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Topic Subject: I'm new here: Introduction
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posted 07-02-03 02:47 PM EDT (US)   
No, I'm not new here, but you might be? If you want to post an introduction of yourself to let us know who you are, this is the thread to do it in! Don't be shy!

You'll find short introductions of all the staff on the Staff Bios page, if you're curious about who we are.

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posted 03-22-07 12:12 PM EDT (US)     91 / 142  
Nah, nothing shocking at all - just a piece of history~

People just tend to overreact to/with/for such things...

"Knowledge will give you power, but character respect." Bruce Lee
"As you think, so shall you become." Bruce Lee
posted 03-24-07 06:15 PM EDT (US)     92 / 142  
Hi, ho i am Kamor. Excuse my english, my mother language is german.

damn u wanna know why i am here. i like age of wonders. :-) this month is started, while i am boring the age of wonders I editor, spending lots of our there, then playing the elric and talic campaing on hardest level to end, then spend more time on editor. i like to build destroyed areas, i like to battle ours and ours in strategie mode, non simultanious is my way. and i try to battle this stupid ki :-) without any troop losing. so this is the base for my map, impressed by altyra, also some warlords and the original dwarf campaign earthquake in deepmir, but also other maps one lone dark elf and ... i personaly like xxl maps with 3 areas. so i spend perhaps 1 month on this game only for my map, today i beta tested the map, yesterday to0. :-) cool i played more then 12 hours on this map and today i killed first boss. ki is so stupid. ;-)

why i am here, dunno, wanna check if there are still peoples on earth playing aow 1. searching hardest challenge on earth. :-)

soory if anyone know here hard maps, i mean hard maps on easy cpu, not on hardest cpu (i hate cpu´s who get 5 exp every turn for nothing, have money and mana without city´s and mana resources, so my map make a junker ki able to attack me in first wave with 4 level4 units cause of cities and other incoming. dunno my beta test is on 3 day today, i am tired, make so many strategie battle to build me up, i am on above 50 day have an incoming of near 2000 gold. :-) dunno how much building machines i builded.

soory guys, dont want do be a angeber ("german word"), but i spended only today 8 hours on testing this map, yesterday to, 40 hours observing ki and ...

so waht i need?

about 250 citi names, checking again about 8 hours finaly the ki, cheking the way of "Wahnsinnn" <- German word :-)

some disco today to come a little away from aow, and ONLY if there is a bored player of small maps u want to start with 1 unit, love lots of strategy battle, try to avoid kills in his own rows and have fun to give me some energy, testing my crazy map, i will be please. and rememeber if u play 3 days on this map, each day 8 hours, i work a month on it (ok i lie, but 14 days, each day 8 hours is more then true)

i will go on building map, finetuning and testing without other help. :-)

but last word, i am a little afraid of testing my map on imperator ki, junker is hard enough. :-)

anyone out there (u must be insane, insaner then me) , who wanna test my map on imperator ki? rofl

ok, peace and long live to all age of wonders players. :-)

posted 03-27-07 06:23 PM EDT (US)     93 / 142  
Hello, guess what? You got another new member here!

Anyway I guess you want to know who I am and what I'm doing here right?
Well I'm a 21 year old girl from Sweden who usually goes by NikitaDarkstar on the net (Nikita for short), or Moitari in AoW.

Well what am I doing here then? Well I guess it's fairly obvious that I'm here because I happen to like the AoW games and I stumbeld over this place when I was googling for a solution to a problem I had with a part in the Shadow Magic campaign. And yes I've had the age of wonders games since they where brand new, never uninstalled them since then and I'm just now starting on the campaigns. I'm abit slow I know, but in the beginning the campaign(s) were way to hard for me so I stuck to the single missions, but recently I decided to start the SM campaign which is nice and all but I decided that I kind of wanted to finnish all the campaigns in the proper order. In other words back to going insane over the original campaigns.. even if the cult of stroms isin't nearly as frustrating as the keepers.

