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Topic Subject:Clan war tournament
posted 08-10-10 09:34 AM EDT (US)         
I don't know, maybe it's not good idea, but maybe there are enough people who wants to play with our small community team vs team?
posted 08-10-10 02:19 PM EDT (US)     1 / 27       
There's enough people in the community certainly, but I think all our "clans" are kinda dead. I wonder what other people will say...
posted 08-10-10 03:09 PM EDT (US)     2 / 27       
Interesting idea! Certainly we would play you into the ground! - But how large would such a team of Russians be? And what about the language barrier?
posted 08-10-10 03:44 PM EDT (US)     3 / 27       
There's enough people in the community certainly, but I think all our "clans" are kinda dead.
- Maybe we can play just team vs team? For example not more 5 players at one team (but no limit for team numbers from sites)?

But how large would such a team of Russians be?
- It depends from tournament rule and players number at one team. But, I don't think that from Russia will play more then 10-15 players at the tournament. But who knows?! I am not asked our players yet.

And what about the language barrier?
- Yes, it can be problem. But, basic english know many russian players (it's enough for game, we have such experience). So I think it's possible to create a teams, which has at least few english speaking players.
posted 08-10-10 04:41 PM EDT (US)     4 / 27       
Language barrier shouldn't be a biggest problem. But the format and settings could be, since our traditions and preferences doesn't have too much in common. You're mostly PBEMers, we're onliners, and even your online players use another mods and rules and everything. So I'm not sure about perspectives of organized global clan war, but i guess you can always come to our network and find somebody to play with

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posted 08-10-10 04:53 PM EDT (US)     5 / 27       
Let's assume two clan teams with 6 players each would meet for a competition. What would be the pattern of their confrontation? - Would they play a series of 1-1 games or would they head for team games, like 2-2, 3-3? Interesting question as I never experiences a clan match in PBEM games.

As a rule, the higher the number of players in one game, the more difficult it is to perform (and create, just think of finding an adequate, balanced map).

Any previous experiences?

@Hellbrick: I assume that PBEM is in question here. So far nobody spoke of a "global" clan competition; meeting of 2 teams is the issue here. You may think of a "friendship match" with another gaming site, e.g. If this can be soundly organised, this would certainly be a nice event!

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posted 08-10-10 08:45 PM EDT (US)     6 / 27       
I disagree with hell brick on this.

As we have far more PBEM'ers than multiplayers, at least IMO (Still, we usually have at least ten players online at most times.)

I don't think language is a huge barrier, as long as we establish the house rules and determine if we would use 1.4, MP 1.8, or something else (Frankly, I really only play BNW now, haven't tried Strange lands) before hand.
posted 08-11-10 02:39 AM EDT (US)     7 / 27       
Okey, I think will be better if all of Heaven players who wants to play at this tournament at least write about that at this topic. Then we can understand how many teams can be created and what format of games must be for that.

And Hellbrick absolutly write - our players is online multiplayer gamers (not PBEM). The common rule/mode for our and your players is only standart 1.3 or UPatch 1.4 (better). Other preferences of games (rules, maps) we can discuss if will be enought players for this tournament.
posted 08-13-10 09:58 AM EDT (US)     8 / 27       
you'd get to wallow in participants if you would just write a short how-to for kettles on the frontpage of aow heaen. that's where i found it and even i was first reluctant to register on the fora.
i've only played vanilla on lan so far. write when, what and where and link the patches. the amount of participants will be visible once we are there.
posted 08-13-10 03:20 PM EDT (US)     9 / 27       
I see Swolte wrote a message linking to this thread on the front page. That was rather nice of him

I think that it would be somewhat premature to post a how-to (if Swolte would even bend his benevolent wings to do so...)

I think 1.4 would be best, as everyone seems to be familiar with it.

As for rules, I'm really not too picky. I don't think diplomacy will be an issue, as we'll be allied against each other.
My own personal preferences would be to turn off surrender, turn off teleports and have four minute turns.
posted 08-13-10 10:27 PM EDT (US)     10 / 27       
This could be a possibility for me, though I'm rusty!

