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From north

Author File Description
File Details
Ruleset: TS Standard Rules
Map Size: Medium
Playable Races: Some
Surface Levels: 3
Difficulty: Normal
I played AoW first in 2002, but over the years I've lost connection to some of my friends who played AoW and other fantasy games.

In february 2008 I rediscovered the game and began to play a bit (alone against the cpu).
Soon I've got bored and searched the internet for maps and stuff, so I've found AoW Heaven!

This map is for the summer map making competition. I hope I do everything right (is this the correct catergory?)
My English still sucks and I don't get all the informations out of the competition rules text.
Sorry if I'm mistaken :/

About the map:

For many years the Humans of the northlands lived in their realm. They were unaware of other races or enemies and so they were not prepared, when the Frostling King came with his armies from the north and cursed the Human land into a frozen wasteland.

After many decades of war the Humans defeated the Frostlings and began to search for a new homeland.

Well thats it so far. I hope you like it.
The map is some years old, I changed some things to give it more atmosphere, balance and things like this.

- Playable races are Humans only!
- Dwarves, Elves, Goblins and Orcs exists too
but should not be played.

(Because I only made the story for the Humans... otherwise it's quite unbalanced and it isn't fun).

- Design leader must be off
- Choose allied victory
(or whats called in English?)

I've made the map with version 1.0 (it's old as I said) and it's using terrain inversion.

well thats it! :>

AuthorComments & Reviews   ( All | Comments Only | Reviews Only )
Ithiel Arcadion
Map Design5.0
Playability: 4
No unpleasant surprises impassable rivers or mountains. The map is big and there is plenty of time to develop from everyone. Maybe a bit too much time. It took me some ~15 rounds of rapid expanding till I saw the first enemy unit.

Balance: 4
The map was never becoming too hard. I would rather give it an easy rating as there was no real obstracle. I merely ran over the map not facing heavy resistance anywhere. On one hand this is partly due to the map being very big for the given amount of enemies. Large parts of it where unconquered till I got there in the lategame. On the other hand the KI being fixed to Lord is responsible too.

Creativity: 5
The maps structure seemed to be very good worked out and made me go through. The little bit of information you get about the locations and thier histroy where very funny. Sadly that got less the more you come to the south of the map.

Map Design: 5
What can I say? It looks absolutely gorgeous. One of the best designs I have seen so far. All three layers look awesome and must have taken hours. There are no boring or empty parts. Little goodies like defending random troops doing fallouts where cool too. I really liked what you have done there!

Story/Instructions: 5
Did I mention vast amounts of textmessages telling the story of a kingdom brought to its knees and his last survivors expedition to find a new home already? Yes? Maybe because it was so good, I couldn't hold back till coming to the sections it belongs into!
Nice work. If you would have placed as many messages on the whole map as you did on the upper 1/3 I would give you 6 points :P

You are good! Don't stop making maps pls! I hope you will try to build a harder map in the future. You have at least one to play the map for sure. Me! :)
File Author
Thank you very much!
Indeed the map has took me a lot of work, even when I resurrected it from my old hardrive, I changed a lot.

I started to make a second map, a sequel.
from north to south.
The map is bigger, too big I think, I worked on many places on the map instead at a certain place... and that's always the reason why most of my old maps are not good, the lack of detail and terrain quality.

But thanks to your comment I know, that the things I have changed were right, and I will try to do the same things to my future maps, hoping that they will get the same atmosphere.
If I find the time to do so my next map will be finished in 2008.

Again I thank you for your feedback, and your time you sacrified for playing, I hoped there would be someone who would like the map! :D

Map Design5.0
Playability: 4
Good gameplay, although it starts off a bit slow and there isn't much to do for a while except explore if you offer peace to the Elves. You also cannot see the Orcs or Dwarves for a LONG time.

Balance: 4
Pretty balanced, but I noticed the Dwarves didn't start off as well as anyone else, and the Elves, in my opinion, were too well off, unless that was done on purpose.

Creativity: 5
Very creative, with the story and map design.

Map Design: 5
Very well done. The terrain looks great, and the cities and places are placed well.

Story/Instructions: 5
Very creative, good backround story, and very good use of the tutorial messages.

Additional Comments:
I liked it overall, so I give it a 4.6 in total. In one quick sentence, "I enjoyed this level alot."

[Edited on 10/11/08 @ 09:00 PM]

Map Design5.0
Wow, a great map and even better story. Very well done!
Map Design5.0
Additional Comments:

I enjoyed playing this scenario. The map is beautiful and wonderfully done, but very complex, at least the underground parts, and it's difficult to figure out what is connected to what. This can be a plus or a minus depending on one's preferences and mood. Exploring it fully is a long process. Even though it's rated as "L" rather than "XL" it's quite huge.

The scenario is rather easy. I didn't feel challenged, and it happens that I didn't really want to. This too can be a plus or minus depending on what the player expect. However, there's a problem, in my opinion. There are very few large (size 3 or 4) towns. Which means that the game is played in a large part with basic creatures. So far, so good. But the problem is that it makes heroes, by comparison, very powerful. And this is exacerbated by two facts : 1) the map is big, so the game is long, and the heroes have a lot of time to level up. 2) Heroes (including those called) come with powerful weapons and armors from the beginning. And there are more such powerful items to find. This turned my heroes into tanks. When my main character turned about level 15, he could just go around the map, and destroy all armies and take all towns essentially single-handedly, gaining very quickly even more experience and levels in the process. I really didn't need armies or other heroes at this point. On top of it, I realized later in the game that the healing wand I had been wearing all this time could be used as many times as I wanted during a fight, and even after moving, making my character almost impossible to defeat in battle (although I didn't use this ability because I didn't notice it, it would have made things even more unbalanced).I think this should be fixed, if only by being a bit more stingy with available magic items.

I'm a bit puzzled about the storyline. I found it really enjoyable at the very beginning, while crossing the mountains, with the messages, comments and encounters, and expected to leisurely enjoy the rest, but then...nothing anymore. I expected new atmosphere messages, some events, but nothing at all until the end...It's not that I absolutely needed that, but it was such an abrupt change from the detailed storyline at the beginning that I was a bit miffed. And since I read reviews where people state how great the story is, I'm wondering if I did something that made me "fall out of the story" at some point.

To sum up : a very good scenario, with a really excellent but complex map, a game centered on low level creatures, not very challenging, with an engaging story at the beginning that unfortunately doesn't seem to keep going later, and a problem of balance due to the heroes becoming quickly overpowered by comparison with the weak creatures they mostly face.

I would suggest to players to remove the powerful weapons and armors their heroes receive at the beginning (and maybe even not to explore ruins and such to avoid finding other equally powerful sets) in order to address the issue of overpowered heroes.

Finally thank you for this scenario, it's pretty much obvious that you must have spent a huge time on creating such a map.

[Edited on 04/06/19 @ 03:31 AM]

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Map Design5.0
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