Oh if you havn't noticed, I ramble. Alot. And I completly fail at the whole concept of proofreading my posts so if you got an alelrgy against bad spelling ignore me. :P

posted 03-30-07 09:36 PM EDT (US)     94 / 142  
Most special new members are sooo welcome but go online =))))))
We love you even more
posted 06-02-07 11:42 PM EDT (US)     95 / 142  
I'm Aldente VonTino, Mage-in training only in retrospect you all of you, here in the net-sphere. (Can laugh at me on the sphere reference, I don't mind!)
Anywho, played for at least 12 years, starting of course w/ the first and now involved with AOW:SM. Local friends 'tried' to battle with me, but sadly they moved on to other so called "better" interfaces, or other lame excuses and I was abandoned.
Having been left alone with my wizard training (dang research!)I developed a knack to play. Yeah, can beat the game(s); Have never TRULY played over the net against LI (Living Inteligence... Another chuckle?) My metal has yet been tested, and I fear myself weak here, if not for lack of trying? (ie: I'll hold my own, most times mwahaha!)
Give me a short bit to troll these forums and such, then you'll see me register and sign up for some, erm, excitement (and burrials I'm sure!)
Hope to meet (some) of you soon!
**evol grin**

(Disclaimer: Evol grins are less bad than an evil grin. Evil is the worst, and evol is much less wrong. Thank you.)
posted 06-05-07 06:19 AM EDT (US)     96 / 142  

I figured I could give my greetings here as well.

I am a real newbie to the Age of Wonder series. On a whim, I bought Age of Wonders 2 : The Wizards' Throne as a discount low budget game (5 Euros (^_^;; ). I had never heard of it before (at least as far as I can remember), but it sounded interesting and it wasn't too much money I risked.

Well, I installed the game and printed/read the pdf manual (no need to lament the problems I have with the printer I use to save money on ink; let's just say that the printer driver for the Star LC 24-200 under Windows XP does not seem to be completely stable - or maybe it is the printer (^_^;; ).

I was impressed.

Not only did the game come with the English version alongside the localized version (well, the manual was translated, and that was already enough to give me the creeps), but the game itself had some very nifty ideas.

I mean, the race relations, the ability to build your own outposts, even a proper editor ... (thanks to the screenshots, I already had assumed it was round-based).

Actually, I am at odds with the package since it didn't even begin to give an impression of what a nice game this is.

Now, a few months ago, I had bought Heroes of Might and Magic III and IV and was quickly frustrated. Especially IV had removed some of the story elements of III and came only in the localized version (I just saw a new game advertising with its localized voice cast and I can't help but feel that "voice talent" in that context is a mere mockery as their only talent lies in making me sick and hate otherwise good games - but I digress). While IV removed some good features and didn't really offer anything new that intrigued me, III was also rather shallow. I mean, the races were more or less the same and things felt very repetitive. The concept of the rumors was nice, but you had too little control over it (as far as I can tell, you couldn't have rumors that were only available under certain conditions or in certain towns). Actually, I had hoped that IV would make rumors more flexible. Instead, IV removed them completely. Thus, I felt that Heroes of Might and Magic was relatively boring for me.

Therefore, I was really surprised by Age of Wonder 2 having virtually all the aspects I am looking for in such a game, having great potential for story and flavor with less of an emphasis on mechanical conquering/building. Even today, I can't understand why Heroes seems to be so well-known and omnipresent while Age of Wonders is hidden at the edges of the shelves.

Anyhow, after getting my first taste of Age of Wonders 2, I searched the internet, especially in order to get a proper manual for the editor. This was how I came across the Age of Wonders Heaven.

Here, I did not only find the information I had sought, but also learned that there was a sequel (well, the '2' in the name was a clear hint to an older version, but given that I already bought the game I had as a discount budget, odds for finding an even older version were slim). Judging from the information here on the heaven, I figured that Shadow Magic was indeed an improvement of the game I had bought by good fortune rather than design. Seeing the cover on the official homepage, I also remembered the design, so I figured it had to be in one of the stores I visit from time to time.

I was lucky, I was actually able to find Shadow Magic and it was even a budget game itself (10 Euros). I would have paid more, given the good credentials of Wizards Throne, but then again, I am not that rich, so I am content getting it this way. (As luck would have it, it was actually in the last store where I checked for it, which was kind of frustrating as I was worrying what to do if it wasn't there).

Anyhow, thus I was able to acquire Shadow Magic and I have to say that it truly lived up to my expectations.

The scripting system seems to require some getting used to it (I am more familiar with normal scripts/languages where you don't need to trigger each individual command but rather have blocks of commands or at least a linear running of the program (^_^;; ), but I see a lot of potential there.

One of my favorite past times is fiddling with editors/engines. I tend to have nice ideas, I think, but striving for perfection together with great pride have thus far prevented me from finishing my usually ambitious projects. I hope that I can stop that chain of misery eventually.

I hope to do a few small maps for the game, even though I am a bit worried about all the nifty options you have for heroes and items. I can feel how they are calling me......

In order to get things straight, I have already asked for being accepted in the email mapmaking project. I figure that having to do just a section or two of a map can help me focus on things and get them finished on time, as opposed to doing a completely map and getting lost in the process.