North vs South!
posted 08-14-10 02:54 AM EDT (US)     11 / 27       
I think it should be made clear in any such proclamations or invitations that online playing is the game modus for this project.
posted 08-14-10 02:56 PM EDT (US)     12 / 27       

Granted, I wouldn't say no to a PBEM either.
posted 08-17-10 06:41 AM EDT (US)     13 / 27       
As I understand for now only Euandor, Bluebaby, The_Stranger and SashkaXristos can play? Only 4 online players?! We will be waiting for september (may be more players want's to play but still waiting for something?).
posted 08-17-10 07:46 AM EDT (US)     14 / 27       
make that 5

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posted 08-17-10 10:02 AM EDT (US)     15 / 27       
I'll ask some more people too.
The Groll
posted 08-18-10 05:38 AM EDT (US)     16 / 27       
I donīt understand all here but a clanwar could be interesting.
If there is a guide and explanation I will have a look and decide to be part of it.
I like the idea to play in a team with some reliable players.
Online or PBEM.
I donīt like random map.
What I donīt like is to study a custom map to the last detail only to have a good chance to win a game on it.
Therefore I will not play int he PBEM tournament.
This kind of gameplay is boring for me. I accept that there is a big thrill but I hate to study a map to win and this is needed to win in the tournament.
I like play in a team on a big map where I get a "world-feeling" and need to stand with my friends against the enemy.
So when time has come I will have a look at whatever you plan.

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posted 08-18-10 05:49 AM EDT (US)     17 / 27       
Em, I'm the classical PBEM player, btw! And a lousy online player, but I'd give it a try if it is for one team game.

Still, important questions about such a tournament are left unanswered, and who could be going to organise it?
posted 08-19-10 09:33 AM EDT (US)     18 / 27       
Hi all,

new here but been playing this game for years with my brother and we would definetly be interested in a online game with other people

Going to check out this thread once in a while if it goes forward.

Feel free to contact us if you start the games

henri . talvitie at
Violet Lev
posted 08-21-10 11:12 AM EDT (US)     19 / 27       
It was better to post it on multiplayer forum, here is people would confuse this to pbem. It is pitty that professional level players left community long ago cause massive online playing was over. Russians start to play aow a bit too late, though aow is always good to play. I do not recommend for amauters and noobs to play with russians in tournament. They got good level through extensive playing in their ladder. Also many of them use dirty tricks like fast clicks, double moves etc. Only professional players like Tir could handle them well, no noobs.
posted 08-26-10 10:23 AM EDT (US)     20 / 27       
Violet Lev, it's very strange topic from you?!
I do not recommend for amauters and noobs to play with russians in tournament.
Yes, we have few powerful gamers, and of course we hope for powerful players from Heaven to! And it's very strange that you write about it, because Heaven older then our community.
Also many of them use dirty tricks like fast clicks, double moves etc
Excuse me, but from what experince you wrote it?!? Yes, sometimes some of players do/did it (because they don't/didn't read a forum rules, or everyone at current game allow it). But at all our tournaments it was denied, and only some west players are used this "dirty tricks" (and even then we not disqualified them!).

P.S.I don't understand, do you want to play or not?
posted 08-29-10 09:11 AM EDT (US)     21 / 27       
Fastclicking is very easy and nothing about how good player is Lev the Noob. When there was too much complaining about doublemoves to capitol, we made 15s cap rule, I donīt think itīs necessary. Better to avoid such situations and keep scouts. Is there list for mod changes and when this planning to start?

AoW:SM and WoW gamer

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Violet Lev
posted 08-29-10 03:52 PM EDT (US)     22 / 27       
Russians create great mod for multiplayer MP evolution
It also makes starting army more balanced, and more balanced defenders. UG is diggable too. Pioner now costs 110 gold and town building costs nothing. Probably best for M maps.
posted 08-29-10 05:48 PM EDT (US)     23 / 27       
Looks promising, not sure if pioneers will be in too big role though. Could ask some more players from msn.

AoW:SM and WoW gamer

Maker of MP Mod 1.8
Violet Lev
posted 08-29-10 06:38 PM EDT (US)     24 / 27       
Mp mod would do too. Though this mod is adapted. Btw, incarnates loses strike here among other improvements.
posted 09-06-10 03:30 AM EDT (US)     25 / 27       
Sorry, I was absent few days.

So, as I can see not to many players are ready for command/clan tournament, that's why I invite you all to play in next our single-player tournament. It (probably) will start at October.

Tentative rules:
1. MP Evolution patch 1.2.48 (or higher).
2. Fixed maps (M size).
3. Synchronous online game.

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posted 09-15-10 07:13 AM EDT (US)     26 / 27       
Hmm.. It might be possible to find some teams from our hamachi groups as well.. Btw, are you using tactical combat vs independents? Personally I would prefer quickcombat vs indies and tactical combat vs humans only.. (so you couldn't pull so much dirty tricks from your sleeves )

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posted 09-23-10 06:19 PM EDT (US)     27 / 27       
Hello. Im a close friend from Russian Community, and I dont like what Violet Lev says about them.

That we are dirty players blah blah, bullshit. I am respected there, and not thanks to being a lame player, all the opposite: showing that good tactics and sneaky moves can overhelm bigger forces.

Im posting this due to having read at least 5 posts from Violet Lev that makes the Russians look like exploiters (and to correct him: that attitude is not proper from a "good player"). Any newbie (noob is ugly word) will receive a warm welcome from them.
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