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AoW2/SM Mod Making
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Topic Subject: Brave New World v3.2 Available for Download!
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posted 04-01-08 01:05 PM EDT (US)   

Update: nvc_for_the_soul has created an excellent PDF file listing the stats and abilities of all the buildable units for each of the races. It is available in the downloads section or you can just click here .

Hopefully this is something which will be appreciated not only by those who are already familiar with the mod, but new people who may be thinking of trying it as well.

Thanks a lot, mate!

NOTE: A new Update for Brave New World (BNW 3.2) is now available. It requires previous installation of UPatch 1.4, BNW 2.0 and BNW 3.0 Beta.

You can download the BNW 3.2 update by clicking on the link below:

Click here to download BNW 3.2 Update

The rest of this post was written in regards to the Beta version, but may still be of some interest to newer people who have not yet tried the mod.



I have decided to release a beta version of BNW 3.0. Everything is not finished yet, but after such a long time working on it, I felt that enough is finished that I should make it available for those who may be interested.


BNW v3.0 Beta is a very large file (696mb zipped) and requires that both BNW 2.0 and UPatch 1.4 are already installed on your computer. When you install this new version of BNW it will overwrite some older ILBs with improved, newer versions. So it is important that BNW 2.0 be installed prior to installing this version. If you install BNW 2.0 after installing BNW 3.0 beta, you will overwrite some new versions of ILBs with old ones, which is something we don't want.

So if you have fullfilled these requirements, you can download Brave New World v3.0 Beta by selecting the link below:

Click here to download BNW 3.0 Beta


After you have installed the update, I would very much recommend you head on over to the scenario section of the downloads page and get:

Roger has really knocked himself out on this map and it is stunning. It features beautiful landscapes, fantastic events and stuff you have never seen before! The map is a true masterpiece and I would really like to thank Roger for all his effort in making it. I hope some of you who download the map will also consider taking the time to post a comment there thanking Roger for the wonderful job he has done.

Three Cheers for Roger the Rampant!!!


To install BNW 3.0 simply unzip and run. Then run AoWSM Setup and make the sure the custom resources box is checked, then select BNW 3.0 from the list.

BNW changes the names of some things in game such as races, spells etc., and puts in a BNW title screen. This will be done automatically the first time you install the mod. When you want the normal stuff back in, open your main Shadow Magic folder and run "Disable BNW 3 Extras". When you want the BNW stuff in run "Enable BNW 3 Extras". You can do this as often as needed. One puts in the BNW stuff, the other puts back the normal stuff.

That's it! You are now ready to play, and in this version you no longer have to load and save maps to play them, and you should even be able to play the campaign if you wish.

Special Thanks to PawelS for his Resource.ahr validating program which makes it so you don't have to load and save maps.

Here are some of the features included in this new version:


The mod now features five new races: Arabians, Asgardians, Immortals, Morlocks and Zulians.

Special thanks to Iskatu Mesk for helping out by writing excellent descriptions for most of the new races.


As well as new races, the old races that are still used have been re-made and are really like new races as well. How this is done differs somewhat from race to race. For example, Dwarves have new units, but they also still retain most of their default units from the original game (with modified skills and stats). Other races such as Dark Elves have been completely redone.

So you will have to check this out for yourself, but I don't think it's inaccurate for me to say that nearly all the races are like new.


Level one and two units for each race can now be upgraded to advanced units at gold medal. This a feature I really love, and feel adds tremendously to gameplay.

I expect this is something that will used to some degree in nearly all mods, and I would like to thank TurboBeholder who discovered how to do this. It was a great discovery and addition to the game. Also thanks to DimaGromyko who I believe first discovered how to mask the changeling ability. I need to also thank my friend, Merkraad, who wrote an excellent guide on this subject which he sent me long ago and has since been posted in the forums and in the modding wiki.


It wouldn't be BNW if it didn't feature many new heroes. And this version more than doubles the number of heroes from 2.0!