My private computer is not connected to the internet. Instead, I am using the computers at my university to access the internet (I mean, you can't beat the education net, and there is no better firewall than being offline ).

Therefore, I am a single player scenario/campaign player and quite content with it. I am not that good at strategy games (yup, Squire CPU for me), but there is the fascination of growth and development. In addition, having a history of pen and paper roleplaying, I am also very much interested in games with story and atmosphere.

I am not really much of a gamer; at least I am not buying gaming magazines or checking on recent developments. Being a slow guy, all the real time war games and action games is not really that good for me (although there are some games I have enjoyed in the past). Well, I guess Spell Force, SimCity4 + Rush Hour, and Transport Tycoon/SimuTrans128 are real time stuff, as well as Settlers 2 (the original won't run on XP and I am waiting for the new version to become cheap enough to buy (T_T) - since they abandoned the roads after Settlers 2, the games weren't any fun anymore).

With being offline at home, I am not involved in online gaming, and considering how time-consuming it would probably get, I suppose that is actually a good thing. (Okay, the ads for Trickster or that one about the Fairy Tale Kingdom sound really interesting, but I have to resist.)

While online, I am mostly involved with a few fetish communities I belong to. Actually, I am really lousy at organizing my day, so at times I can get really quiet because I am busy elsewhere, sorry.

Well, I guess these are the most important things about me. Don't hesitate to ask for clarifications. And yes, I haven't said which country I am from, but I think it should be really obvious by now


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posted 06-09-07 02:39 AM EDT (US)     97 / 142  
Nice reads and welcome! Always fun to see how people got introduced (or try and introduce others) to the game!

Hope you'll make some fine maps, one day, Deathworks!

Get the unofficial Patch v1.4. here!
My best AoW-Sm map: Drums of Death (This is the multiplayer version; for single player, or AI use different version)
Other proud AoW-sm maps: The Key of Kharzul, The Fight for Light, Waikiti Island, Goldrush Mountains
My proud AoW2 maps:The River Arne
Coordinator of the v1.4 and v1.5 patchteams, Seraph of AoWHeaven, PBEM Singles Champion 2008
posted 07-01-07 01:33 PM EDT (US)     98 / 142  
I think I haven't introduced myself properly yet.

I played age of wonders 2 some years ago and enjoyed it a lot. Some days ago I thought I'd get back on old times, and on the web I found that shadow magic was actually a sequel to it. I bought it, and I must say I like it a lot. I'm still getting used to the game all over again, but I'll turn to MP surely in the future. This game is great to have on my laptop (which I'll buy in a short time) and I hope I can get proper online with it. Until then I'm playing this on PC against CPU. As soon as I get to know the game some more I may also look at making some maps. It depends on how difficult it is to do and the inspiration of the day.

I'm dutch by the way.
posted 07-01-07 01:40 PM EDT (US)     99 / 142  
Welcome to home of the chosen, sir Franklin of Netherlands.

-/X\(++)/X\-L.E.D. Frozen Warrior-/X\(++)/X\-
posted 07-19-07 03:51 PM EDT (US)     100 / 142  
Hi, I'm Blackstorm from Germany. I've played a lot of turn based strategy games in my life (started with the old Empires and Warlords) but AOW:SM is my all time favorit. Last week I found some time to get it from the bookcase and play it again.

I have read some of the hints and walkthroughs on this great site here and now it is time for some trainig. Hope that i am ready for some pbem soon.



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posted 08-04-07 11:43 PM EDT (US)     101 / 142  
wonderful, don't worry too much about training. People really don't play that well around here!

Get right in it!

Get the unofficial Patch v1.4. here!
My best AoW-Sm map: Drums of Death (This is the multiplayer version; for single player, or AI use different version)
Other proud AoW-sm maps: The Key of Kharzul, The Fight for Light, Waikiti Island, Goldrush Mountains
My proud AoW2 maps:The River Arne
Coordinator of the v1.4 and v1.5 patchteams, Seraph of AoWHeaven, PBEM Singles Champion 2008
posted 08-07-07 04:27 PM EDT (US)     102 / 142  
Hello, people! AoW has been my favorite turn-based-strategy for some time, though I think I'm not very good at it. I win almost every game, though their setting is on the easiest one. >.> I play other games as well, especially Morrowind and D&D games, like Neverwinter Nights and Icewind Dale and many other games. AoW2 is still a favorite, even though I play the original much more, because the sequel is very hard (even a PC Gamer reviewer said it was hard on the easy setting). My dad's playing AoW2's great campaign, and I'm busy crushing the AI.
posted 08-07-07 04:39 PM EDT (US)     103 / 142  
Welcome to the Heaven!

