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Topic Subject:Official Heavegames AoW:SM PBEM Free For All Tournament
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posted 03-18-04 04:47 PM EDT (US)         
Top Prize is a $30 gift certificate to (so you can buy Shadow Magic for a friend). Runner up prize is an email offering my condolances that you didn't win the top prize.

To play you will need Age of Wonders SM updated with the 1.3 patch, be registered on the Wizard's Ladder and be willing to play in three games simultaneously. Since they are four player games, it should average about a turn per player per day. All games will be registered on the Wizard's Ladder as FFA games. Positions on the maps will be assigned randomly, and players will be put into games so as to have the most diversity of opponents possible.

All players will play one game each of the following in the first round:

Forest of Legends (Modified to remove Anarchist and War Mage from Skulkan)
Goldrush Mountains (As is)
Pirahna Bay (Corrected to assign spheres and skills to all wizards)

These maps are all reasonable well balanced, though nothing is perfect, and everyone will be expected to make the best of the situation as they find it.

To determine who plays in the final game players will recieve credits as follows:

6 credits for each 1st place
4 credits for each 2nd place
2 credits for each 3rd place
3 credits for each other wizard eliminated (see FFA rules)
If a players is eliminated by independants, all other players still in the game get one credit.

(Yes this does mean you can gain more credits coming in second than coming in first if you are doing most of the work.)

After the first round the best 10 credit totals will play two simultaneous 5 player games to qualify for the final round. (We'll be using "Through Rage and Wisdom" and "Five Alive SM"). The credit totals will start over at zero, with 8 points for 1st, 6 points for 2nd, 4 points for 3rd, 2 points for fourth, and 3 points for each wizard eliminated.

The players with the four highest credit totals in the semi-final round will then compete in a final map, chosing which position they want in the order of their credit total. The final map will probably be "A River Ran Through It" which is amorphously balanced at best, so it pays to do well in the second round. (In the case of a tie the scores from first round will be used as the tie-breaker. Only if both groups are tied will we use a larger map.) There will be no "credits" for the final game, the last person alive will be the contest winner.

With 96% of the first round games completed the standings are as follows

42 - JWorth
39 - Evil Roc
28 - Chascal
27 - greenmonster
27 - ZombieEater
27 - Fubarno
26 - Daidalos
24 - Tibbs
23 - Minstrel
22 - Tripcrow
19 - Hiranu
16 - Tasslehoff
16 - Unapu
14 - Nerull
13 - WonderBeast
13 - Timelord
11 - Swolte
11 - Izaqyos
7 - Montys Monkey
6 - White Duke
6 - Kirk
6 - MrFrumkins
5 - Jugglervr
4 - Erupted
4 - Horza
4 - Berend
4 - BlackCat
4 - KrakaTur
4 - Alex Mars
4 - LordTheRon
2 - SteveB
2 - SgtSeeds

Anyone not listed above has zero credits

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posted 03-28-04 02:26 PM EDT (US)     26 / 111       
Hi Guys

I've just run a single player game on Piranha Bay and frostlings were awarded a 'Kings Ransom' on turn 1

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posted 03-28-04 10:19 PM EDT (US)     27 / 111       
Your right. Its still there. (You can tell this is the first tournament.)

We have three options to proceed from here.

a) Replace the Pirahna Bay game with Stone and Sea

b) Live with Pirahna Bay the way it is and live with the fact that the Frostlings have this advantage (and hope there's nothing else wrong with it.)

c) Ignore it and just have 2 games in the first round.

I've sent this question out in email, and will take answers in either forum. Majority of reponses will decide, and I'll post a breakdown.

posted 03-28-04 11:37 PM EDT (US)     28 / 111       
Stone & Sea 4 me.
Pharaolympics 2000 Competitor
posted 03-29-04 00:13 AM EDT (US)     29 / 111       
Stone and Sea (though I could live with a two game first round as well)

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posted 03-29-04 00:38 AM EDT (US)     30 / 111       
I vote for the new scenario as well.
HG Cherub
posted 03-29-04 00:51 AM EDT (US)     31 / 111       
The problem in Piranha Bay occurs because the event gold reward is set to once and uses a New Turn trigger and trigger player which includes all four players. So, after Frostlings receive their reward (being the first player), the event is deactivated and the other rewards do not happen.

To ensure that Frostlings do not get this reward, just delete this event. Otherwise, if you wish for all players to get this reward, duplicate this event and set trigger player selections to different players.