BNW heroes are advanced and don't all necessarily adhere to a rigid class-based system. I often find that in my opinion at least, such rigid systems often relegate heroes of certain classes to more or less subclasses. And the heroes of these classes can often feel like they are of a much lower level than other classes. So in BNW I try to make all heroes good, and while there are differences in the various hero classes based on a number of factors, there is not a large overall gap between the quality of the heroes classes. All are good.

I think I should mention that while there are five classes of heroes in shadow magic, many BNW heroes don't fall into one particular class, but are more like mixed classes and you have Ranger/Clerics, Fighter/Thieves, Warrior/Priests and so on...

Also, in this version of BNW heroes start with slightly less stats than previous versions. So you will have to be extra careful with them, especially in the early stages of a game. If you do take care and use them wisely, then they will become the mighty champions and true heroes they are meant to be!

All BNW heroes use a high quality unique body graphic and have wonderful portraits. I hope that all will have their own individual stories before I am done as well. Many do, but there is still work to be done in this area.

I think BNW heroes are very special, and if you play the mod, there's a chance you may think so too.

Many new wizards have also been added and some extra ones are included.


It probably isn't necessary to also mention new units after already talking about the new races etc. However, as well as new units for each race, there are also many new additional units that appear as independents, as I like to use a lot of these for recruitment structures, quest rewards, guards and so on... Generally, I just like having a wide variety of stuff while playing. So you can expect to see all kinds of new units in this version, with everything from animals to mad ogres and even occasional sci-fi stuff which I know some really enjoy, heh.


A long time ago a couple of guys by the names of cowboys94 and RMX suggested racial ships for BNW. took a while (like three years,heh), but this new version has racial ships. They are in the editor now but are not yet available in shipyards as I have not yet finalized their stats/costs or which ship goes to which race. I also haven't decided yet if they will replace the default generic ships or if each race just gets an additional unique ship. However, in this beta version you can check them out in the editor and place them on maps if you wish.

So anyway, I doubt you guys are still playing this game, but thanks for the suggestions!


BNW 2.0 added some nice new map structures and 2.5 (which I imagine most people will never of seen as it was never available in the downloads section) included many more. There are some nice new ones in this version as well and more will be in the final version.


There have been various additional tweaks and adjustments in these areas as well as some new summon spells. A couple I really like are the Headless Horseman with his firebombs that stun and the frost-blowing magical Snowman!

You will also see more units with advanced skills like Marksmanship V, Leadership IV etc. These type of things are often given at gold medal, but also to units where I just think it fits.

Special thanks to PawelS and his excellent uniteditor2 program which allows mod-makers to give advanced abilities to units.


The mod was made to be as compatible as possible with maps made for the default rules, with thought and care given to how changes would affect playing maps. This not only includes the actual changes or additions the mod makes, but also the method in which they were made.

For example, different sections of the editor you have to be careful with. In some areas it may be fine to do things a certain way (delete and replace, cut and paste etc.), but in other areas this may not be a good idea, especially if you want people to play normal maps with your mod. If the mod is not designed to be compatible with maps then it may not be as much of a problem. However, With BNW I do want people to be able to play maps, and so I try as much as I can to do things in ways which will work well in general, but also work well with maps.

However, that being said, BNW is a mod and not a patch, and when you play a map with it things are meant to be different. Also there's a limit to how much compatibility I can have, and still have the mod be what I want it to be.

In BNW 2.0 when you played maps any custom heroes the map-maker included continued to use the default generic rider graphics. Well I decided to change that and in this version a unique body graphic will be used as the default for the various classes of heroes of each race. Now these won't always match very well tcustom portraits that map-makers may of included for their heroes. However, this was inevitable with the new races, and there is no point keeping the default generic riders in my mod any more.

Likewise, while one can change the text in game (Frostlings become Asgardians etc.), this doesn't affect text that map-makers add to their maps. So text in maps will often still refer to things from the normal game and not BNW.