Token Irish Gamer!
posted 08-08-07 09:40 AM EDT (US)     104 / 142  
Heartly welcome to AoWH, maister Altmer.

-/X\(++)/X\-L.E.D. Frozen Warrior-/X\(++)/X\-
posted 11-23-07 01:50 PM EDT (US)     105 / 142  
Hi im new here, how active is this site? You seem to have a healthy competition system, is that PBEM? Im new to AOW2, i played the demo years ago but onoly just fond a copy of the game, ive just got to the water campaign but id quite like to get in on the community and any games that are going on
posted 06-10-08 08:43 AM EDT (US)     106 / 142  
I will confess right now that I have never played AoW. I'm still new to gaming and so far about all I have played is Civilisation IV (love the Fall From Heaven mod). I accidentally wandered in through the fantasy roleplaying forum (Hall of Wonders) while procrastinating at my homework and am intrigued enough to have a look around. It seems a nice little corner of the internets so I may well hang around.
posted 06-15-08 08:31 AM EDT (US)     107 / 142  
Welcome to AoWH Pyper.
I can recommend you both our devouted RPG community and the game on itself. AoW1 is a classic game that should have deserved mutch more attention than it actually did. If you are up to new investments in future, I recommend you (again) this small investment strongly.
Was one of the best ones that I ever did.

-/X\(++)/X\-L.E.D. Frozen Warrior-/X\(++)/X\-
posted 06-18-08 01:33 AM EDT (US)     108 / 142  

Never regretted it to this day, the maps submitted from the eons past have already accumulated a massive collection, and once you master the single player, and basics of gameplay, multiplayer through Online or Email can prove a worthy addition.

Of course, your free to hang around and chat as well, the forum is mainly divided into two games of this title.

Age of Wonders I

Age of Wonders II
---> Wizard's Throne + Shadow Magic

Welcome to the community! Stay long as you'd like!

Lord Naismith
posted 09-10-08 10:49 PM EDT (US)     109 / 142  
Greetings all..
I'm new to this community, but not to AoW. I started playing this game when a friend introduced AoW2 to me in college. It's pretty amazing I graduated lol. I hadn't played in awhile, so I decided to search for a place to look for multiplayer games and found the Heaven

I also play Diablo, Morrowind, and Dawn of War. But AoW is what I keep coming back to.


~L.E.D. Acolyte~
God is dog spelled backwards.
posted 09-12-08 10:11 AM EDT (US)     110 / 142  
Welcome to AoWH community, aswell as along the LED brethren, Baeradan.
I suggest that you should hunt and seek for your AoW1, for the original is most likely the greatest piece of the whole collection.

-/X\(++)/X\-L.E.D. Frozen Warrior-/X\(++)/X\-
posted 12-09-08 10:09 AM EDT (US)     111 / 142  
The best place to go for multiplayer games of Shadow Magic is Gamespy. There are also quite a few Shadow Magic players in the Hamachi network AoW2 RUS / AoW2 RUS.

"Shooting down a plane of civilians isn't careless, it's politcal opportunism." - Stormraider
posted 01-06-09 12:30 PM EDT (US)     112 / 142  
Hi, I am a big fan of Master of Magic and saw many positive reviews of especially Age of Wonders : Shadow Magic. It seemed like a fantastic blend of "Master of Magic" and "Heroes of Might and Magic" and want to buy it.

However, where do I buy it? I have problems finding it, other than a $275 in amazon and a $70+ used. Is it no longer in sale?
posted 05-26-09 03:43 PM EDT (US)     113 / 142  
er im new here lol, i dont think many people play online now, i did not even know you could, so actually i have played this game allong with others for several years but can you tell me how to get some games roling online?
posted 05-26-09 10:56 PM EDT (US)     114 / 142  
Hallo, hallo, hallo!
I started out playing the demo for Duke Nukem on the PC, when it was still 2d, I played the demo of Tyrian, and many other small time games. When my father turned up with Hexen, beyond heretic, I played it as far as it would go. But we have never been rich, or even well off. And as such we only played the video games that came in the gaming magazines, and I remember the demo for AoW. I loved it, I tended - for instance - to send my hero into the arena and train him until he was really powerful. I was rather disappointed when the actual game didn't allow for that. We got Age of Wonders three or four years later, when the thing was only nine dollars, barely finding it out of the back of a gaming magazine.

I don't recall how we got The Wizards Throne, but at first it was way too hard, I couldn't get past Yaka on Fire one. It was my Sexy Assistant who got me past that mission and allowed me to ultimately master the game.

