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Topic Subject: Dwiggs Mapmaking Competition, Summer 2007
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posted 07-09-07 05:28 PM EDT (US)   
Dwiggs Mapmaking Competition

Dwiggs 1.4 Patch is an absolutely superb mod, custom maps are a lot of fun anyway, and we'd really like to see more Dwiggs custom maps being submitted for download at AoW2Heaven. SP maps can provide endless hours of fun, and MP scenarios are useful for online and PBEM (Play By EMail) games. So - to encourage more Dwiggs map submissions - we're running a Dwiggs mapmaking competition. There will be two categories:

1. Single-Player Maps

2. Multi-Player Maps

The Rules

They have to be new maps, so if it's currently available in our downloads section, you can't submit it (although you could possibly take one of your existing maps and heavily modify it). Submit them to the downloads section in the usual way, here, then drop us a note in this thread to let us know the name of the map that you've submitted, and which category (or categories) you want it entered into

They must all be playable under Dwiggs 1.4 Patch ruleset

You can enter as many maps as you want, and as many categories as you want

The closing date for submissions is Friday 31st August 2007 (23:59 US Eastern time)

Any forum member can submit a map, but it must be a map they have created themselves, although other people can be involved (for example, someone else may write the story for your map)

The Judges

Mapmakers will initially be judged by their peers. Once a submitted map has appeared in the download section, we will invite forum members to download it and play it. They will then submit a rating for each map that they play, in this thread: The Day of Judgment. To keep this as painless as possible, we are keeping it quite simple. We want you to state the name of the map, and give it a rating out of ten. You can then (optionally) comment on what you like and/or don't like about the map in question

If you are feeling really conscientious, you can also go to the downloads section and fill in a review of the map there

Any forum member can vote, but you are not allowed to vote for one of your own maps, or a map that you helped to create

Phase One: Making maps and submitting them!
Timespan: until 31st August

Phase Two: Maps are rated by forum members
Timespan: until 7th September

Phase Three: The top three maps in each category will be rated by our official tournament judges, in order to decide an overall winner in each category. The judges are Swolte, The Stranger and Timelord, so we are very lucky to have judges that know the game, the Dwiggs mod and mapmaking inside out!
Timespan: by the 30th September, or hopefully earlier

We haven't managed to organise any prizes yet, but it's a great feeling to win a community event like this! Even if you don't win, you can be sure that all good maps submitted will be used by our forum members for countless online battles, E-Mail games and single-player challenges over the coming years. So why not contribute to the online community - you never know, you might actually win!

If you need some cool tips for creating good maps, you can go to our Scenario Designers Hall

So off you go - start creating all those lovely maps!

2007 Dwiggs Mapmaking Competition - List of Entered Maps

Give your opinion of the maps here - The Day of Judgment

"Shooting down a plane of civilians isn't careless, it's politcal opportunism." - Stormraider

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posted 07-10-07 08:03 PM EDT (US)     1 / 40  
does that mean that I can make a map?
posted 07-10-07 10:57 PM EDT (US)     2 / 40  
Woot Stranger, good to see you again!

Great to see a map making contest, I can't wait to see everyones maps!

I've been working on a Diwggs multiplayer co-op map that would provide an epic challenge (ie:not possible without 2 good players).

I hope people put together some really challenging maps for SP or MP co-op!

Also we need more tourney maps!

Great idea Roger, I'll post my beta map soon and see if I can get some good feedback, since I've never made a map before I don't expect to be able to compete with some of the vetrens, but looking at the judges I know that the comments will be quality.

posted 07-11-07 07:09 AM EDT (US)     3 / 40  
does that mean that I can make a map?
Everyone is welcome to submit as many maps as they like
since I've never made a map before I don't expect to be able to compete with some of the vetrens
Actually last time I ran a mapmaking competition in these forums there was a newcomer voted in as one of the top three maps, so it's not impossible! Just make it as good as you possibly can in the time available

Unlike other competitions we're not placing any restrictions on size or type of map, making you have lava in one corner or giving you a template that you have to use - so the world really is your oyster!

"Shooting down a plane of civilians isn't careless, it's politcal opportunism." - Stormraider
posted 07-12-07 12:29 PM EDT (US)     4 / 40  
Can you use the SEM for this, or is it like the previous contest in that regard?
posted 07-12-07 12:45 PM EDT (US)     5 / 40  
Hey Psy, there is no SEM for Dwiggs-mod, as far as I know!

Get the unofficial Patch v1.4. here!
My best AoW-Sm map: Drums of Death (This is the multiplayer version; for single player, or AI use different version)
Other proud AoW-sm maps: The Key of Kharzul, The Fight for Light, Waikiti Island, Goldrush Mountains
My proud AoW2 maps:The River Arne
Coordinator of the v1.4 and v1.5 patchteams, Seraph of AoWHeaven, PBEM Singles Champion 2008
posted 07-12-07 12:55 PM EDT (US)     6 / 40  
Yeah, but you can use it to make some wizards/heroes before converting the maps to Dwiggs.