In terms of actual gameplay, while there are many changes, we do try and keep the basic structure of the game intact. And when I put new units in, I keep in mind the unit it is replacing. So you won't have things like a level four Dark Elf unit being put in a slot used by a level two Archon unit etc.

Now that being said, there are a very few instances where to have complete compatibility with maps, comes into conflict with what I feel is best for my mod. And in these cases I choose what's best for my mod over compatibility with maps.

An example of this is Zulian heroes. Zulians replace Draconians in this version of BNW, and any maps which have Draconian heroes will now have Zulian heroes in their place. This, of course, is how it should be in a mod where a race is replaced by another. If Draconian heroes appeared as heroes from some other race other than the one which replaces them...well, that would be a problem.

The thing is, while Draconian heroes have floating, Zulian heroes do not, and this has the possibility of causing a conflict with maps where Draconian heroes may be required to float around the map in areas not accessible by walking. In fact, if a Draconian hero is placed on lava on a map for example, when you went to play that map with BNW that hero would not appear.

Now I have no idea how many maps like this exist. I suspect very few, possibly even none. However, it does illustrate the point that while I have tried to make my mod as compatible as possible with maps, it is a mod which makes many changes, and in some rare instances these changes may adversely affect the playability of a particular map.

In general though, I think that you will not have many problems playing maps made for default rules with BNW. If you enjoy BNW, and it is a good map, then you will enjoy playing that map with BNW.


Let me end by saying that this is a beta version, and of course that means it is not completely finished. Many units still need new descriptions and some still use old ones and in game text still needs to be changed in more areas for example. There are things I just haven't gotten to yet, and there will undoubtedly be many changes and additions in the final version. However I believe most things are setup well and there should not be significant bugs or oddities in the mod.

I plan to try to hopefully release a final version before too long and if you would like to offer suggestions or perhaps even help out a bit by possibly writing a unit description or two, please send an e-mail to:



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posted 05-26-14 07:17 AM EDT (US)     721 / 792  
Kirky, you keep us in suspense. Don't worry, our time will come... new version of BNW
posted 05-26-14 05:43 PM EDT (US)     722 / 792  

Yes, keeping people in suspense is a nice option, D4rken.
However, I will say that the Incredible Hulk, Harry Potter and various other luminaries will appear in the new version of BNW (in one way or another).

Concealment works the same in BNW as the normal game. So unfortunately the ai will be able to spot your grass concealed grove maiden, I suppose.

Boojie Boy wrote the hero description for Sif, and along with DivineSoulDivinity, wrote the majority of the hero and unit descriptions in BNW. They did a great job!

Glad you like the idea of level 3s morphing, Katanaq. I think it does seem to be working quite well so far.

Thanks all!


EDIT: Obligatory new gif preview, heh.

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posted 05-29-14 00:11 AM EDT (US)     723 / 792  
Awwww! A new version is coming!
Thank you for your great work

