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Cold War

Author File Description
File Details
Ruleset: TS Standard Rules
Map Size: X-Large
Playable Races: Some
Surface Levels: 2
Difficulty: Normal
This is a map that took me a long time to do. I like to make forests, but i can never seem to make a huge one without it looking really repetitive and dumb. Anyways, the map is all snow, with the two races in the top left and bottom right. The top half of the map is a frozen archepelago, and the bottom section is made up of three big continents.
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Lord Daniel13
Map Design5.0
Playability: 5
This was a very good map, even thought I didn’t played against anyone; I’m pretty sure it would be much better to play against a human opponent.

Balance: 3
The map was very well crafted, similar special locations like ruins in the beginning, but I felt like the Humans had a much easier start than the Frostlings, especially with their penguins going around buying every town they found. They had much more big cities near them, and upgrading the starting Frostling town did seem to level things, but not quite enough too give similar opportunities to both sides. I think this is the only thing that your map lacked a little.

Creativity: 4
The map had a lot of good stuff. The archipelagos were nicely done, and the underground had plenty of secrets. It’s a shame it didn’t had any custom made items and heroes, because the map was really wonderful.

Map Design: 5
This is where your map really shines. You did a wonderful job creating it and giving it the feel of a really cold place. The northern archipelagos are really well done, and you must have spent days making the forests look so good. And with so much forest, it wasn’t so hard to move from one place to another thanks to the many shipyards and ice. I like to make beautiful forests too, and in order to give them that feel of reality, what I do is make the forest using just one type of three, then change the terrain so that the trees change to my desired terrain type and are also changed to the many different threes of that terrain. Finally, all I have left to do is minor improvements, there were no long hours of forest making, and result is almost the same.

Story/Instructions: 4
Your map had plenty of signs that made me feel like the lands were real and “explored”; however, the background was rather short.

Additional Comments:

I think you have a lot of potential, and you should keep on doing maps for AoW. I have already downloaded your other maps and they look just as great, I will look forward to more of your maps ;)

[Edited on 12/19/07 @ 08:53 PM]

Gandalf theWhite
Map Design5.0
Good map, and I found it really fun to play. The storyline was pretty short and simple but well written (I liked those signs, even though there might have been some little more) and good for a one-on-one multiplayer scenario like this. the map design is brilliant - all the surface level is covered with snow, but that doesn't makes the terrain monotonic as some might think - in fact, northern and southern part are as different as if they were made with different terrain type each! Also, the surface is highly detailed and simply good-looking, and so does underground (which too often we see badly neglected), so I didn't really hesitate to rate map design as 5. Might have done the same with creativity but the map lacks any user-created items or heroes (Well, there's one - and only one)... it's still quite original - more than many maps we used to get, I'll say. Both playing sides are very well balanced, and to my enjoyment, the author managed to achieve this without making both players' lands too symmetric. For me that's the second strongest of the map!
Overall this is a good map, it plays very well and while I might not be a real veteran of PBEM, I'm almost sure that all MP fans will enjoy it. Please keep this up leasfree! We'll be waiting for more of your scenarios!
Map Design4.0
Playability: 5
Great map to play against both AI and friends.

Balance: 4
Humans have a slight advantage over the frosties, but no major unbalance. It's good.

Creativity: 4
You were good in giving the map the feeling you were trying to give it: an icy, cold archipelago. Like the guys before me said, only things missing are custom heroes.

Map Design: 4
It's nice and well done. Mountains alternate with forests.

Story/Instructions: 5
No objections here, i liked the introduction and there's plenty of signs.

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Map Design4.7
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