I only learned that Shadow Magic even existed a few months back, but the name didn't actually intrigue me much. Not that any of the titles do.

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posted 07-03-09 04:06 AM EDT (US)     115 / 142  
Hey I'm Leal from California, and I had my first taste of this gem known as AoW2 from a demo I got off another of Gathering's games (Tropico or Stronghold, can't remember) and instantly fell in love with it. I must of played it over a hundred times and each time I discovered something new which has to be one of my favorite things of the game. Honestly out of everything else in this game, the combat, storyline, magic, its the exploring I love the most. Not many games are designed these days where if you explored you can find items, bonuses and so on.

Now I asked for it for my birthday after playing the demo for so long, and I have actually looked around these forums over the years to read the advice already posted on here. Actually this is where I learned about Shadow Magic, never knew it existed to be honest.

Sadly though, my copy of AoW2 got damaged to where it wont install, only goes halfway through till it just..stops. Luckily my friend loaned me his copy and along with SM. So instead of doing the normal thing and get a job after graduation, I'm gonna relive the past of the best strategy game I've ever played.

So I decided because not only am I restarting AoW2, but also playing SM, something I have yet to play, I will go ahead and stop lurking here and register
posted 07-28-09 01:53 PM EDT (US)     116 / 142  
Hello everyone. I'm finally signing up for the forums here. I have lurked this site on and off for many years. After a long WOW addiction I just recently started playing AOW:SM again and decided to stop by and say hi. One of my favorite all time games is Sid Meiers Alpha Centauri.

I'd like to thank Swolte and all the others who put so much work into keeping this game alive. It's hard to believe this game is over 6 years old already. I hope there is still work going into the unofficial patch 1.5 since it doesn't seem like a AoW game will be coming out anytime soon.

For anyone interested my Xfire user name is the same as my user name here. -Valkoon
posted 09-13-09 06:52 AM EDT (US)     117 / 142  
Hi all, I'm Chris.
I've seen the AoW Haven sites for a while now, but they didn't provide the help I needed, so I thought it would be an idea to join the forums and over time get some of my questions answered.

I'm a fan of Age of Wonders and I'll be going to buy Shadow Magic within a couple of weeks or so, but I want to get an idea of the history of Evermore, since the original game is quite old now it seems to be very hard to find. Anyway, maybe after a few days reading some threads I might get my answers. I'm also learning to play AoW better, I'm not exactly an ace.

As a hobby, I post fractal art on my deviantArt site, it's mostly based around music, but I have made some fractal fanart of AoW I may share later, however it seems that one of my best works is a fractal render of the Wizard's Tower.
posted 09-14-09 08:26 AM EDT (US)     118 / 142  
Hi Chris and welcome to AoWH!

Could you give link to your DeviArt site (or include the link in your profile)? I would be interested to see what you have done.

-/X\(++)/X\-L.E.D. Frozen Warrior-/X\(++)/X\-
posted 09-15-09 03:29 AM EDT (US)     119 / 142  
Sure thing, I mainly do fan art for Jean Michel Jarre's music, huge fan of him, but I do other art, recently about Myst/Uru;
My deviantArt site.
And below are a few of my AoW pictures, including a sketch of Julia as part of my manga learning;
The Wizard's Tower
The Mabonian Emerald (Earth Piece)
The Cosmos Gem (Cosmos Piece)
Nimue's Bident (Water Piece)
Julia's Phoenix (Life Piece)
Fair Queen Julia of the Elves

Not too much I hope.

Alternate Histories;
Bloodline of the Explorer (Colonial New Spain) <Writting!!!>
the Divine Rule (Ancient Egypt) <Refining story>
Kingdom of the Moon (Golden Horde Mongolia) <Composing base story>
posted 04-06-10 04:25 PM EDT (US)     120 / 142  
Hi People!
I just joined the forum so I'll introduce myself:
I'm Niels, 20 years old. I'm from Holland. My hobby's are: playing poker, going out with friends, Jiu-Jitsu and playing games.
I've played AoW since forever I guess, ever since I was a little kid I played it with friends. I have only played offline though (hotseat).
I was having an AoW periode again, other games bored me. So I was googling on it and found this site. Now I'm really excited because of all the people here .

Hope to speak to you all soon!



P.S. could someone help me with e-mail play? I dont get where to get my directories etc. Thanks!

P.S.S. Laecla is my backname in English. I figured I had to have a cool fantasy name when im playing this game online . So I found out the name generator. I'm even an elvish king ^^ Laecla, king of Gondolin

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