a question (since i'm new to use mods for this game)
what are 3.0 and 3.2 "editor" version of your mod for ?
posted 05-29-14 03:39 AM EDT (US)     724 / 792  
Kirky can i request a picture of all ur new angel units in it?
im really hyped about the angel units ^^
posted 05-31-14 10:14 AM EDT (US)     725 / 792  
Damn shame ... this sounds much better
Domain borders are no longer displayed
Displaying domain borders had only a negative impact on both gameplay and game logic. Now when they are not visible, heroes (and wizards) can finally use concealment abilities; also scouts can no longer get information on heroes and wizards by seeing the domain from far away.
Messages are still displayed when unit enters or leaves domain (makes sense that creatures can feel presense of wizard's magic field, even if it can't be seen).
Well i guess i will have to live with broken diplomacy and without concealment.Out of curiosity how long would it take to port BNW to MPE 2.0 and would it be difficult ?
posted 05-31-14 10:16 AM EDT (US)     726 / 792  
I've been busy lately but I like to say this: the new unit-gifs and the Asgardian screenshot look awesome! Very nice work Kirky!
posted 05-31-14 12:45 PM EDT (US)     727 / 792  
what are 3.0 and 3.2 "editor" version of your mod for ?
They are mostly for when you want to make temporary changes to the mod. For example if you are making a map you might want to change which unit body is used for any custom heroes you may be adding to your map. Also it allows people to view stuff in the editor without making a new resource. The mod uses a program by Pawels which gives it the same ID as the default game so you can play maps made under default rules without having to load and save them first. However, this blocks out the EDIT button.
Domain borders are no longer displayed
Displaying domain borders had only a negative impact on both gameplay and game logic. Now when they are not visible, heroes (and wizards) can finally use concealment abilities; also scouts can no longer get information on heroes and wizards by seeing the domain from far away.
Messages are still displayed when unit enters or leaves domain (makes sense that creatures can feel presense of wizard's magic field, even if it can't be seen).
Unless I am mistaken, I believe this refers to human players being able to see each others domain and is not related to the ai being able to see concealed units.
Well i guess i will have to live with broken diplomacy and without concealment.Out of curiosity how long would it take to port BNW to MPE 2.0 and would it be difficult ?

Well that depends really. If you copy the BNW 3.2 folder from users/resources into the MPE folder the mod is now converted. However, there will certainly be changes in the converted version that may not be ideal. Probably the most glaring would be that all the various morphing units would now have snow concealment as MPE changed the crusader skill to this.

Some time after MPE 2.0 was released I briefly checked it out to see about possibly using it for the new version. It came with a mod editor where you were supposedly able to reverse or modify the the exe changes they make if you wanted. However, it didn't seem to work with my mod as no units or anything were displayed. From some quick testing it only seemed to work with mods that don't add stuff, but are more balance-tweaking type mods. I have no idea if I was just doing something wrong or it's just not compatible with mods like mine. I didn't spend too much time on this as I have enough to do and I didn't really feel like asking the mpe folks about it either. So I can't help much with converting the mod to MPE. If you have any problems you could always try asking Hellbrick in the MPE thread.


Thanks mate. I have to admit I really like the asgardian screenshot myself, lol.

Kirky can i request a picture of all ur new angel units in it?
I will try and post something soon. However, I have shown most of the new angel units I think. There's a pik that shows three of them which I believe you have seen and one of those is also displayed in the recent asgardian screenshot. I guess you just can't get enough new angels!

Thanks all!


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posted 05-31-14 02:05 PM EDT (US)     728 / 792  
It's not worth trouble then.Major problem which i had in my attempt to port before asking here is that all races are reverted back to vanilla and few other issues along the way.And I also wasn't able to do anything with mod editor since it didn't won't to display your units or anything (although i thought i did something wrong).
posted 05-31-14 04:10 PM EDT (US)     729 / 792  
Converting a big mod to MPE will likely take ages. I fully converted my mod to MPE, and it didn't come without loads of problems and a couple of sacrifices.

HellBrick has written a guide here about converting mods over to MPE:,5575,0,365

That guide doesn't cover everything however. The reason why the Units panel isn't working in the MPE Mod Editor is likely because of unit abilities. Usually it's stuff like Martyr and Paralyzed which breaks it. Luckily those were the only two abilities on units which caused problems for me, but there may also be a problem with Frozen, Burning etc. The Units panel should start to work again once those abilities have been removed.

Before viewing the Units panel and saving, backup of the UnitGFX.pfs file would be highly recommended. There may be certain units which do not display correctly (they will be blank) with the Mod Editor and if you save, all of the unit bodies which didn't display correctly will be broken. If this does happen, it may be possible to fix the broken unit bodies by regenerating them, but I'd suggest copying them over from another Map Editor program just to be sure. The vanilla Leprechaun model still doesn't work in-game for me even after regenerating it .

