight. Dark Elves also offered peace, but declared war on Undead immediately.
File Author
Thanks for the feedback! That was my second most recent update of my rpg homebrew gameworld-turned AoW map. I made another one in 2012 that is slightly more updated but may release another one in 2015 with the most recent updates.

It appears I only made a few powerful items that I placed in specific places, with all the others deleted. That might explain the lack of random items. Necut 2012 (the more recent edition, currently unreleased) has an item for every picture in the editor, mostly low-medium power.

I deliberately set the dragons to guard, it was something I have seen in some other maps to add a bit of detail to the mountains... maybe next time I will make some of them guard area instead :P

Necut 2012 has an Undead player and a Halfling player added near the Lizards, who are in the same place. They tend to end up crossing the central ocean no matter what, sometimes even getting a nice foothold elsewhere. 7 players are in the West and 5 in the East; the Frostling player is in the same place and has less wasteland tiles ;)

I have noticed that - I often playtest as the Elves first out of habit and the Undead often offer peace; I have a feeling it may have something to do with their 'Pure Evil' status, similar to the Highmen. As they have more wars declared they tend to offer peace to anyone who will accept, not sure of the mechanics really.

I have read your feedback once or twice before but was too busy to respond; now that I am out of college I have huge amounts of free time and having recently bought AoW on Steam I can play whenever. I will release more maps soon hopefully, it's always a joy to create them. Thanks again for the feedback!

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