I was thinking of tweaking a map I started but abandoned, and I use the SEM for everything... though I didn't make very many heroes, so it wouldn't be too hard to remove its influences.
posted 07-12-07 06:03 PM EDT (US)     7 / 40  
As long as the map runs under Dwiggs 1.4 Patch, it's eligible

"Shooting down a plane of civilians isn't careless, it's politcal opportunism." - Stormraider
posted 07-13-07 10:47 PM EDT (US)     8 / 40  
I think I'll definitely try to make something.

I also wanted to say HI to Stillborn...I meant to do it a couple days ago, but my wireless kept crashing. So, good to see you again, Still...please do make a map
posted 07-23-07 01:37 PM EDT (US)     9 / 40  
I've been working on a Diwggs multiplayer co-op map
Yay ! Can't wait... I love those !

Glad to see friendly faces. Hope everyone's doing great !

P.S. wOOt, I still remember how to quote O_O
posted 07-24-07 12:05 PM EDT (US)     10 / 40  
'Tis very good to see your friendly face again too, Harl.
I was wondering several days ago what had become of you

In regards to the map, I'm progressing right smartly, but keep seeing more things to add as I go so that the more I get done, the further I get from completing it!

posted 07-24-07 05:15 PM EDT (US)     11 / 40  
what a surprise to see harle here
posted 07-25-07 09:34 AM EDT (US)     12 / 40  
This game and its community are very dear to me, so I'll never really be gone

I still play here and there coop maps with my cousin, that's why all my hype for new ones, and Dwiggs, no less !. (We're now playing Drums of Death, one of my favourite maps).

Outside of that, Tom and I are sick and tired of WoW and are now devoting ourselves to rid the lands of orcs and other less savoury creatures (hehe) in LOTRO. And waiting patiently for the day TS decides to delite us with an AoW sequel that will surely count us as fanatic followers. Now that Overlord is done, maybe that day is closer (TS: Hear our plea! Heh).

Sorry if this went so off-topic, but as expected of me, with my new comp I forgot to back up my contacts so I lost my entire list of email addresses

Anyway, what are you guys doing these days ?
posted 07-25-07 12:28 PM EDT (US)     13 / 40  
harle what about playing dwiggs mod online someday?
posted 07-26-07 10:54 AM EDT (US)     14 / 40  
aow players should never downgrade themselves to wow... o

as for the topic i would like to see a good online mp map just once...

Honored Core Balance Team Member of UPatch 1.4
Also known as TirAsleen
posted 07-26-07 06:21 PM EDT (US)     15 / 40  
I have played various good online MP maps, Centralaeon being one example. None of them were Dwiggs maps, though...

Great to see some of the "old-timers" starting to pop their heads over the parapet, too

"Shooting down a plane of civilians isn't careless, it's politcal opportunism." - Stormraider
posted 07-27-07 12:04 PM EDT (US)     16 / 40  
yes, very nice to see some old players here. I havnt been able to log onto gamespy since i installed windows vista (
posted 07-29-07 01:57 PM EDT (US)     17 / 40  
I can't either with Vista, Luna...the AoW2 game room page won't display.
posted 07-29-07 02:26 PM EDT (US)     18 / 40  
delete it and use good old xp :P anyway OS with drm and something like this isn't acceptable
posted 07-29-07 06:05 PM EDT (US)     19 / 40  
We should just make a meeting time...I can still sign into Gamespy...but can't enter the game room for AoW.

Anyway, back to the topic at hand...or at foot by now...I will have a working copy of my map ready soon, if anyone wants to test it
posted 07-29-07 11:03 PM EDT (US)     20 / 40  
i want to play it
posted 07-31-07 07:26 AM EDT (US)     21 / 40  
Sorry for being off topic but im having the same problem as Stranger..i can log onto gamespy but not into the aow lobby.
Stranger i would love to play a game with you. You can contact me on MSN messenger or Yahoo messenger, i see joepo on MSN sometimes . My email is
posted 07-31-07 01:16 PM EDT (US)     22 / 40  
Luna and Stranger can you get in the aow room via this link?
posted 07-31-07 06:23 PM EDT (US)     23 / 40  
Hi Frall, no luck im afraid it sez launching gamespy arcade now but nothing, i waited for a bit. Thanks anyway, maybe next gs update i can enter aow's lobby.
posted 07-31-07 11:09 PM EDT (US)     24 / 40  
When I first tried playing online about 4 years ago, I encountered some difficulty in doing so.

In my case, there were two problems...

...I was using the mozilla browser (I needed Internet Explorer) and

...I needed to install some "active-x controls thingy plugin for Internet Explorer" to get into the gamespy lobby.

I wonder if this info will help?

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posted 08-01-07 00:21 AM EDT (US)     25 / 40  
Hmm...I do have Mozilla as my default browser. I'll try IE tomorrow and see if it works.

Thanks for the tips!

Malachaii, I'll email you the map as soon as it's in working condition...thank you for your offer.
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