After all that hassle, there's still the matter of ranged attacks with random effects. For example, a Firebomb or Bombard attack which causes a random effect on hit. Whilst abilities like Archery, Magic Bolts and Holy Bolts still seem to work most of the time, Area-of-Effect random effect attacks won't work at all. They cannot be used and will break the AI. All of these AoE random effect abilities will have to be replaced by normal ones for combat to work. Ranged attacks which cause Paralyzation will still work however.

Considering the work that'll likely be involved, it may or may not be worth trying to convert a mod over to MPE. Even though there are some problems with it, there are also numerous advantages in using MPE though .

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posted 05-31-14 04:44 PM EDT (US)     730 / 792  
If Kirky agrees and if you have good bandwidth could you upload files on some host server and send me PM or whatever ?Considering how much work it requires and that I am not entirely sure how to do some of those thing you mentioned (not that it's complicated to learn I just don't have time now for it),I don't think i am ready to try to convert to MPE but I am willing to try if there is a way to do so without me messing with something I am not very familiar.
Actually scratch that,I think i am not ready to face all those problem and to sacrifice features that make this mod so good.

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posted 06-01-14 01:16 AM EDT (US)     731 / 792  
hahaha nice, we just had few comments and u know me already!
to be honest i LOVE armored angels specially the ones with 4-6 wings! like ones in disciples series or in Civilization4 fall from heaven mod! there is couple of AWESOME yet simple angel models in it wish you could use @.@
and true i never can get enough of them xD, i always had this dream of a fully angel faction with their own epic units like 6 winged seraphs @.@, the only game i saw so far that have such faction is fall from heaven mod for civ4 as i said
posted 06-02-14 01:50 AM EDT (US)     732 / 792  
Thank you for the answer
So the edit version are to be used with the aoweditor in order to allow more modification (if i understand correctly).

Another question, hoping no one already asked this one.
For which race are cloud strife, sephiroth, jester, joker and shepirate meant to be?
posted 06-04-14 02:34 PM EDT (US)     733 / 792  
Hi Joe,

Thanks for the info. I was aware of that thread as I did post in it. It was for MP 1.5 I believe, but I am sure it is still relevant to MP 2.0. as well. I am not sure if the mod editor that came with 2.0 was ever fully completed. I seem to remember some talk about that...

Thanks again though.

Hi Raruto,

I may not use everything there are previews of at the photobucket link. Sephinroth is slated as an immortal hero and most of the others you mentioned will probably just be independent units if they are used. I don't know that the cloud guy for example really fits anywhere in the mod and I have nicer jesters I could make if I wanted to.

Hi ahrimansiah,

You know I did make an ILB of an angel from civ 4 some time back. I think it had multiple wings, but I decided to remove the extra wings for some reason. To be honest I don't really like the graphic all that much and doubt I will use it, but if you or anyone else want to use it feel free.

Stand: 0-22
Move: 23-32
Death: 78-93
Attack: 33-43
Hit: 44-54
Special: 55-77

X shift -256 Y shift -280




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posted 06-05-14 03:41 AM EDT (US)     734 / 792  
Man do u have the 6 winged version??? it would be GREAT if you have a 6 winged tier 4 angel in your game! like the most powerful summon for holy magics!
posted 06-05-14 04:41 AM EDT (US)     735 / 792  
No more gifs please.
I believe some nice HD trailer would be in order?
posted 06-05-14 12:50 PM EDT (US)     736 / 792  

I like gifs. I think they are very good for showing new units. They are also small in size and don't take a lot of time to make. I may of shown a few too many of late, but at least it shows people who are interested in my mod that work is being done. A nice HD trailer would be cool, but at the moment I have too many other things to do for the mod. Perhaps down the road...