To answer the poll, I would prefer either for the tourney.

posted 03-29-04 02:27 AM EDT (US)     32 / 111       
Stone and Sea for me too
posted 03-29-04 02:40 AM EDT (US)     33 / 111       
I vote a different map as well!

Get the unofficial Patch v1.4. here!
My best AoW-Sm map: Drums of Death (This is the multiplayer version; for single player, or AI use different version)
Other proud AoW-sm maps: The Key of Kharzul, The Fight for Light, Waikiti Island, Goldrush Mountains
My proud AoW2 maps:The River Arne
Coordinator of the v1.4 and v1.5 patchteams, Seraph of AoWHeaven, PBEM Singles Champion 2008
Evil Roc
posted 03-29-04 11:53 AM EDT (US)     34 / 111       
posted 03-29-04 01:27 PM EDT (US)     35 / 111       
Stone & Sea is fine for me !
posted 03-29-04 01:48 PM EDT (US)     36 / 111       
I'd rather play another map than play Piranha Bay if it is not balanced. But why not remove that event ? Or make it work so that every player would have the gold bonus ?

Anyway, Stone and Sea seems interesting, but I have a question : which version ?
And I've read there is an AI player in that map. If someone kills it, does he have the bonus for killing a player ?

E-mail : chascal at gmail dot com
posted 03-29-04 04:14 PM EDT (US)     37 / 111       
As a player of the frostlings I don't see a problem with things the way they are. Oh OK, S&S. Stupid Conscience

They call me MISTER Tibbs!

Sidney Poitier (In the Heat of the Night)1970

posted 03-29-04 05:03 PM EDT (US)     38 / 111       
Yes there is an AI player on the board, no there is no kill bonus for defeating it, the AI is to stupid to rate, and if it never gets killed and stays a strategic factor all game so be it.
posted 03-29-04 09:43 PM EDT (US)     39 / 111       
I'm taking votes until 1700 GMT tomorrow, (Noon EST, 9am PST) and then acting on the majority opinion.
posted 03-29-04 10:16 PM EDT (US)     40 / 111       
I vote for the first option as well - a) Replace the Pirahna Bay game with Stone and Sea.
Montys Monkey
posted 03-29-04 10:26 PM EDT (US)     41 / 111       
I'll go stone & sea as well. Although I'm a little sad to leave this game - I had a decent start and I like the Dracos...
posted 03-30-04 04:46 AM EDT (US)     42 / 111       
I vote for stone and sea too
posted 03-30-04 02:34 PM EDT (US)     43 / 111       
Sorry, bit busy, vote A too.

Even if i am frostlings

posted 03-30-04 04:34 PM EDT (US)     44 / 111       
Ok. The results are in, and we are replacing Pirahna Bay with Stone and Sea. Results were as follows:

17 - Replace with Stone and Sea
8 - No response
1 - Keep the map as is
1 - drop the map and go with 2 games
5 - suggestions restart the map or continue the map with various changes made to accomodate the difference.

The new Stone and Sea maps should be out later today.

posted 04-07-04 11:30 PM EDT (US)     45 / 111       

I assume the optional rule to defeat indipendents first is just that....optional. No?


posted 04-08-04 07:06 AM EDT (US)     46 / 111       
Optional rules that are not declared at the start of the game are not in effect. Feel free to kill each other before the AI.
posted 04-13-04 01:49 AM EDT (US)     47 / 111       
Can we look at the map in the editor? Or is this a "if you dunno the map then very good luck thing"?
posted 04-13-04 07:02 AM EDT (US)     48 / 111       
Since there is no way to enforce not looking at the map in the editor, you are free to look at the map in the editor.
posted 04-16-04 08:24 AM EDT (US)     49 / 111       
Wo-hoo ...

Players are aggressive in this tournament!

Goldrush 5: Setau died at day 10!
Forest 4: Skulkan died at day 12!

E-mail : chascal at gmail dot com
posted 04-21-04 00:46 AM EDT (US)     50 / 111       
I suppose we report the FFA Tournament results here too...

Forest of Legend Tourney 4:

Tripcrow (Ariane) killed MrFrumpkins (Skulkan)
Chascal (Ambir) killed SteveB (Symon)
Chascal (Ambir) killed Tripcrow (Ariane)


1st: Chascal
2nd: Tripcrow
3rd: SteveB
4th: MrFrumpkins

E-mail : chascal at gmail dot com
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