Well I think that angel did have 6 wings but I removed the extras as I mentioned. I guess I didn't think they looked that great. The quality of the model is not good enough for me to make it the "most powerful angel" in my mod. The Kayle ones from LoL for example are way nicer. There is another variation of Kayle with a nice custom armored skin that a fan made that I intend to convert that might fit that role better. I might show a gif of it, but W4rb1rd has decreed no more gifs! So I guess we won't be showing that (unless of course I feel like it, heh).


posted 06-06-14 02:59 AM EDT (US)     737 / 792  
Oh well thats an good idea too! i just wish we had a multi wing angel like the ones that legends said! there is one awesome 4 winged angel in Discipless3 too and he does have great graphic and detail, name is Myzrael sadly he is caster so no weapon :/
well W4rb1rd said trailer instead of gif, so... *shoot W4rb1rd* problem solved lets wait for the gif xD

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posted 06-06-14 02:59 AM EDT (US)     738 / 792  
I like gifs. I think they are very good for showing new units. They are also small in size and don't take a lot of time to make. I may of shown a few too many of late, but at least it shows people who are interested in my mod that work is being done.
They are indeed very good to show the work you have done and they make people concentrate and look to the point. They donīt spoil people.
They show the details of the units and the edges of it very clear without a background that swallow up the edge details of the units.
They show your perfect work when it comes to edge details and blur effects. During the years you made perfect units.
And what is even more important... The make people curious.
I often only come here to see a new unit like this one.
In short words: Gifs are perfect here.
A nice HD trailer would be cool, but at the moment I have too many other things to do for the mod. Perhaps down the road...
No need for a trailer. I know AoW SM and donīt think I need to see the well known stuff beside the new unit.

Thank you a loot for you wonderful work Kirky!

AoWSM Maps: 1. Marlenes Welt 2. Marlenes Schatten 3. Marlenes Gnade
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8. Marleneīs_Laughter 9. The Gods Arena Of Magic And Power 10. The_Wilderness 11. Kayland (AoW I Mod) 12. Mia-Mina_&_The_Seadrake
11. AoW I Sound Set for AoWSM 12. Gentleman Rules Set
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posted 06-07-14 00:20 AM EDT (US)     739 / 792  
Hi mates!

I just got to say thanks a lot, Mister Groll! I really appreciate your comments.

Anyway, since W4rb1rd has been disabled by the expert marksmanship of ahrimansiah , here's an image of the angel I was talking about before. Since I haven't made the ILB yet, instead of an animated gif, I'll just show a single image of it. However, we will make it a nice big image, so she can be seen in all her glory!

Even though it may not have multiple wings, for me it does have that 'wow factor' I am looking for much more so than the civ 4 angel - regardless of the number of wings.

There are also some other angelic-type units that will appear in the new version as well. So I think we got angels covered quite well.

Thanks mates!


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posted 06-07-14 03:59 AM EDT (US)     740 / 792  
AWESOME dude! indeed it does have the WOW factor! very nice angel! cant wait for next version! <3
EDIT: she remind me of uriel from dark siders game series! man i love EVERY SINGLE ANGEL in that game! outstanding armored angel designs!

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posted 06-08-14 02:04 PM EDT (US)     741 / 792  
she remind me of uriel from dark siders game series! man i love EVERY SINGLE ANGEL in that game! outstanding armored angel designs!
I am not familiar with that game. However, the person who modified the skin wrote that he based it on Uriel from Darksiders. So I can see why it reminds you of her, lol.


posted 06-11-14 05:03 PM EDT (US)     742 / 792  
Please Kirky... please.... I canīt hope for yor new mod, with giants, lol units and awesone angels... PLEASEEEEEEE
posted 06-14-14 10:32 PM EDT (US)     743 / 792  
Sorry for the long wait, Arzheus. It sucks for me too really that it's taking me so long. I am working on it as much as I can though.

posted 06-19-14 07:13 AM EDT (US)     744 / 792  
Thankkkkkkkkkkk youuuu very much!!! I canīt wait
posted 07-26-14 08:12 AM EDT (US)     745 / 792  
Ummm.... HELLO! *Echo* Hello... hello... hello...
ANYONE HERE?!! *Echo* Anyone Here... anyone here...
posted 08-02-14 02:21 PM EDT (US)     746 / 792  

Pride guide thee to beautiful productivity and success.
posted 08-22-14 02:06 AM EDT (US)     747 / 792  
What happened to this mod?
posted 08-22-14 05:19 AM EDT (US)     748 / 792  
I think the mod is in production - we must have patience
posted 09-16-14 10:16 AM EDT (US)     749 / 792  
Kirky it would be good to hear from you, any update? :S
posted 10-18-14 01:19 PM EDT (US)     750 / 792  
Could you post some more units please?
Something like a rhinoceros or a whale would be really great.
posted 10-19-14 00:47 AM EDT (US)     751 / 792  
I hate to say it but I think the mod is dead.
No more screenshot or news for 4 months!!!!!
I was watching this thread for 2 years every days because I really loved what was produced there but i can't see any life in this mod anymore!!!!
posted 10-19-14 11:23 AM EDT (US)     752 / 792  

I want to say to you people not to go mad about a little 4 months absence
cause for a mod that lasted so many years it's really a short time

i say it cause i want those new angels lol
posted 11-07-14 02:59 AM EDT (US)     753 / 792  
Awww common man! dont leave us like this :/
cant we at least have what is done? cant u release what ever u have added before leaving this? :/
posted 11-13-14 02:49 PM EDT (US)     754 / 792  

I haven't left or quit working on the mod. I did take a break though. Other things came up and I lost interest for a while. I think this is only natural as I have been modding and playing this game for quite a long time. I am getting back into it though.

Hamlet asked for a rhinoceros or whale unit. I don't think I have a whale, but I do have a new rhino type unit I did some time back. It has a fantasy flavor to it and so may not be exactly what you are looking for if you wanted a normal rhinoceros. However I will make it available for you or anyone else who may be interested.

Stand: 0-23
Move: 24-33
Death: 64-83
Attack: 34-51
Hit: 52-63

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posted 11-14-14 05:37 AM EDT (US)     755 / 792  
Great to hear from you Kirky! And great to hear you are back working on the mod. I think it is a relief for many
Best of luck and inspiration!
posted 11-20-14 06:55 AM EDT (US)     756 / 792  
Yup! It's nice to hear from you. That rhino is cool.
I made some unit ILBs (from warcraft 3. I got like 12 so far, but i had to take a break, other things got in the way). They don't look as good as your units, but I'm not so good at this, so yeah...
Anyway, I was wondering if you want to use them, and if yes, how do I send them to you?
posted 11-20-14 08:52 AM EDT (US)     757 / 792  
haha nice to hear from you guys!! I just started a Forgotten Realms (D&D) based map with a couple of friends. Epic game this AOW!!
posted 11-20-14 04:38 PM EDT (US)     758 / 792  
Great to see u back Kirky! dont leave us in dark like this! lol i though this mod is gone for good!
i know what u mean that sometimes u lose interest in the projects ur working on
btw Kirky i never did ask about dragons, did u add any new dragon with some epic models in your mod?
posted 11-21-14 02:35 PM EDT (US)     759 / 792  
anyone knows how to edit a saved game??

cause the extension is not *.ahm so the editor doesnt recognize it
posted 11-24-14 01:30 PM EDT (US)     760 / 792  


Sure I am interested in seeing your ILBs. I probably wouldn't use any of them unless they really fit a specific need and you were okay with that. However, I always like seeing new ILBs regardless.

You could zip them up and upload them somewhere like mediafire then post the link here or send it to my e-mail address if you didn't want to make it public.

Whatever you like to do.


Yes there will be some new dragons. Just the other night I setup a new one that is the upgrade for the immortal asian dragon.


No idea how to edit saved games, sorry.

Thanks all!

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